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She's C.T.A.P.

Hi Skyern. You have great talent my friend, and a great voice. Unfortunately, I take offense with all of the swears, and the promiscuous activities that you have presented through song. I tend to think better of a woman, not as a sexual play toy. Sorry my friend. You asked for a review, and I have to stay true to my morals, etc. All of the above tended to severely mask the talent that I hear. :( You may not even have personal views as to the above, but by releasing it to the public, it appears that this is one of your views in life. I do like rock, and I do hope that you can rock it up "clean style." Blessings, Trev. :)


I actually like the overall sound of this recording not really sure where the country and southern rock comes in though so that has left me a little bit bewildered. I would say that this is just an out right rock track and is enjoyable as it moves right along, worth a listen but certainly misleading to country and southern rock fans.

She's C.T.A.P

Country rock punk metal, take your pick. These high energy guys are kicking butt, excellent playing really liked the high end mix mid range vocal mix. Looking forward to hearing more from Skyern Aklea.

Rogue Review

Hi Guys Well what a great song you guys rock. Are you signed by any record companies. We loved the song was it recorded live or in a studio. Anyway ita great to hook up with you guys take care. Regards Rogue Records ' Rock Music

review for She's c.tap

driving music and hot licks and vocal drive it even more, doesn't sound like country to me but its music and got a lot of drive, I will listen again but I do like profaNITY IN MY MUSIC SORRY AND IF THAT WAS NOT WHAT i WAS HEARING SORRY BUT IT SOUNDED PRETTY ROUCH TO ME THE BEAT WAS OK AND THE VOCALS WERE TO BUT not the other sorry some folks might like that I do have trouble hearing other than the language song was ok

Holy reverb

Hello! Your song sounds cool but I’m a little confused by the reverb, is that also you? If I had to choose between the two voice tones I’d pick the sexy loud full voice reverb. I think that amount of reverb is cool for sections in the song but maybe lighten up a little on it and see if you like it? To me, it’s less confusing because I like to focus on what a vocalist is saying. I love the band and the concept of the song and this is just my humble opinion. Thankyou for your time!

Neither fish nor flesh

I'm probably not the right listener for this tune. For my opinion it is neither fish nor flesh. Is it supposed to be Metal? Then you would have to improve your skills! Is it supposed to be Country? Then you should learn to write a song. This is only a sequence of a song, with a lot of noise, just repeated several times. Sorry, this is not for me.

Weird but good

Not the type of tune i’d listen to but it’s a nice tune to head bang to. The vocals have too much effects, I’m struggling to hear the lyrics. Just ease on the effects a little, not saying don’t use them, it actually works well but don’t overload it. Other than that, I love the guitars and the rhythm of the song! Makes me wanna get up and dance! Wouldn’t class it as country, more like rock/punkish. Love the tune and keep up the good work!

Oh yeah!

this is a nice rocker. I like the guitar work and the drive. The vocals and playing off of the singers is appropriate for the song, Not too short and not too long. This will do well and rave part to be sure.

Rock It

I love hearing songs from other countries and hear what the interpretations for the genre mean to the artist. Here, the explicit language is really unnecessary - and I'm the first to use the F word any time I can. So that seems out of place. The vocal effects are out of place on this song - there are too many genres attempted here. Electronic. Rock. Country. Nothing makes sense in the blend. However, it's a catchy, fun little tune. If it were more of ANY of these - rock, country, etc... I think it would stand a better chance at mainstream radio. Currently it's cute for a format like this.

Cavalier Review

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Nice groove!

Hi there, in reviewing your song, I found that the language was quite offensive and I would not ever purchase a song like this. Also, I think you would find it difficult to get standard radio air play. While i'm sure you are successful considering you do show your talents here, that is just my own assessment of your song. I do wish you the best in your endeavors but also hope you will curtail the offensive language in your future writings. Thanks

Hello from Jerzy

I'm not an expert on Hard Rock... but I really think You need to make a better Drums Track... after all HR is a "Drums World" will help also Nice Guitar solo in some part of the song... sound ok for a life performance but need to be a better work on Studio Recording...Jerzy

Pumping power from the beginning...

Pumping power from the beginning, very rocking with acoustic and heavy guitars. I like the radio voice as well as the normal singing voice, which is very beautiful. Very well performed and produced track, very competitive to the rest and maybe one of the few more professionals here. The only lack I think is the very short length of the song. You could improve that song writing to get more tension and development into it and then have a more longer tune. But it rocks anyway!

Rock out!

What a cool mix of sounds! From the metal intro to the throttled vocal with rap sensibilities, this one gets your feet tapping and your body moving. I like the main riff and the overall aggresiveness of the tune. It would take a couple more listens to get the lyrics but this has a lot going for it. Hope to catch this act on the road sometime. They are blazing a trail in a new direction and it's one I approve of! :)
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