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dope Dope song ever don't ever stop chasing your dreams because you can make your dreams cone true and mostly important believe in your self cos one day is one day. Hope you gonna keep doing your thing and you will never give up. You got the real talent right try on you vains so don't stop doing your thing you might become a star so keep working and pray hard for your dreams and future I want to see you on TV and billboard and my god bless you to make more sales so you will make a living cos am sure that's what you want Hope

Sir Charles!!

It is truly an honor to receive a request for a song review from you Sir Charles! Both your music and reputation speak for themselves! No doubt, this song like many of your others define what real music was founded and based upon. Instantly relatable, nearly anyone of any age and race can listen to this song and identify with the lyrics and heart and soul that went into writing and performing this song. As both an artist and music enthusiast, every time I hear the name Sir Charles it takes me back to long summer days growing up out in the country in a small rural town called Midway, FL. I'm definitely subscribing to your page so that I can stay updated on your future song releases, wishing you continued success in all aspects of life brother!

girl you much be storking me baby

I like the intro music it's really cool and remind's me of old school Rnb But it need's some word's in the beginning maybe to be like a pre up into the verse. Maybe more then yeah girl ..for 20 second's. i'm not gonna lie i'm 1 minute in and barely any word's it could be a little bit faster But the music is good. and the singer does have a good voice so that is a plus

Nice touch

Sir Charles this is a good song really good song. Sounds just like any old school song. Your voice is very calm and relaxing. This song caught our grandmother attention she had us play the song three times before we left from visiting. Keep it up sir nice touch

Stone cold groove !!

Classic feel good r&b brings back mellody and feeling that takes you and envelops you totally I definitely recommend for a slow jam Mix or even a bedroom mix play list. Like and share this artist


Sir Charles my man. What you do brings joy to me in a way that can't simply be put into 150 characters haha. I may be 22, however I was raised by grandparents. Listening to the temptations, Smokey Robinson, Stevie wonder, ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, the four tops, I mean the list goes on and on. And listening to this song brought me back to my childhood. This is real music. This element you bring to the table of soul and passion is inspiring. Keep it up man. I would love to collaborate with you!


The Message was very interesting, very direct, and very real. It addresses long standing issues, adds community awareness to listeners who may perhaps provide prevention and hope of restoration. On the other hand, if the admirations of a stalker are desired and you love the idea; then enjoy the attention and emotional rush behind the singer's game of love.

Girl you much be storking me

I like the key board effects. Great sounds with the vocals. Very Reminiscent of my all time favorites.. Love Sir Charles voice beautiful sounds like a mix of Ray Charles , Barry White , and Richie Havens. Beautiful love song full of sweet emotion for a woman who is storking and looking for Sir Charles.. Body embracing slow dancing music tranquil. She has a hold to tight and he can see her in his rear view mirror. Brings me back to the 1970s when I loved listening to the Greats like Barry White! Love Sir Charles Echo effects on his voice.. Love the bass track .The song is synced and layered perfectly. Great orchestration! Look forward to listening to more from Sir Charles. Keep making great music! Love listening to your Awesome voice!!

nice og

What good G most def feeling this g very keep up the great work I don't no if u have a video to this 1 but if not u should drop 1 asap g jus saying this mf banging once more keep up the great work pimping n I look forward to linking with u soon g salute

There's a lot of potential

Great music that attracts the masses online and offline a excellent role model for those young men and women interested in pursuing a simulated career in music as you have and i will love to have the same ability as you have and i have the same love for your courageous attitude as you have not ever seen a loser posses to blow straight up when they come out to the world healthy and vibrant.

Sir Charles My Review!

What's happening bro here is my review nice song I like the music as well pretty good vocals and very good lyrics however the production of it I felt good have been upgraded perhaps a just little song structure was not to bad also looking forward to working with you maybe even writing some tunes I hope what I have said will be of some use to you my friend from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Music Group.

this that deep Mississippi vibe

Girl you much be storking me baby wow don't need much words for this joint the track is real deep, the kinda song they play at the end of the night at some event, it make me picture what the old days look like, ok ok keep it going my brother it a mean joint

Buttermilk Blues

Salut Sir Charles...I had not heard this kind of 'heartfelt' treatment of Southern Soul/Blues since I was fifteen years old. It has a very Tyrone Davis kind of feel...with few Al Green overtones in the movement. The voice is strictly Sir Charles... Keep cookin' Sir ! Bmore

Voice is good but ...

As I say , the voice is good BUT the instrumental is horrible ! What the matter with the guitar and the bass ? Otherwise , the tune is good Why not Singing on real instrumentation ? At least choose for better MIDI pattern . Hope to improve . And it's just my mind Bless U

Girl you much be storking me baby

This is one more amazing production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page, like I said before. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really, really well done and I have to congratulate you on it again. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB
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