Silverwing / Members

Brandon Hooten

Brandon is our new drummer, Hard driving, energetic, and fun to have in the band, we call him Bam bam for the obvious reason.

Mel Warstler

Guitarist Musician Songwriter Vocalist
Mel is the leader of the band, lead vocalist, and lead guitarist, and the bands main songwriter

Georgina Arze

Georgina is a new addition to the band, she plays keys for us and also has a big voice which she uses to great effect as a backup singer. Georgina has also written a song which will be included on our upcoming second CD which is tentatively called, "County Line"

Sean Rold

Guitarist Vocalist
Sean is our main backup vocals, he also plays second lead guitar in the band and is our studio recording engineer as well as co producer of not only the Moonshine CD, but our second upcoming CD

Mary Warstler

Mary is the bassist and background vocalist in the band, But more importantly she is also the lyrical co-writer of nearly every song on the CD. She has been with Silverwing since it's beginning and is an important part both musically and creatively. Mary is also working on writing her first book,(she plans several) and of course more songwriting for the band.
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