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Love it intro is a lil long

Sounds like soulful music my mother would listen to with a bottle of wine singing along to with a big smile on her face also sounds like a movie soundtrack and I love the positive energy it makes you feel

We were made for each other.

I must say i love your song , it encouraged me to keep on hanging in there for love. I love the band as well sounds so live and perfect . Nothing can separate us , powerful message . Keep on making good music. Thank you

We Were MadeFor Each Other

A Nice Track, Reminiscent of The Nancy Wilson Days, of Life & Love. Great Vocals.Good Back Up, And Accompaniment. Te Pianist is The Focal Point, as It Should Be. It Might Need A Great Base Player, But You can't Have It All as You Want, without unlimited Budget...I Give This a 4.3.

Great song.

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Nice Track

Nice track sounds real good . and the Quality is great you really got a banger ob ya. Hope you get what you want out of music an wish you well on your journey. ......00000000000000000000000000000


Beautiful voice for starters, it had the touch of blues mixed with a little rub. Her voice is so soothing. It just remind me being a kid and listening to stuff like this in my room on a rainy day. Very nice

We Were Made For Each Other

Nice Ballad music.............Bring in the backups. Some more instruments. Some horn . music to break between such a beautiful story. Very well written. The backup will give it extra flavor. Has a very good jazz vibe.

Much love

Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

Sherna Armstrong Band

Julie DiDesidero here! I need to turn you on to the Sherna Armstrong Band. Sherna has a way of bringingout some real smooth vocals in her music with jazz flavor and precision. She is backed by a band of very cool cats and talented musicians. Please subscribe and listen to her original written song. You won’t be disappointed!

Great Song

Love this song great talent keep pushing i can see u moving far like the beat as well great job again and also please visit my page and please recommend and share my music for me Thanks again keep up the great work

Always in the right spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s speaker blaring loud voices over the intercom; Come on, come one come all; It’s all about-loud as the Bomb; Poets from all around finally meeting on hollow grounds; Words smiths, no not computer cliché Resonate from a different place No avatars just real words Everyone will be heard write on, write on; Real life post-stars meeting and assembly of physically rhyming (some rapping for the first time; Some of us may have been English teachers it’s a national meeting of the poetic minds Come on, come all you are a star............DAWAN


To me It is a Nice Cabaret Song good for some Up End Establishment but take out that small talk in the beginning ( before You will try to pitch It to some Music Publisher I also think will be a good idea to record It in the Studio seem to me this is a life Performance and if You do that make sure that The Drums are a little lover and The Piano is more Up..also for Music Publisher try to keep It under 3.5 min long.I wish You good luck with submissions..You did a Good Job..I like It...


Nice song, love the sound of the drums, miss a little volume of the bass, like the chords sequence, like the lyrics, and the voice, oh, beautiful! It feels like having a nice drink and listening to your voice all night! Thanks for your blessed music!

Jazz At It's Best

I simpmly enjoyed the smooth tones that go along with such thoughtful title such as "We Were Made For Each Other". Even though I can hear the sounds that are reminded me of other jazz singers I know of, you managed to make it your own and that made me enjoy the music even the more. Blessings to you and thank you.

We were made for each other

Wooow what an amazing voice, I love the jazz, the sound so beautifully made perfect for you. Big up sister and admire your work, I will put this on ma playlist for sure. So great music you made
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