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"Arrow To The Sun" is a fantastic and enhanced musical artwork. This song is brilliant and refreshing. Really! It could be a soundtrack for a James Bond movie. Enjoy the drums and the bass lines. Love the mix and the alternance between soft tunes and hard notes. Serious-Music with Ed Millican are successful there. Congrats!


Hm...Don't even know what to wright, not realy my cup of tea. Your style seems more like industrial rock to me. The sound is good enough, very nice arrangement, but something is missing to me, probably melody is missing. I'm not sure, perhaps it's fine for industrial rock. Liked the rythmic guitar parts.Lyrics is great. As for vocals I would experiment with lower tones as Rammstein, Samael. Sorry for giving you this rate, not really my cup of tea!

Arrow To The Sun feat. Ed Millican

Hi, check out and listen to Arrow To The Sun by Serious Music feat. Ed Millican. It's a kind of theatrical Rock song ....................... Enjoy ! Wannislas

magnific con todas las letras

muy buen tema... abriendo la mente y escuchando nuevos sonidos no todo es htv vh1 o mtv ;) Arrow to the sun feat. Ed Millican Germany Electronica-rock


A great combination of styles, opening reminded me of a backing track for Film or Video Game Title - these writers and arrangers could handle Film work. The vocals need something I cant put my finger on it, maybe its just the doubling in parts that confuses the ear. All in all a very nice thematic piece of work.


Nice music! It's very haunting and heavy in parts. The lead guitar sound surprised me, but I liked it! Very original and creative. Enjoyed it - keep creating!

Got Potential!

Just needs some mastering work with the vocals and the track and it will sound solid! Keep up the great work! Might i suggest a few things? The vocals need to be lowered down a bit. It seems they are overpowering the track. I like the effect in the vocal. Good work over all! BTW, nice violin towards the end!

Nice Arrangements!

Always when we listen a more elaborate arrangements, we think about soundtracks.For me that's the case, it could be more a track for film,than a radio song. There's no a groove to leading the song, instead a beautiful strings arrangements. So,despite of these arrangements,and a clear and beautiful melody at the top,sound needs to be rethink rhythmically. If i was you,i take off bass and drum parts, and write a groove that matches with song. Where is strings and voice, could be a sequenced electronic pattern. In drive guitar parts the tradicional bass/drums pulsating groove, to leads song forward and grab the listener.


Interesting music and lyrics,vocal is very rough... In my opinion song still needs to be edited, as all components of the song are not together yet. But keep it up and stay true to yourself and your music!

Arrow To The Sun feat.Ed Miliican

I would say that this tune is very Melodic.Nice intro which is following mellow piano part.The song for sure has some VIBE.What I am missing here is nice solo.But all in all THUMB UP&KEEP ON ROCKING.CHEERS

Very creative & I love the vocals.

Keep up the great work & I love the drums & the vocals. The guitars sound good as well. The only thing I would do differently is better master the song. If you have it well mastered, then it will sound more crisp & clear. All of my songs are professionally mastered. To successfully make it in the business, you need to have your songs mastered.


Sorry to say it was not for me. I won't go on cause I would not want to sound negative. I also would not want to be responsible for putting you off. All the best

Great Job

1000% my support, new sounds, is a great music proposal, perfect match or fusion the sounds, invite all the people to follow this job in this social network

and the winner is.....the music

the beginning of the song I found documentary. a documentary by American Civil War. another century, another time .. drums, vintage clothes and much bloodshed. The second impression was of originality. It is not my musical style, but is very well structured, orderly and sounds good. No which has won the war. I just hope they do not have many dead, only successes. for the singer and his band. sorry for my tanzanian english.


I like the feel to this song. It has almost a military march vibe to it and works well with the vocal line. The effects on the vocals are cool too. I think this has a lot of potential and could easily see it as some background music in a motion picture. The song moves the listener and keeps it fresh while listening to the changes going on... good job!
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