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Man you got what it takes to go far in this industry you just gotta keep going and focus on what's ahead.I'm digging your flow because it's unique and it's really hard to find that nowadays. Keep pushing man because you got what it takes to go far homie.I salute

Beezo Judge

Nice vintage but yet kind of new sound. I would say that this sound is very original and the guys have a flow. I would play this when I'm chillin and vibing and doing what I do. I this that the mix is very clean and I think that this have potential. This song will grow on alot of people and I think that they will like it. overall I give this track a B because of original and new sounds used in it. I like the flow of all the rappers and this song should be on radio


What's going on man, I like the hook of this song, very chopped and screwed like. When it comes to the verses I think the quality makes it hard to bump but it def can be a great song if it's mixed a little better

dope song bro

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Smoker's delight

ya'll talking about my favorite thing to do get a blunt and write some hits crack a philly and y'all rode the track like 57 chevy also smoking smoking smoking blunts stunts and hip hop so light on up and put in the air like ya just don't care


I really like how the beat comes on got a really good feel to it. I'm really feeling the chorus the uptempo vibe is on point I think if they work on the delivery for this record it would be a nice record its definitely cross between New and old school I like it keep up the good work I like lyrics on this song too


Starts off really fonky like the hook nice simple. First verse comes on kinda fast but it smooths itself out. I smoke a lot so I can relate.. Down south we smoke a Lil of everything not so much on Phillips maybe a game or duchies I'm just sayin i like the track nice work

good work!1

hey good work, great music, underground beat, original voices and efects, i hope youwill have lucky and you get it, original hip hop bros, much force,you have support from sapin, un saludo! bless

Original beat as well as sound.

This sound like a mixture of generes. Great creativity. Quality of the hook is great. Verses may need a little work . But the beat definitely has kept our attention!! Only advice that we can give about verses are think them out throughly and get creative.but the length of the verse selectionary was perfectly thought out. Please feel free to follow our artist KINGWEEZY at Originalwritermusic dot com and on Facebook as well KINGWEEZY


Nice beat and sound keep it up I like it.. keep pushing forward and keep going for that dream. Let me know when you get more music up. Check out Fate ranked #2 in Portland Oregon let me know what you think


Great music keep up we can link work if you want you would gladly do a song with you I never heard music so inspirational like yours keep up the good work God dot blessing for your talent

yall crazy high

Im a weed smoker too. Im still high and still chillin wit this song. This is a 4/20 song for show. you didn't have to be so blunt The production for this track was great and fit the song really good. you need to get this to the club fast before somebody bits your style'


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Crack It, Gut It Review Jay$ilver

Yo Self Elevation what's good! First off let me say that the beat is FLAME! very mellow yet bumping and I dig the synth throughout as that was tripping me out as I am toasty myself. The lyrics are dope as I of course feel the topic being a bud smoker too. I like that everybody came with bars and the fact there were multiple different people spitting on it was cool and string us along with that hook bro cause that is catchy bro so keep pushing this but one thing I'd say to help is to push the vocals up a tiny bit for everybody in the verses sections or I felt like it was hard to hear words at times but dope song bro!

Crack it, Gut it

Definitely give me that old school vibe with the tracks and the verses. Concept is cool, did you do the track as well. Are yall a group where everyone does everything? Keep Mashing and doing the tunes.
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