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I love it

This is nice i love it. U should go check me out please like and be sure to share to all friends. And also make sure you stay posted on my posts please. I will do the same thing back in return thats a garuntee.

Nice feel

I'm loving the beat and flow it has a nice feel to it dope song keep up the great work if I could help you in any way shoot me a message and I will help in anyway music is tight keep bringing god bless


Good job sounds really good keep up the great work I admire the music you make something new and sound is quite interesting so like I said before good job and keep up the great job. You can make it far.


This reminds me of something I would pick as a theme song when I used to play WF Smackdown back in the day. The beat is like Cypress Hill and I like your lyrics. Youre riding the beat just right. #salute


Nice tone I was hype just listening to it ! I like the vibes and how motivted I felt hearing the lyrics. I look forward to hearing more of your music. Keep up the good work . Much love and good vibes coming From Florida .

Good shit

Keep doing what u gotta do to make it stay positive I like the concept behind the song and I like the title that you chose for the song if you keep pushing for your dreams I feel as u can make it JA37~


The song needs better mixing it has alot of potential i just feel like you cant really feel the song until the mix is better. To really flow with the beat it would make everything better and would cause more power to the whole track

Its ok

The hook and the beat ride. But the verse is to simple. I can tell he got word play but need use different word. Even go t.i. and use some big word. He got the voice for the song. I need to hear more from him to give a good review on him other its ok .


First off I think the beat is tight it definitely it gets you amped up. I can see people dancing to this song also. The producer did good work if the artist produced the beat he's dope in both areas producing and rapping. The versus are dope the rapper is a good writer and I think he has a good voice for rapping. I would like to hear more music from this artist and maybe check out any videos he has.


Keep doing your thing sounds good nice flow. Keep pushing for that dream and don't let anything get in your way. You can also check out my music on here my name is fate ranked #3 in Portland or


I really like how you used all the wrestling metaphors. The best is dope. Sounds like it's a lot about to happen. That's the type of hip hop we are missing. It was gritty and on point. Keep up the good work.

cool topic

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I think it's dope. It has a lot of potential and nice vibe/sound to the production. The song and track have presence and the lyrics and subject matter are ideal in bringing the track and the song together cohesively but I think it needs to be recorded just a liltte bit better as far as the mixing and recording of the vocals and the mixing, and mastering of the track and recording as a whole for clarity imho and put a little more feeling into your vocals. I can hear this song on an album, a soundtrack,the radio, or a video being shot. Drought Hustla


Litt took me back to times when hiphop was hard core real raw rap shi+ and the beat is


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