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Where Did I Go

Rollie Stevens doesn't sound like anyone else yet his voice is smooth and fits the music nicely. The content of the song is good as well, in fact as I was listening the whole song was relaxing so I thank you Rollie Stevens. Enjoyed it.

Elegante y hermosa...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Unos arreglos sutiles de guitarras muy bien elaborados, unas bases rítmicas muy elegantes y con cierto sabor clásico y a la vez moderno. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, es la voz de su protagonista, natural y muy emotiva . La guinda a tan bella canción una melodía muy fácil de escuchar y que te hace querer más.

Beautiful Voice Great Song

Really enjoyed listening to this great song sung by such a quality singer! Loved it! The words and the music were beautifully rendered and Rollie is an extremely talented singer. Happy to follow you!

Kenneth warner

Really great song I really enjoyed it good luck on everything you do in the future and always shoot for the stars and check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and our Band Suthern Accent Band


Can I start by saying how beautiful that intro was! The piano and violins, I absolutely love it! Then you started singing and I was transported into another dimension. The lyrics are so beautiful that it bought tears to my eyes. Please don’t stop making music! You have a wonderful talent and passion and I can clearly see it in your music! Go get em boy! Your future looks so bright!


This is nice song but need to be "worked on" It is now is kust an average song so You must make It Much Better.. Vocal, Arrangement.This .Is just my opinion .. try to send It to Radio Stations and let's see what They will say.. Music Publishers are Very Hard to please and not many "doors|" are open.. ...I will rerecorded..and after that send to Them..I wish You good luck with submissions.. I hope You will make It Better...

"where did I go " well done

well written song . very relatable especially for people who are a little older and can reflect back on past relationships or fond memories of what use to be . just what i took from the song . i can say I've never heard a story such as this one . good job I will be listening again . hope to find you on facebook . best of luck. Brandon Good
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