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Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep working

Keep on Groovin!!

Wow Robert !! What a cool music!! How delicious! Very interesting harmonic progression !! I really liked the lyrics too! I liked Groove and Harmonics !! Besides all this I found that the guitar solos were well fitted but in my opinion it lacked a crescendo .... In general I found your work very cool and I will recommend it to my contacts so that they know your work! Congratulations!! And if you can, listen to my songs. My best regards

Awesome Music

Robert Meloccaro has an excellent sound. His music is so divine. It makes you want to move your feet to the groove. The guitar playing is superb. The song is wonderful. Everyone can listen

Robert Meloccaro ... the love letter

This took straight to the style and sound of Ian Dury and the Block heads but as the track progressed you get a key change and a treated to some interesting keyboard and guitar work . Some minor cords and bass work as an interlude and back in to the driving riff for a bar or two then off we go again with some expressive guitar wok and an abrupt end .. Wish I could make the words out better got it on the third listen . Like the energy and variations well worth a listen or three Best regards Stephen


thank you for sharing your music with me I really like the song very unique very different very Creator and well-written and well put together I love the background music I love the title I love the way it was composed this mix very well thank you once again for sharing your gift with me and others continue to be to be a blessing throughout the world don't stop creating never stop sharing never stop giving back to your community anytime please keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors peace out .

La Carta de Amor.

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera. Estoy escuchando vuestro tema y creo que está mas cerca del jazz fusion que del Rock progresivo, no sólo por cuestiones técnicas, sino por lo que se aprecia al escucharlo. Ese bajo suena a funk por la escala en modo mayor y la maners en que emplea los silencios entre notas, sólo suenan negras cuando entra el sólo de teclado. Tras la parada del medio entran unos acordes de guitarras que suenan a jazz totalmente, pero el último sólo de guitarra sí se sale del jazz y del funk, y tiene un estilo más rockero, sobre todo en sus últimas notas unidas al redoble de batería. En definitiva, un buen tema, con buena escucha, pero yo no lo encasillaría en rock progresivo. Felicidades y mucha suerte con tu proyecto. Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!

Good Catchy Tune!!

I liked this with its use of organ and a nice guitar sound. Tapping back to the seventies its a blusey kind of song. A good listen and a good feel with lots of energy and psssion. Keep on rocki Robery Meoccano!!

Robert Meloccaro

Nice song and groove. Mature musicians who know what they´re doing. Timbers and execution amazing. Well recorded, mixed and mastered. Arrangement and solos very interesting. I really like this song.

Classic Funk

Robert Meloccaro squeezes in a funky groove with this track. Nice clean guitar sounds cover the whole track, it feels like classic funk. Where the voices are too much in the background I experience nice breaks every now and then. At the end it falls apart in some massive jamsession, where the end surprises you. To know that he labels himself as progressive and psychedelic rock, Robert proves himself to be comfortable with other genres as well!

Rhode Island? Let's get a show together in Connecticut or NYC/NJ! Same amount of time each band and then a finale Jam session with covers!

Rhode Island? Let's get a show together in Connecticut or NYC/NJ! Same amount of time each band and then a finale Jam session with covers! Onto another excellent track from Robert Meloccaro, The Love Letter is indeed Lovely and a letter in musical form. The organ sound is ideal for Prog Rock or Psychedelic Rock. The bass tone is my only real issue with the mix, it growls enough but I feel it could have been a bit more present in the mix. As for the Drums they are within the mix in a professional manner - The cymbals are a bit brighter than I have been recently used to in what I have been working on or listening to but suites the song fine. The guitar track (which I assume is one player layering 2-3 tracks (the 3 track style which Tonny Iommi from Black Sabbath pioneered having two tracks following eachother and a third track using Tape Delay - theirs a very similar sound. The downward staircase as I am going to refer to it "Respect from Me" lyric then follows by that run down of notes in the scale like a downward staircase. The chord changes on guitar are beautiful and shine/chime - We also have some excellent technique being presented at time on the guitar tracks. Lyrics are catchy and well presented although I do have one criticism of the recording of the vocals rather than the performance of the vocals. At time the vocal track is a bit too far back in the mix compared to those bright cymbals (this occurs during the middle/latter half of the song especially). I would love to have the vocal track pushed up in the mix a bit - If you do not engineer your own music I would be more than happy to give you an alternative mix that you may or may not like myself. For those that are seeking a really jamming song with a catchy vocal section, excellent organ work, dumming, bass keeps the groove for that drumming, Guitar Tones which during the end of the song have this gorgeous YES/Clapton combination. One of the highlights of the song is the Piano. I use my keyboard MIDI-Out into (I've been using Reason 10 since that was released, previously I was using a combination of Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo - It sounds rather similar to my go-to VST Patch for Piano - Propellerhead's Radical Piano (Allows you to choose two different mic'ing areas and mic style/sound style with a load of preset patches that all sound excellent) - This song seems to either have a keyboard / piano that picks up on recording perfectly or is from my go-to patch or one that is similar (great minds think alike). This is an overall fun track that I will give an easy 4.5 - This can be a 4.9/5.0 if the vocal track was lifted up in a clean manner and the vocal harmonies also get lifted and perhaps expanded. Due to the first genre being "JAM" I am going to assume this was a full band effort that jammed this out in a full band session - If that is the case this came out well and beyond expectations for a JAM. I just wanted to let listeners know this is an excellent piece of music and to let Robert Meloccaro know that this is also an excellent Jam Track although I would love to hear a version that emphasizes on the vocal melody and backing harmonization a bit more. All of the best to you Robert - Perhaps we can work together on a track/album in the not so distant future. All the best, Galexia

The letter's good but needs a few tweeks

Hey Robert, I like the Grateful Dead feel of the song. That said I dould have used a bit more riffing. I like the feel of the band and some of the production. The song, though, lost something in the vocal production. I found the vocal track to be too unclear in the mix. That can be corrected with a better EQ on the vocals. Nice guitar work at the end of the song. Keep up the good work!!
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