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Breaking into the music industry like a combination of Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Drake, Toledo singer-songwriter debuted independently, with a Bay Area sound entitled “I Been a Blaze” in 2013 through a national compilation led by California’s homegrown Hip-Hop artist, OG Cuicide. In July 2015, the brother of Fatty Koo member and former Sony/BMG signee Gabrielle Solange, made his solo debut with “Shine”, a Hip-Hop/POP crossover song, produced by emerging singer-songwriter Elliott Trent, which led to a distribution deal for the single, through Cradle Records, a subsidiary label under Sony Music Entertainment in 2017. Now the singer is back with a contemporary R&B song entitled “I’m Just Saying.” 
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Nice beat

Your song has a nice beat to it and draws you in immediately. This is something that can and will reach the younger folks in the world. I like the title too for the word tells us that if we invite him in, he will come in and sup with us. Keep up the good work brother.

Beaty and Gospel?

Hello Robert! Your song... Wow! I liked how you combined a mixture of a techno/beat box with Gospel. It was both clever and unique! If I could give you a little constructive criticism I would say that your song was slightly monotonous. How? The beat was FANTASTIC, but it was slightly repetitive. I didn't feel like there was ever a climax. Does that make sense? Every song has to have a "aha!" moment or part that makes you want to belt. It allows intimacy with the audience. That is normally found within the chorus. Other than that, keep writing and singing!

Invite to review the Invitation

A fat sound with quality vocals as usual and the word base lyrics always wins the day starting to see your signature in this Genre The drum pattern is catchy almost a second hook to Inviation !! do i hear a Peter Frampton tube or something like it ?? Thanks again for letting us review your work.
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