Roads / Of Worth / My Everything

A smash hit

From the first notes of a sharp guitar, you will be addicted to this beautiful song. And when the voice comes, you are definitely conquered. The memorable chorus will finish you for sure. How is this song not at the top of the charts ??

Quantum artist - unlimited potential

There will always exist those sons a beeches that just "have" it and everything seems to come together in a fluid, almost effortless way. This is Roads. Roads take you somewhere - an obvious inflection into their meaning and pop sensibilities. Star quality emanates from this energetic mover of sound. A good mix of vocals matching the hook and an urgent drum track that pushes things nicely along. Lacks just a teeny tiny bit of explosiveness, but otherwise a catchy and well played song that should turn some ears inward to the Roads.

Great track!

Really nice production on this track! Ian is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon. I’m going to go check out the Roads Facebook page. I look forward to checking out more of his material.

Roads - The right way to make a song with good vibes

Roads is impressive, I really have listened to Sélois a few times, the ability to diversify the sound is something that always makes me happy. The guitars are pulsating and at all times maintains a constant rhythm but with gentle nuances when necessary. The drumms are something that keeps a certain time that accompanies speech, is this is done in a simple way is functional one of the things that make Roads something good to hear is the timing that works correctly, no problems constancy, even when the pauses are intentional and the vocal feature is well directed, I remember that when I made a critique of the music of Sélois called Western I was impressed and put reservations in the beautiful composition, but in Roads Sélois chooses a different path but fulfills his service with high quality, the mix of this song is excellent is the balance between the voice and the guitar and extremely tasteful. No more delays, it's something to listen to both to give that "Wake Up" and to make you happier at times when things can seem complex or difficult in life. After I've listened a few times and resolved to do this review, I can say: "Sélois made Roads a direct message, with aesthetically pleasing and harmonically refined language". Roads is for those who have a good vibe or want to regain their daily good moods in formidable style.

Its good

Its a good song to chill out to its has a good musical arrangement. I love all the guitar tones that were used to bring this song to life. It gives the song beauty and appeal and makes it a pleasure to listen to. The bass is also fantastic and it also complements both guitars and drums and gives it a strong rhythm section. All in all just to simply put it ITS JUST GOOD to listen to. If you like groups like The Silver Sun Pick Ups I think you will digs this track.

Pop goes the tune

My Everything by the band Roads is all pop should be. You're immediately caught up in a whirl of fast and furious guitars, catchy riffs, melodies and very smooth changes. All this is mixed together under a very polished production which changes the quality of the sound and adds that necessary emphasis on the chorus which manages after only a couple of listenings, to become thoroughly entrenched in the mind. If there was ever a good reason to visit Portland, then catching these boys in concert would have to be up there.

My Everything

First impression is your lead vocalist sounds like the British Band The Pet Shop Boys. Though it has an 80's vibe the electronic sound effects ramp it up to a club dance song. I think the singer's voice is ace and if there was any suggestion of tweaking this track to improve it, I would say don't enhance the vocal electronically, just keep it natural on the vocal track. Excellent production in every way!

Here's what I like...

I do like the 80'ish sort of sound. I think that the time signature stuff is pretty cool for a track that is very pop-like. I think that adding some of the production tricks that come into the track later add a certain flavor up and above the more live band vibe. It kind of pushes it over the edge. The chord progression reminds me of something that I can't quite place, it could be the cure or something... which is always good.

Sweet music.

I am really enjoying your music..wait, i love your music.I love this track,its alternative flare,its sharp lyrics,it really captures the listener and holds them through the whole song,so many other songs from other artists i listen to,i switch off after the first minute. You are very inspiring musician.

Outstanding song and exceptionally composition!

There's a lot to say about this song, but I'll be brief it anyway. The music has impressed me deeply much. A powerfull indie rock-pop tune from a very talented musican who wrote the lyrics and plays obviously all instruments on this studio recording. It isn´t only the engaging beat from the drums which forcing the music constantly on a higher level. In this arrangement are also genuinely well-played guitars accompaning the whole song. The rythm varied often. The drummer is playing this kick-stuff really powerfull and perfect. That isn´t really easy because of the orchestration with different parts of the arrangement, but the whole instrumentation sounds really virtuos and implements a deep feeling for music. The fantastic played e-guitars especially in the bridge increases this tune and is another extra factor. The singer with his unique vocals brings really a strong feeling into the song. The lyrics are impressive and the romantic passion unleashes feelings of someone who is touched by heart of his beloved. This ambitious arrangement by using electronical effects and modulated tunes is a composition full of unconventional sounds what brings a hypnotically feel into the music. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. Well, you might be a music fan, surching for the light at the end of the tunnel for good music. This song could be a radio hit and it´s original. I´m sure, you will also hear, why this song is ranked #1 on N1M.


Wow so many style of music So well together definitely I’m going to share with my friend that was so nice listen your song after work give you a punch keep going doing good music and I will back to listen more thank U Anton
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