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Sounds Like Johnny Cash

Once I got past the chuckle from the lyrics I started to listen more to the presentation and execution of the song. It's always hard to say how novelty songs will be received so my comments about the song creation itself will be limited. It is unusual and creative but whether it is commercial I honestly do not know. The tracks on the other hand are spot on and have excellent rhythm and execution. There is a real chemistry with this group and they really delivered. The vocal was good but I would have preferred to have it brightened up more. It almost sounded repressed. I think a little remix and EQ toward brightening it would go a long way. It is a good dance melody and beat and has a good overall sound. this track could be used for another song very easily. My hat is off to the overall sound but I really don't know how to evaluate the song as it is currently presented. It's a novelty but a very good sounding one. Well done.

My feel

Thanks for sharing your track with me and looking forward toward some feedback positive or negative.  I think your track is very well done.  I like the old country feel to it. The vocalist reminds me of Elvis Presley meets country with a little dash of comedy. Keep up the hard work and drive. Good luck with your future in music.

Catchy Title

I like the 'title' and it hooked me at first....which is 'good'. I thought I was going to hear a song like the title said, but it was not. I like the 'straight up Rock & Roll' beat when it moves like that. The guitar solo at the bridge was 'on it', and it pop'd. If this is an original song...I believe you have a 'hit'. If it's a cover tune....you did it very very good. The lyrics are 'great', it reminds me of the song Willie did going home with a 10 and woke up with a 2!


This the kind of music you want to listen to when you wanna have fun. Everything about it makes me feel good. Glad to see the real music is still out there. Love it!

Review on your song

Hi Rick just listened to your song. Not normally what I listen to but very pleasantly surprised,songs really catchy great guitar, production really nice,listened to it a few times , it's one of those the more you listen the more you like it well done Rick keep on writing peter Brady.

Ray Davies meets Ray Stevins

Excellent work! A song that slowly turns to a funny satirical strike at the Big Dance hall/bar scene. A country version of Lola. I like it. Musically it is very tight and well mixed. I love the twang of a country Fender comp. The vocalist delivers the lyrics in a narrower range. I thought he was limited but it was done for effect, to better to understand the words and story. Very similar to what The Burnett brothers did with "Teen age Dynamite" The tune swings very well and I can see a lot of people dancing to it in one of those big Rodeo bars in Texas. I also bet no one on the dance floor that first hears the song will stop dancing while they are grinning when they finally get what the song is about. Great song great production great guitar. This song will be around a while..

Bien hecho!

Me gusta mucho como está mezclado. Buenas guitarras. Buena voz. No dejaba de imaginarme este tema en una película, bailando en la noche de algún pueblo!

Review of Sounds like Johnny Cash

Well, I don't think you sound like Johnny Cash, your voice sound is more like something from the Be-Bop age. Like Jerry Lee Lewis. I like the lyrics and think they are very amusing and it's the type of song that would be fun to sing along to and dance as well. Very much a throwback song. I hope this song isn't about someone you know. Good song.

Desmo Critic Review on "Sounds like Johnny Cash"

I found it a rather catchy tune that stuck in my mind for several minuets after the song ended. The lyrics however, actually made me wonder what it would be like to meet a girl that sounded like Johnny Cash.

Surprise! The Woman In Black!

Here's a fun one! This is a definite "party tune", with a fun theme, a danceable tempo, and exciting presentation. The story has been done before, but this fresh new approach will have the listener tapping their toes, at the very least! Musical delivery is solid on this, the band is tight and well-rehearsed, and quite adept at this genre. The lead vocals at first made me sort of cock my head to one side like the RCA Victor dog, they employ an unusual quick vibrato that takes some getting used to, but in the end is quite nice to hear. For technical approach and songwriting: Once again, I enjoy the idea behind the story, but from time to time the lyrics seem a bit rushed. Trying to fit too many words into your lines to make rhyme and meter, I would like to hear this simplified a bit. This is where the songwriter really begins to polish and hone his craft. My advice would be to go back over what you've written, and see if you can find ways to maintain your rhyme and meter with less words, and still accurately convey your idea to your audience.You have a fantastic foundation, this song has loads of potential, don't short-cut. A great man once said: Good songs are written every day. GREAT songs are re-written every day! Good job here!

The country western Lola!

Sounds like Johnny Cash? Rick has a great sense of Humor here, as my title says it's the country Western Lola of Kinks fame. It's a smooth moving bogie woogie rocker delivered with a nice baritone lead vocal. I can see the line dancers lining up to cut some rug to this fun number! Hey sometimes you have to let loose around the house and I think this song totally works! Then production is smart and the band is tight and the singer is confident! All that comes together for a win, win song. It makes me want to hear the rest of rick's catalogue of tunes, i'll bet he's got a lot more in his musical pandora's box! I give this song a hardy thumbs up! Keep on rocking me Rick and what out for those man hands! Peace the Jester of A.O.K.

Sounds like johnny cash

Relax tune on the sunny morning.+ ;Nice fat guitar sounds,very well played country licks(I hear 2guitars,is that right...?Singing I would give a - could be better in my opinion.


Awesome song, great sound, the vocals, everything. I think I reviewed your song already! And the lyrics is great too. I;m giving you rate 5. (maybe again). Do you have an album. I'd like to get it! Greetings from Bulgaria! Good luck and keep rockin' ! Cheers, Donnie Donkov

Sounds like Johnny Cash

Hi Rick, 1 / Production and mix : Good, maybe the voice too forward. 2 / Instruments : OK 3 / Voice : Lack of involvement. There is a tremolo at many places in the voice, but it's not natural. It's false sometimes. The vocals harmony are a little poor. For me there a work to do on the voice. 4 / Overall : It's repetitive. There is any thousand tracks like this in the country rock in the world. It lacks of emotion and personnality. Good luck.

Johnny Cash meets Elvis

Ok, since this is a humor song I will throw humor back. Since the singer sounds a bit like Elvis, perhaps she who sounds just like Johnny Cash should do a duet! Now there's a thought. I wouldn't kiss her personally, but give her a microphone at least. :D Ok, so - Really tight band here playing a traditional rock n roll sound with roots. And they know how to rock n roll!! Heard other tunes by this artist before so I know they know their stuff. Obviously seasoned and experienced musicians who know their instruments intimately and know their genre inside and out. Tip of the hat. My "4"s and "5" stars are coveted and hard to earn without a good dose of musical originality, but I do give a little extra credit just for being stellar musicians and crafty songwriters.
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