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5 Star Perfection

Nice country guitar intro followed by a perfect New Country vocal. Clever lyrics that engage and delight. “Sittin’ here just tryin’ to clear my mind; I might have really screwed up this time.” Is the way people talk and I love hearing it in the lyrics. This tells the listener what the song is going to be about. It tells the tone and it is the language of the typical Country music listener. Few can pull off altering talking and singing, yet Richard Reeves pulls it off successfully. I actually experienced that rare thing: the feeling that I was listening to someone talking to just me, telling me his story, sharing his thoughts. At times he is just talking to the girl who left him. She does still care. She calls to check on him and ask if he is alright. He is too hurt to respond wiping the tears from his eyes. His bewilderment is apparent. You feel his pain and his endeavoring to convince himself the he will be alright. The chorus with the soft vocal harmonies support the story. The words during the chorus give the vision of the Singer sitting at the table “with a picture, the memories and a bottle of wine”. The instrumental is just enough and provides that little span of time that happens in a life after an event such as a breakup. As the next verse begins talking about the woman calling to see if he is alright, a woman’s voice is introduced as a counter harmony, supporting the lyrics as if the voice is that of the woman. In the ending, this chorus is repeated with the melody altered in the final few seconds to bring a closure that ties the whole thing up giving the listener the feeling that the Subject will be alright and life goes on. The very last line is an affirmation: “I will be alright” that goes up musically. Brilliant. Then the song ends, as it began with a sweet Country guitar conclusion. This is a universal theme presented in words that the majority of Americans will relate to in a style that is laid back New Country.

A cool track

A real nice mid tempo country track with a clever verses and a catchy chorus. Also nice harmonies on the chorus and some tasteful laid back guitar. though a tad too long for me, i do think its a great song.

Alright Tonight

Lyrics to match any Country Classic with music to match for a lovely two step dance. Reminds me of the hard luck stylings of Jimmy Buffet's lyrics, such as "Margaritaville" The instrumentals are quite fresh and composed to eke out the emotion for each word. You have got a winning combination and a voice that fits the bill of a Country Western Crooner. Your music would go over well in Germany too where the fans are always looking for new Country Western Artists to follow.


I really like the song and I really like your style and your creativity very unique and creative writing well composed and well put together keep on going to the next level and never stop talking chances and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music it is very inspiring to me and Thank you for sharing your craft with the world keep on going have a great and wonderful day God bless you in all your endeavors

Love the 2nd chord

A nice tune. I particularly like the second chord in the verses, it's so melancholic. Fits quite good to your voice. Good guitar craftsmanship, and the production's ok as well. Maybe a stronger mastering could lift the loudness level a bit. All in all an unspectacular song, flowin' like a creek, with some nice moments in it. Think I'll listen to this one again. Well done, Richard.

of stories and their tellers....

Richard Reeves brings us Alright Tonight, and country roadhouse yarn to be sure. From a listener's perspective there are many familiar tones in this diddy... it has a calm reserve and the harmonies along with the arrangement are very Eric Clapton in Lay down Sally and the steel guitar has a quiet haunting quality. From a producer's perspective there is a little imbalance in the levels between vocal and instrumentation but it's nothing drastic as some additional compression to the vocals during the verse sections would solve that problem. It's a very pleasant and peaceful rendering to be sure.

Good music

Hi, your music is really good. Country music is the best of the world. I love it. And your music something special in country music. Good lyrics, good music, good voice and good musicians. Thank you for your music.

Good country tune!

Richard Reeves from Port Neches, Texas created a fine tune entitled Alright Tonight. The rhythm-section is good and the shuffle groove in the drums is well-done. The female background vocals add a nice touch to the fine guitar and lead-vocal work. Well done all around!

Alright Richard nice tune!

Started listening to this on my phone, but had to take it to the truck to hear it better, I thought it was Kenny Rogers! Turns out it wasn't, it was Richard lamenting about a love lost. A good song that needs just a bit of tweaking on the mix, bring up the vocals and limit the bridge to a couple lines, otherwise a good song


Very traditional song, musically. The writing is good but, the hook is real soft. I listened to the song and to me my opinion, which is just what it is my opinion just like the ass everyone has one. The hook should of been stronger in the since that it would make me want to rewind and hear it again, have me humming or singing it after hearing it. I have only one critic on the recording and that is personally I would have brought the main vocal up just a touch, it sounds like it is even with instrumentation and harmonies. Made it hard to understand the lyrics. So just a little hotter on the lead vocal evrything else is good.

Good story song!

Love the story-teller style with a little bit of talking instead of all singing. Good guitar and steel guitar licks as well as interesting chord progression. Good contrast between verse and chorus. Some smooth violin would be a nice addition. My only criticism would be the instrumental intro, as good as it is, may be longer than a publisher wants to listen to. They do like to get right into the meat of the song!

I like the vibe

I really like the message of the song...nice and relatable pity story. i think the verses may be just a little too "talked" I am not sure if you were going after a Johnny Cash or Tom T Hall vibe. But i think it is a good tune that with some tweaking can only get better Not meaning to be critical, just my first thoughts and impressions

Alight Tonight is Alright!

Very nice song. I could've stood to hear some more harmonies. Nice touch with the female vocals though. Good story as well. It is a bit repetitive however and could be broken up with a C section. Guitar was nice too. Almost sounds like a b bender. Overall nice tune.

Alright Tonight Review

Enjoy the clear sounding Music Tracks! Good, nice sounding mellow Backup Singers, Simple and easy to follow Lyrics, with a good hook! Would play well in Nashville at the Cowboy Cantina! Good Luck!!!!
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