Reggie Wright / Songs / Love Won't Let Me Wait ( Studio)

Nice Intro

Thank you for taking the time to bring back some good old memories. This was a nice remake of the old classic r&b song. Very nice keyboards on this track and some very nice vocals as well. There is really not much more that I can say by nice job! -Chandler-

Reggie - Love Won't Let Me Wait

In this review, I would like to point Reggie's "Vocalize" : In some phrases ends, he holds the last vowel for a sort of independent music itself. It is part of Janner (Blues, Gospel...), but very special, as if it keeps the same intensity of the whole phrase; as if he would not stop it. This capability of doing long phrases, yet keeping the same intensity while "manipulating the melody, is not a very common one. I love it!

Love won't let me wait

I applaud this version of Love won't let me wait...very smooth , jazzy version of this track. This is a refreshing sound you don't to enjoy very much these days . Enjoyed it very much, very adult sound .takes your mind to a nice jazz club , enjoying your favorite drink...My ears thank you and your musicians . Be successful , Be blessed, 7fourG

A pretty combination of true soul and talented vocalist

Reggie shows in his songs a perfect balance of true soul through a very good control of his voice performance, and he also exhibits an excellent taste for sweet ballads with touches of R&B and clear virtuosity in the keyboards. Keep on performing those brilliant tunes!


dope dope dope dope dope dope Dope Great song, good sound and please never stop doing music you might become greatest musician ever. I know making your music to be on top of the world is not easy because am also a musician, it takes hard working to be on top of the world so work hard, grind hard even if it seems like your music is not gonna work, even if life is giving you hard times, you are true gifted, you are real talented Bless up Hope

Great remake

This was my first time hearing a remake of this. Kool how you made it your own and didn't just copy the original. Plus points for the music arrangement as, Im a drummer so nusicianship comes first. Great work!

Love Won't Let Me Wait -Review

Once again I am emotionally stirred and mystified by this outstanding vocalist and his AWESOMENESS. Such a voice and steady balance of incredible vocal savvy. Very nice flow and a magical alluring sensuality to his ownership of this classic. Love It. Keep up the AMAZING Music.

thank you

this is a special song and you nailed it just like it should be done and there is no other than you who could have pulled it off this way being effective and positively miracle involved this is great and i like the way you this is spectacular please excuse me complementing you so much but its on of my favorites and i cant stop thinking about how much it means that someone carried the burden of giving it a chance and you nailed it.


All together well put together, i can put this song into comparison with old but soul music, the melody sounds great, delivery on point, love the message , this song sounds like old gospel music, im getting that soul music! Good luck on your musicall career, wish you the best, cause again this song had me going back in memory lane, great job, your time with come, with out a shadow of a doubt


Wonderful track. Absolutely love the flow. The beat is incredible. Very soothing and calming to any ear. Piano touches are absolutely perfect. Great pitch. Could be a great voice for any track including holiday tracks.

Love let me Wait - Reggie Wright

l absolutely love a great RnB love ballad, and your rendition of this classic song is great, I love the jazzy arrangement of the song. The instrumentation mixes nicely with your smooth vocals. Keep doing what your doing my friend.

This is a winner

I love the smooth vibe it gives when first starting my biggest challenge so far is R&B MUSIC and you just made it seem so easy to do I love the message that it sends totally matches the beat and vocals music clarity is sufficient and it draws attention I love your work looking forward to hear more or collaboration some day keep up the great work and I will past your master piece to my friends fans and family much love #JBONEZ #2ONPRODUCTIONZ

Love won't let me wait

ok love won't let me wait i didn't it was the cover until i heard it, i grew up on this song, so it always a good cover song to do if you can do it, and you got a good voice and you didn't over do it so nice job, and the recording not bad, music came out good to the only thing to me, is that it 5:22 thats mad long for a song these days so i say keep short nice and clean, and keep up the good work Reggie Wright

Love Won't Let Me Wait

I love the instrumentation. The first think that struck me was the great piano playing...I love piano, and anyone who loves piano will definitely enjoy the tinkling keys. You can definitely hear the gospel roots of Reggie Wright as he caresses each word of the lyrics and slides from his natural voice to his falsetto. This is a fantastic cover of the original, and I am especially glad that he does not make any attempt to try to duplicate the sound of Luther Vandross or Major Harris who first recorded this tune. I know Vinnie Barret, the composer of this song would be very pleased with this result.

Very nice vibe...

Very nice vibe !!! This is my long held favorite genre, R&B/Smooth Jazz... Nice vocal interpretations and the choices made on piano are so nice ... Perfect modern vibe, dig the choice of sounds and mixtures of color. As a Producer, I would love to have heard this with more percussive colorings to top this beauty off !!! Thx for sharing this delightful piece. Perfect arrangement for that genre !!!
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