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very soothing

wonderful piano , great voice nice lyrics. Very inspiring. Has a gospel and blues feel to the song. Very simple and beautiful . The melody is very sweet very pro sound love the strings way in the back.

Too Young

Nice rework of Natural King Cole,s "Too Young".Very soulful but not over the top.a little reminiscent of George Benson.Nice piano solo also.Working them changes!Not sure if that's Reggie on piano,either great performance.


Just loved the intro and your vocal flow is amazing. Was exceptionally surprised. The highs in your vocals were fabulous as well. The track being able to enjoy as well when your vocals pauses they just stopped doing that style..Don't no why.. Just a amazing job!!

Good music

Good music just not my cup of tea. I have some Westcoast Jazz samples that's produced by BugleBlack. Bugleblack is number two out here in Los Angeles Ca for Hip Hop music due to the Jazz. I have an Instagram page called @str8fedi where I use predominantly a lot of his production for my documentary, and commercials. Editing and entertainment is where I'm going now days. I've been creating my own sound. You can network with me whenever you get a chance.


TOO YOUNG is a genre of music that I love, it reminds me of brodway, the musicals, the American music of a certain historical period that I love. I think your piece is a real masterpiece, a bit for your voice that is incredible, a bit for the pianist to whom I congratulate, a bit for the atmosphere that creates. I listened with pleasure, interest and even a bit of envy because I would like to do a piece like that and above all sing it.

Full of sensuality

Hi, Reggie! Again a beautiful song with melody full of colors and harmony full of sweetness, cadence and sensuality. Your voice looks extraordinary, the piano performance is great, the background sound of the violins is very deep and at its right level. The recording and in general the mastering is excellent. Congratulations !!


YES INDEED !!! What a gorgeous Interpretation... Such inspiration and sung with total conviction... A Producer's dream !!! There is always room for improvement BUT, that said, So much I wouldn't even consider touching. I absolutely LOVE the "unplugged" interpretation. Thx for for sharing the MUSIC :-)


This is a beautiful song. Has a jazzy smooth feel with a gospel feeling. The piano is very tasteful and smooth. The vocals are smooth with a bit of a Peabo Bryson flavor. All in all we like this piece here!

The beatiful sound of a rainy day ...

Wonderfull piano chops! Great crooning voice! Great variation on the piece, with highs and lows, thick bassy sounds and thin piano clicks. A simple and heartfelt piece of music! Keep up the great work! Best wishes from Copenhagen, Denmark!

Delicioso swing!

Perfeito entrosamento de arranjo e voz. Lindo som do piano! Perfeito para alegrar a alma! Boa qualidade de gravação, voz agradável de se ouvir e apreciar, ensejando querer ouvir mais e mais. Amei!

Reggie Wright - Beautiful vocalist

There is something that caught me in Reggie's singing, his musicality is in high level, beautiful phrasing, controlling excellent the long notes, and the structure in terms of high and low note and volume. I love his autonomy to perform a simple music, although some modern gestures (I guess he loves Stevie Wonder). It looks as if he keeps restraining in order to maintain the tense - as if he could push more energy, but hold it. I love it!. I wish he could have sung my music.

A Mature take on teenage classic "Too Young"

This is a classic standard out of the late 20th century rock and roll pop blues era, very nicely handled by Mr. Reggie Wright. He unfolds the songstory slowly and luxuriously sticking close to the standard harmonic format and offering the richness of a sweet tenor voice with undertones of deep baritone, and a loving gospel handling of long notes and vocal glissandos that bring out the emotion of the song. The piano accompaniment is played with taste and restraint, adding bright presence and keeping interest in the luxurious pace alive.

TOO YOUNG (Studio) Review

An excellent rendition and captivating, alluring song. Done with class , elegance and so very naturally soulful. I find this musician so effortlessly gifted in all his music. My soul is moved and stirred with emotional joy when I listen to his voice. Great Job, wishing you much success in the very near future and beyond.


Soothing, relaxing jazz for late nights next to the fire with a loved one. It sounds a lot like Christmas. The piano, the voice and the strings blend very well together. Nostalgic. Keep it up.
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