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Hang on

Great tune and lyrics, your voice could be fetched up a little, maybe even doubled the mix is good and I do like the rhythm section the accordion really does helps this song along it is also potentially a great ceilidh song overall a fun song especially to dance too. Thanks for posting this up for review I have listened to it quite a few times now and can see it on the radio.

A Review with a view.

Here is an interesting look at how often we leave things, "haning on the line". A tongue in cheek expose' of how not to procrastinate. I like the way that the song lyrics are clever and amusing. The arrangement is solid, and easy flowing. All the instruments are balanced and very well mixed. You can hear the vocals clearly, and understand what is being said. Kudos to the Artist, Ray Martinson for a work well done.!

Hangin On The Line

Hi there Ray. I like your song. It's got a nice toe tappin feel. A great dancin tune. I'm no expert, but I listen to a lot of original music and in my opinion, your song rates right up there with the best of them. By the way. I have been to Swift Current. I live in Great Falls Montana. If you're ever in town, look me up. I'm on Facebook.

Hello from Jerzy...

Finally I was able to hear some Nice Song... which make a Good Day ..hahaha.. It is nice melody and I like The Energy You are sing..You are enjoy it.. I tell You... and this is all about Have Fun,, and Sing.. make People Happy like You did today for Me...If the Recording Quality be better I see that This song will be played on Radio.. I'm sure if You playing it at Concert People Like it a LOT... good Job.. and Good luck with pitching it ..

Hi Ray Martinson here is My Review!

Hi Ray Martinson here is my review this song s just a fun song to listen to that you can also relate to as well to a song that could be used in a movie or stage play commercial etc keep up the good work I look forward to hearing other songs from you from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group.

Hangin' On The Line

Americana Style Lyrics with a double entendre that send you back to the times of George Formby. The message is sweeter, don't leave your love hangin' and waiting for words of love. A nice gentle guitar riff and possibly a banjo, Loving the instrumental, including harmonica I hazard a guess. Keep remembering to say I love you in more ways than you can count because time is precious. Even when the weather's fine Life has a way of sneaking up with surprise endings!

Light music

It's not my direction music, but I would say - it's good music for entertainment at events, festivals. As a songwriter and singer with roots in Hard Rock, I would personally wish for more nuances. But I think as it is - there are enough listeners who love this music!

Great lyrics

Great lyrics and throwback feel. Really diggin the Americana aspect. Very original and easily appreciated. Of course I️ am biased because I️ love acoustic driven music. I️ hear some Irish roots in there too:)

Hangin In The Line

Catching tune reminds me of my youth bouncy and fun, you can't get your time back... So OUR TIME is THE Most VAlUABLE thing we have .. our TIME nice tune made me think nice thoughts...please read my post and lend me your open ears, I believe, if your a generous person, who has the ability knowledge and years, that it is up to you, to reach into your own heart and make a change and shift some gears... I pay it forward in words and songs, Thank you

Hangin' on the Line by Ray Martinson

Hangin' on the Line by Ray Martinson reminds me of a fun "pub" song. I can Imagine folks with a beer in hand singing along with the catchy hook. Ray's voice reminds me of a not quite so rough John Hiatt. Musically, the accordion adds a nice dimension to the acoustic sound.

Great Song

This is a really great song with a nice hook. I'm enjoying listening to your new song, on this nice sunny afternoon! I'd like to hear more of your songs. If they are as good, as this one is, I'm a new fan!

good within its field

Classic americana with straightforward melodies and lyrics ; I particularly like the backing vocals in the chorus, and the short instrumentals : they add originality to the song, also providing space between the parts of the track. The arrangements are simple but clever (example given : the little chops at 2mn or so, before the last but one chorus. Well, this is effective, Ray : keep up the good work, because even if the style is nothing new, you are creating your own inside ! I don't know the other tracks you have recorded, and I suppose you have found different ways to treat your nice tunes, so please go on making good music !

Hanging On The Line

Hello, Let me start by saying that I review in terms of commercial viability, can this tune be pitched to an artist?..The other review alternative would be from an artist prospective... either it's liked or not. This is a really well put together song! The melody is pleasing and easy to listen. Good prosody and the lyrics feel natural when sung. The content of the lyrics fit well with the overall texture of the song. The form of the song flows easily from one section to the next.. always moving forward and keeping the listener engaged. If it were me I might check into the sonic quality of the song. To my (This is subjective and opinionated.), ears the sonic quality of your recording feels a little muffled in terms of clarity. A good studio can help with that. Also as you produce your material make sure to compare your productions with what's currently playing on radio and other media sources This will help bring your quality up to a more consistent level. Hope this helps in some way. Again... Good work and keep writing! RW


Bonita canción, muy buena melodía y aunque no muy movida es animada. La parte que más me gusta es el estribillo con los giros que hace en la melodía, la instrumentación es más que correcta, aunque hay algo que destaca demasiado y personalmente lo haría más suave. En general me parece una buena canción. Nice song, very good melody and although not very lively it is lively. The part that I like the most is the chorus with the turns that make in the melody, the instrumentation is more than correct, although there is something that stands out too much and personally would make it softer. In general I think a good song.


I imagine this would have been good for The Kingston Trio or the Chad Mitchell Trio back in the sixties. It's a bouncy folksy tune that's clean cut sounding. The production is clear and transparent and everything is played well. The lyrics are delivered cutely and on pitch. For my listening tastes, it's a little light, accordion and all, but I appreciate the positive-sounding nature of the recording,
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