Epic Tribal Psychedelic Sounds here! Music the Universal Language! Engage Listen and commune with our inspirational transformational sounds ride the wave!

To describe the style of music it is, "CREEPY COOL" like Haunting transformational other worldly sounds.

The first song Master Haunts The Puppet has a ghost singing right into the song take a listen it is at the 4.00 midish point. You must buy the cd to hear ghost, not in demo here on page .The ghost is saying "Oh the Pain!!!" A Must hear for all you EVP fans and Ghost Hunting enthusiasts.

Songs are recorded in The Indian Orchard Mills. MILL RATS RECORDING STUDIO in Indian Orchard Mass. The Mills were Built in the Mid 1800's and are notoriously haunted with many Spirits! Built upon Indian burial ruins.

My Musical Partner Ram, is a master guitar player and makes incredible sounds!! He Magically transforms guitar sounds into other instruments Like, the Harpsichord, flute and cello. We blend a variety of sounds together every song is unique and different.

You will enjoy putting them on a loop some are hypnotic and will make you focus on creating art , practicing yoga, meditating, dancing, cleaning the house , surfing the net, baking a cake, Eating a vegan feast, skiing down a mountain, or whatever activity you enjoy engaging in!!! We create so that you can heal and enjoy and bask in our inspirational music!! A little Rock, kind of like Gothic Soul full Blues, and Meditational!

The music is recorded also in video format and has an ongoing saga about the trials and tribulations of a haunted puppet. Check youtube for video clips. A short film is on the works and will be coming soon as an independent (expired link) are welcome!!

This cd has 6 original recordings:
1. Master Haunts the Puppet
2. Mill Rat Boogie
3. Pieces Fit
4. Scat the Cat
5. Primordial Embryo
6. Standing Alone

Vocals, Tess Ahlberg
Guitar, Vocals, Ram Moore
Drums, Flash (My Pretty Pet Bat)
Recording Engineer,Tess Ahlberg Ram Moore

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