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That's pretty hot bro!

Your style is one of your dopest assets dog, stick with that. The track is appealing assertive and true to form. It features a good collection of vocals layered with some cool backing tracks, showcasing your skills one by one over a groovy ass beat. The delivery on the hook is very nice, in which rich tones and raw sound is akin to the effortless cool of musicians being one with self. Were you not so cool about it, it might be obvious that you are attempting to take over Hip Hop! You are doing all the right things and creating some cool songs along with good lyrical content. Keep that up and somebody’s going to notice you boy. Good luck my G!!

Good work.

I like what you are doing you should check out Geek$quad. Geek$quad is a group formed by Jerald (JFISH) and Jharee (COACH) Fisher, other members include their cousin Muhkayla Stenson (Killary) and several other artist under their label WAY2GEEKED ENT. They thrive off of their ability to engage the audience and have seen a lot of success due to their work ethic and consistency. Because of their high energy and party nature the name GEEK$QUAD was a perfect fit for the

Tell Ya Sum

Very Nice Music and arrangements, the vocals are incredible and the hip hop rap is on point. Nice flow and creativity. Very catchy and addictive songwriting and composing. Please continue to post more. I look very forward to hearing more of your music, such HQ artistry and genuine. Much success for your musical career as a recording artist.


Dope track, keep doing ya thang and I'm sure you will be on your way to stardom, you have a good sound and good lyrics, keep your hustle going and I'm sure you will make it independently or the Majors are bout to be knocking.


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Damn i liked this from the moment u spoke haha, This is super dope honestly, and completely different than anything else i've heard from anyone else good job ! the mixing could have been better i feel like but, this is pretty dope man #Original and Great hook !


I really like this style and music feel... I an not sure about the hook. its sound like it was part of the beat when purchased and the lyrics were placed to it. the mastering is different and I am 100 on these for almost 30 years of recording Artist around the world and Engineering and Mastering and own my on Studio I do on site and in studio recording so I know about this and will say it straight ... you are recording to close to the mic and also recording too loud... you are distorting in the vocals its not a engineering thing that can be fixed it pushing to much on your mic... you mouth should be 8 inches to 1 ft min away from mic. trun down the volume for I think your head phones are too loud and your pushing your voice... to reach the music dont worry about that cuz it can be leveled out in the mixing process... your engineer should have no problem leveling it out... if you paid for it stop going to that engineer and go to someone that will care more about what it sound like... I engineer and master for artist all over the world through the internet.. and you cna beat the prices i ask cuz i care about perfection in music... listen and review some of my stuff... I do it all... no one else... As far as topic i like this song and i like the style you hit your rhymes and flow it straight with greatness... I can tell you enjoy doing it and are having a good time... NOTE: if you are using music that is not fully owned by you weather you purchase it or make it,... there are binding contracts that most artist dont know about... if you a leasing dont bother doing the track for the lease is basically a way for Composers and Producers to resell the beat and limit your use of it... the contracts r hitched with plenty of BS and when you find someone that wants $$$ to $$$$$ of dollars its hit and miss.. for them to get money that is why they lease so they can keep selling the $50 beat and make tons of money and ever artist has it.. and start limiting pressings numbers and more.... and most artist steel the beats cuz they r tagged but not put them in the credits can lead to ungreat things... thanks for the dope track to review... Krazy K-LOE of KLOE MUSIC and K-LOE PRODUCTIONS/STUDIOS

Nice bear

This song is straight nice beat and the flow is cool.Keep pushing you're heading in a good direction with this music. No matter what people say you can make your dreams come true with motivation.

Good music

Just getting around to this song on some extra blincoins situation per n1m. My UNC name is Bugleblack who is number 2 on n1m and I'm normally in the top 5. You can be 1 in ranks for a day out here and the next 5 hours, somebody just dropped a hit. I call it what's better, some call it competition. I'm talking about 4 months off the promo for exposing any more music until I have 50 top quality hits to drop.

Go tell em

A really nice song the track is banging really nice well composed thank you for your music and I would like to hear more of your banging music have a great day God bless keep on making great music.


I like it. Sound pretty good. like your style. You have a nice voice. Just continue to push and keep on putting out. You sound good compared to all this bullshit ass music that's out here now. Keep pushing. Luv boss I like it. Sound pretty good. like your style. You have a nice rap voice. Just continue to push and keep on putting out. You sound good compared to all this bullshit ass music that's out here now. Keep pushing. Luv boss


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track bro I'll be playing this one

Song is ????????????

This song is straight dope my nigga but you need better quality for real...just re record this song in a professional studio take your time do a video and your good to go trust me I been at this a awhile


We all know one of the most important things to all of this is .....your investment in yourself ,new mic ,a really good program for're number one for a reason so imagine achieving the ultimate goal! You got skills.Hit me up for a collab Google King_Cyris lets talk.

Dope song.

I like the old song type style..and he chopped..I see he was in to that his music..had that energy...only think is a little loud on the verses to the the mix in the song and topic and lyrics with topic...nailed it...chours was perfect..beat smacked.. Just the mix on vocals louder than the chours..just need to even them...then I would of gave a 5 star. But I love the originally..keep practicing and doing what u do homie.. Craze MC
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