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Song potential

I like the concept about going thru hard times. Flow delivery could be better. Beat sounds like old school trap music. You have good lyrics I just think honestly you can tighten it up. Couple lines you fumbled thru some words but keep trying.

Real shit

That beat is real hard but I think u coulda went harder but aye u know wat u doing that's just my opinion I lknow music and this will never make it out the underground music area bro take my advise I'm 17 I do helps shows I rapin church's I do all types of music think twice before u say dumb stuff on the mic u could do way better like u said in your song your potential is weak kill that shit next time


I feel like there's something missing vocally but I love it either way so keep up the good work boss!:) Check out my jams if or when you can also, if you'd like. Have a wonderful day, stay safe, keep yer awesome filled head up & don't forget to smile!:)

you got potential

yo in my opinion you need to invest in a better studio or at least better engineer... you picked a good beat i like the production for real for real i like how you rode the beat for most of the track couple spots you need to redo i closed my eyes and just listen to see if a person and flow with the beat from 1:10 - 1:28 your flow was a lil off but i would be interested to see what your voice sounds like in a upgraded studio... @cnubexvii

Put in work

Good song concept. The track needs mixing, maybe track it all out and have someone mixdown the track 1st. If you are home recording maybe look up mixing tutorials for music production. Next I would do a retake maybe a few times and pick the best, then have the vocals mixed and mastered. I believe if you get to that point the project will be much better.


ounds good to me. the first time u started by the way u talkin to me like that in the Bakwoods, and the best. I have been the most part of my favorite is not a good time for the next couple weeks ago. it will be


Good job sounds really good keep up the great work I admire the music you make something new and sound is quite interesting so like I said before good job and keep up the great job. You can make it far.


Dope record bro, Keep doing your thing. I enjoyed the sound. Great production and writing. Would love to possibly collaborate with you and your team. the concept of the record was dope and something i could hear on the radio.


Hello, nice work well job done I am most definitely recommend your work also you can check us out on my site for instrumentals and rap music and more also we have a new Android music app on my site to download for free with our latest music and instrumentals again nice work well job done keep up the good job


I like the eerie feel of the track, it suits the subject matter. Self deprecation can be refreshing in a musical landscape with so many noses in the air. The recording quality however is lacking that polished sound.


I can say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music I can say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music


I think it's dope. It has a lot of potential and nice vibe/sound to the production. The song and track have presence and the lyrics and subject matter are ideal in bringing the track and the song together cohesively but I think the hook is missing a little something and that the beat can be utilized better with another idea. Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to rework the verses a little bit and put a little more life in your delivery even though it's okay as is imho.I also think it needs to be recorded just a little bit better as far as the mixing and recording of the vocals and the mixing and mastering of the track and recording as a whole.I also think more can be done with the track to enhance the lyrical flow. I can hear this song on an album,or the radio. Drought Hustla


00 The lyrical content is strong and very well articulated. It's a welcome encounter to listen to someone who has taken the time to hone their craft. It's definitely moving and has great energy. It's a pleasant and entrancing song title with well crafted background harmonies. Strong lead vocals and very sound accompaniment. Overall good audio quality and content. Congratulations to all on a job well done. Objectively, the RAP diminished the entire effort as it shifted the entire content in a different context. A unique sound just drifted into another realm where everyone sounds the same. An instrumental solo could have worked wonders in the spot where the RAP ruined it! It's not a drawback to display your musical prowess as often as possible as good vocals and good music are a superb combination.


Definetley a diffrent feel to the music nice job all and all. Only thing i would say is work a little on the vocals. Maybe some different reverb and effects. Maybe a few adlibs in the coures to. Just think it could sound a little more ear catching just my 2 cents. All and all not bad like I said before keep doing your thing. Much love

its okay

its good i like the message the track is nice and you fit the track nice choppy flow but it flow well with track its a not to dark so I don't think you wasted potential but the ability to grow and keep growing
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