Pixy Muse / Clothed In White / I Let Her Go

you have to work on it

the first thing that I point out to you that it is very difficult to review your music because the recording does not fully make what you did. on the piece I can tell you that at the level of structure it would also be a good thing but your voice and the musical part are two distinct parts and this means that yours is not at all pleasant. if I can allow you to give you some advice I tell you to get some good daw type logic pro, then record the tracks and mix them and finally put some more variation.

Unique voice with unique music

This is not the usual style of music i listen to but it did capture my ears. I very much enjoyed the intersecting melodies of the voice and the instruments. Its refreshing to hear musicians who break away from norms to create their own sound. well done!

Cavalier Review

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Love It, Unique and Catchy

Great jam, she downloads an experience on a first-person intimacy level. I liked the talking heads like essence that she adds. I keep listening to the song and enjoy the way the chorus compliments the verse. I recommend to people who like "real" artists

Hi Pixy Muse My Review!

Hi here is my review first of all I think this a fun song to listen to and the lead vocals okay as well however it seems to me the audio was slightly off meaning the levels between the lead vocal and the music the voice sounded louder then the music which is a small fix in your studio other then this the song could be a very nice tune depending on the marketing of your song and promotions keep up the good work you are almost there from J.Milligan/President/CEO New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Good solo effort

I hear where you are going with the melody and the chord progression, Do not be afraid to turn your voice up and perhaps double your vocal track and add a harmony it will add a lot more context and power keep it up.

A warm sound

I like the uniqueness of this style. It has kind of a pop-rock feel but with a brassy synth. The cymbals sound good. I like that the lyrics tell a story. The vocals are a bit variable in terms of volume, so I'd recommend adding a limiter to reduce that, then setting the volume. Most other aspects are pretty well balanced, but as a personal preference I would lower the sound of the synths a bit. A good sound overall!

Pixy Muse I Let her go

Hi Pixy. Great stuff. Great that you do all the instruments and vocal. If you pan the drums on a different side to the keys it will make the music feel more around you and make your vocal more one with the music. It is just a tip that I have learnt. From one singer songwriter to another it makes a difference as I do my own recordings also and instruments on a lot of tracks that I have on N1M. You have a nice voice and I look forward to hearing more of your work. Thanks for your music. Helen Pallis

Joy for Joy's Sake

Pixy Muse have taken a stab at happy feel good music, although it's not my style, sometimes I appreciate the thought that goes behind the song. I Let Her Go will help develop their talent and when the penny drops they will go ah! Give it a whirl and see what you think


Your music is deffenentlly one of a kind and in its own lane. So having saying that keep up the excellent work . dont ever give up on your craft . feel to send me more of your catalog to reveiw. ,,DJLpeezy

I Let Her Go

I really like the song. As far as a critique, I must be honest. I would suggest a bit more on production. The instrumental is on loop, but I could really hear more in the music to match your voice than what is displayed in this song. More chord progressions to match the different range inflections because your voice is beautiful and soft and the accompanying music should warrant that as well. In the recording of the song, understand you mixing strategy to gain a clearer and more sonic sound. We want to hear the words clearly. I like the lyrics, but I had a bit of a time understanding some of the words due to lack of vocal clarity. I'd strongly suggest focusing on the post production a bit more, especially if this is a home recording. Overall good job on the song, and I hope that you continue to focus on your art. It is indeed very special.


Nice beat. Interesting intro with the synths. For constructive criticism, the frequency range of your voice and the synth sort of compete for attention. Maybe some kind of EQ could separate the frequencies and give the vocals the attention they deserve. I think they call it making the vocals "pop" in the industry. Besides that the song is good, perhaps a bit repetitive. It'd be good to have a nice break with different music. The drum and vocal break is effective and highlight your vocals nicely. I like the guitar at the end. It might be nice to have more of it prominent in the song. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like you enjoy making this! Its pretty impressive that you add all instruments, practice makes perfect! My constructive criticism is that there is a little too much going on instrument wise, which hides your vocals. Your blending of the instrument choice needs work, but I think you're on good route. The vocals are awesome, soften them up a little more. I would recommend going easy on the drums next time. They can overwhelm your whole song. Keep it up!
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