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Great song!

This is a song that you need to hear. It is a calm after the storm type of song that I love. If you haven't heard this, you need to. Its that funky feeling that will bring you to your knees. I love it!!

Calm After the Storm

More of a rock song would hear on current rock stations. I don't hear blues or folk in it which it is categorized under. Good production, had a good sound the vocals and band. Debra Hope Miller


It is a song with atmosphere. vocalist s voice is nice there is sense of pressure...there was an unexpected guitar solo as if i had processed the acoustic but i thought if there was a one punch there was a better song i wanted a stronger impact. good enjoy good luck

need to add more

The song has a good feel but needs to have a change or bridge added to it to make it a little more interesting. But the recording is good the vocals are nice and the lyrics are good just spice it up with a change. But I do like it.

Song review

The sound of this song is very modern. the effects of this song arevery good. A great study be, but yet it flows over hills and valleys. The skies can be black and blue and this song would satisfy you. The sound quality is great on this song. The recording was very well done. The vocals are clear and precise. It’s interesting to note the song comes to us from Germany if for some reason,now I’m thinking. I am thinking of a beer, having a beer watching this band listening to one of their songs. I think it’s a good song I think you should listen to it. Maybe I’m not seeing enough good things about the song. But I like the song I think it’s a pretty good song. I listen to the whole song.I think you should listen to the whole song too and maybe even write a review maybe yours will be better than mine.. Keep on rocking Pirate of the heart.

not bad

the moment I started listening to your piece calm after storm a thought immediately flashed in my brain, which then became a sort of fixed idea: there's something wrong with your piece ... it's not the piece itself which is very cute and catchy, but something at the recording level that is present throughout the piece, maybe a delay, maybe an echo. I could not tell you. what can I tell you that on this background noise you should work because as I told you the piece is very nice

Title intrigue

Good beat and I can here the words,and like them. Too,good song that rocks,good harmonies,got some good hooks and lyrics,great words,here comes the calm,maybe a good name for a band the calm,I might use it,decent lead,retro,I like the words of this tune good arrangements and harmonies,yeah I give this thumbs up keep writing tunes like this,better than most on here,I thought the weakest point if any was the solo,everything else top notch,need something in the middle to take it up ,but overall great.


Jump-start intro into flowing and warm pool of romantic and sensual lyrics that moves you upward into a tasteful guitar lead...the beat feels like early Sting and pop-rock slow dancing...would make a great background piece in a film depicting someone driving the streets at night in search of lost love... very good vocals and the under produced tech makes it all believable and real... a great piece for a signature song. well done!! Papa Angelo gives this a 3.6 out of 5... I'd pass this on to listeners.

Pirate of the heart

Good even flow of music, voice and back up blended in nice with flow of music I had trouble hearing all the words but over all a nice song. Drums and tempo lead to a nice listening and dancing beat, I would recommend it worth your time taking a listen, would have liked a like more blues licks thrown in, but it was nice! Lester D.

name change of clam after the storm

great song., Love it when I can hear the lyrics without too much work on my part., Could easily be longer (perhaps a refrain in the middle somewhere), but the major deal.., to change to Calm BEFORE the storm., which is the well known phrase.., anything else would just sound off and go against the traditional saying.., and people defend tradition :) Keep it real., sending respect :)

Calm after the Storm Pirate of the Heart

This song to my ears sounds more like Grunge Rock trending Pop than Blues. That being said, it has catchy lyrics that could stand to be bumped up a bit and forward in the mix for effect. Nice guitar solo, and solid rhythm behind it all throughout from the other guitar with the incessant beat driving the song all the way . I enjoy hearing how musicians in other countries play and add their ideas to American music genres. Keep Rockin' Pirate of the Heart.. Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass

80's sound

It remind me of the time when I was a kid. It's clean, pure, and neat. Riding on a smooth road with grassy plains on both sides. Meditating about how good life is and and how much better it is to become. Keep up the vibe.

Pirate of the heart

I love this song and the vocals are top notch .It has a great beat and flow and message . The only suggestion I have for this song is that , as an old Bass / lead guitar player , I would add a strong Bass line all the way through and I believe the vocals would really " pop " . Good luck with it , Cliff

Noisy muck.

There was a day when music was made by musicians playing instruments and the words of songs had a relationship with it. Whoever thought this irritating, unmelodic, ridiculous racket would appeal to normal people needs help in the mental department. The words sound as if they should be accompanied by a guitar or piano rather than a computerised noise machine. Still, it takes all sorts and who knows if a demented loony, stuffed full of drugs up to the eyeballs, might grasp this sad attempt of blues to his/her bosom in desperation and hope.

Top Notch Piece

I have been abroad, studying every language of every culture, trying to search for words that can possibly give this piece the credit it was due, and at length I found that there are no words in any human language that can possibly express its magnificence. Even this review undermines the actual quality of the song so much that it saddens me to the point of despair, and the only thing that keeps me going are those cleverly placed dominant seventh chord inversions with the median tone in the root , that decorate this song through and throughout.
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