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Your song is full of beautiful passages.

Hi Peter, I hope you are well. your song has very sweet sections, and the sound of the guitars is excellent as well as the execution. the recording is quite good, however with a little more instrumentation the feeling would be even greater, anyway I congratulate you and Thank you for your music. Peace and blessings. Viva la musica !

Review electric one

Overall it's not a bad composition. I would say it's more of an exploration of the players ability to play them it is a song at least in the tradition of how most songs are heard today. The recording could be improved with better Mic placement and a compressor might help even out the uneven recording level of the guitar.

pete hawks

Ambient and very relaxing sound.It has direction and depth.Kept my interest which is rare.It sounds as though it is spontaneous in thought with a positive mood.Easy listening is a good description.Good luck and thank you,Buzz

Sweet Sounds

I really like the song I love easy relaxing music the guitar sounds good this is a very creative and unique song keep on making great music and I would like to hear more of your music hope this been helpful have a blessed day and may God bless you in all that you go to do.


Nice music great guitar work, I would really have liked to hear a vocal on this or perhaps some string section adding a slight melody line in the background, besides that it is very nice.

Simply Beautiful!

Sitting on my deck in Middle TN, USA, drinking my coffee, the sun rising, the sounds of nature, and Pete Hawkes Electric 1seventhheaven playing on my laptop. A beautiful moment in my life for sure! Thanks Pete and much peace to you!

Pete Hawkes

Love his guitar style a mix of fifties Johnny Farina and a Hawaiian slack key. very soothing and calming. the song will appeal to most listeners from the fifties and sixties era. Looking forward to hearing more.

Peaceful Song

It sounds like he just played around an idea. It has no real beat, no real time measure, what i like. Its just good and very tasteful guitar playing, which is enjoyable to listen to. Very calming! The song could be cutted more properly, the song needs some moments to actually starting.

Seventh Heaven

Great guitar instrumental leads the listener into a kind of restful Blues vibe. This is a bit like The Eagles in their intro to Take It Easy. I don't find it easy to follow, but it does have soulful chords that really resonate with the human spirit. I found it uplifting and strengthening in a unqualified way. I hope you will keep going forward with it. I find it resonates with me at present. Very thought provoking. I would like to hear words put to the chords.

atmosphere music

in my opinion is a music that create a nice atmosphere and I imagine people can enjoy this track reading a good book by the fireplace or much better in a romantic situation.. I noticed that there is to much space between the end of the music and the end of the track. I hope you understand my English. bye

Soulful twang

Melbourne's Pete Hawkes has created a lovely guitar soundscape with Electric 1seventhheaven. I can imagine this music being an outstanding soundtrack to a film or a relaxing background to a quiet day at home.


Let me start by saying first and foremost, you are a very talented musician ! You have woven many intricate pieces into a very complex melody that tends to draw focus away from the talent you have and demonstrate.Have you thought about maybe returning to a more traditional song structure ? A good opening intro,followed by a rhythm that repeats,to a chorus piece,switching keys,(which you do very fluidly!)then lead the listener back to a familiar catchy piece you have previously played,I find the repeated phrasing is what seems to draw the attention.I'm not a professional but I try to be professional,keep playing and enjoy what you create!!!
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