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Hello from Jerzy

I like the Lyric...but all production is not the best.. The Drums are to "static"...did You use computer or life my opinion that You MUST RE RECORD THE SONG.. and make a new arrangement to make .it better.. as now it is NOT a Country song..well try to play it at concerts see what The People will not ready to pitch it to Publishers or AM, FM Radios..Good Luck with It...

I love my Truck is a hit!

Nicely done, Nice way to blend that old western sound with a modern flavor. Recording sounds great! I could hear this on the radio today! As an songwriter and producer I would love to hear some good female back up singers on the chorus it would just sweeten it up just a tinge. Add some great lead guitar towards the end. If you ever want to collaborate(co write) let me know! Great Job my friend! Keep the great music flowing! Juke Johnson

I Love My Truck "Single"

Hey Paul. Just listened to your single, really enjoyed the tune, it's got a really great beat, and your vocals are impressive. The backup vocals are right on, but what happened to the whole song? I was only able to listen to what I think was perhaps half of the song, and then it just dropped off. I'm going to look you up on N1M, and hopefully I can hear the rest of the song. At any rate, I wish you the very best in your endeavours, I think you really have what it takes. Cheers

Great song

In opposition to a previous review... I love the drums. Reminds me of "Tornado" by Lady Antebellum. Is it country..hell yes. Is it modern..hell yes. Does it evoke emotion...hell yeah! Just my thought for the day.

Olor a carretera

Ruge la canción desde su comienzo como si de un canto a una road movie, como si te llevara por carreteras oxidadas de olvidos. Los arreglos de los instrumentos son contundentes, acompañan muy bien a toda la melodía y creo consiguen transmitir ese olor a camión, a vida de carretera. La voz le añade un tono aún más austero y energético. Todo el tema se construye a modo de ritmo constante.


I Love My Truck "Single" review. this song is a strictly country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in country style as I said everything recalls the country genre . personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


An incredible forceful theme with a powerful rhythmic base is a great and spectacular guitar very well touched on a topic that is worth listening to motivates and that it transports you up to 1 V. The author liked this song well, the correct voice worked as penetrated and the bass and the battery form a very well defined base and above all very well structured the song has made me short makes you enjoy makes you feel it is a good song and especially a good songwriter I insist to me the country is not it One of my favorite styles but in this case, yes I am

Review of my truck

Good upbeat tune with drum beating out the rhythm as the guitar and fiddle blends in and creates a perfect base. For the vocals. The harmony of the singer do a great job of story telling and I would recommend you take a listen to a cowboy telling a story about his truck and how much he likes it. It settles down to a very nice tune,grab you a beer and enjoy this tune,

Love truck song

I really like this truck song it’s real cool . I like the beat of the music it has a good feel to the song . I will start playing this song now . I love songs about trucks and vehicles . Th way it bounces along into a great beat in the song. The lyrics are great . And I could see myself singing this song aswell . I wondered if you’d let me song your song on stage ! Where do I get the full song please ?


The brooding guitar intro sets the tone and the groove gets you going. Dark and insistent with a touch of rap and hip hop. The lyric is straight ahead and describes the singer and his life and relationship with his truck. The bridge tells a little more about why he likes his truck. I might've added "because the chicks dig it" or something to the effect that women love it as that gives a stronger connection to the listener. In a lyric, everything must lead you back to the title. In this case, "why?" Good job!

Love it

Absolutely loves it,I am imagining the truck right in front of me, reminds me of someone, can really relate to this song, great lyrics great singer. Awesome as, inviting, you are brilliant

I Love My Truck

Hi Paul. As I was listening to the intro, I thought I was being treated to the sound score of an epic movie like Ben Hur; not a song about a truck that you are wanting to brag about. The music was great, but for what it's worth, I don't think it fits with the story that is presented by your words. Personally, I would like to hear some kind of music that would make me picture a dusty country road. I hope that this is not insulting, and that it helps. :)

Cool Idea

Hi Paul, this is an interesting approach. You build up a nice tension staying with the same beat and harmonies all through the song and it works somehow. The lyric however is a bit too simple. I'm sure you will find some truck drivers who will really love this song, but I wonder if this is enough to get a cut or make it hit. For me, and I guess I'm not the only one, the lyric is just a list of Country cliches we have heard to often and I'm afraid that is not enough for todays competitive market.


What a great track! Love the sound!!!! Definitely a ford guy here lol Totally took me straight to the back roads Listening to this song. Anyone on Number one Music eading this take a listen you won't be disappointed Keep it up Paul

Talking Truck

First of all I love the intro, it sets the stage for the ride in a pick-up truck. The guitar opens the song seems a little erie. But, that's OK . Everyone loves to ride in a truck it gets the job done whether 4 wheelin , hauling,,or just cruising laying in the truck bed counting stars or looking at the scenery. The instruments all seem to be inline good vocal harmonies really make this song stand out. Nice job Paul. Songedge
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