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Pretty cool for a sampler

Considering is a snippet and you said it's your first attempt at a slow jam i think it's damn good! Kinda sounds like a mashup of 112 and Pretty Ricky. I'm diggin it. I suggest throwing a few bars in there and make your hook simple and something easy to sing along with. Chicks love that sh*t lol. Keep it up! Best of luck!

Lay You Up Snippet

Smooth vibe ala old skool r n b with new sound beat that works. Vocals, song style with a soulful, sultry feel. To short of a song that leaves you wanting more. Two min's longer and I would have gave it 5 star :)

Laying it down ?

thought the synth was a bit high and smothered your words a little at the beginning. from Here alone, The vocals are good and the harmonies work well nicely balanced, and when a few more come in you finish the song i liked that, as for the lyrics that's your bag and I suppose you will have an audience for it, I think also the neat thing is its short and you said all you needed to say. Good material for a Movie.

R&B Soul

Love this little clip.Good accapella good beat. I would recommend this song to all the lover's out there. Definitely keep up the good work. Never stop what's true. Good music always. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Lay You Down

Arrangement: Simple and direct. Just an easy laid back rhythm, accoustical backup, and ambience. Simple is better. Lyrics: Good lyrics. Smooth and very singable, no awkward consonnants, syllables or verbs. well done! Vocals: This singer know how to deliver a message without any over embelishments; no over dubbing on the vocals, rather a back track or two of equally pleasing to hear harmonies and counter melodies. well done! Mix: I like the mix on all the tracks, each one blending into the total package of sound. No harshness in the spatial ambience; each track holds it's own focus and tembre. Nothing is over produced, or cluttered. Well done! I look forward to hearing more from this artist. Donivan.

Excellent pop and hip-hop mixture

Great song that make me curious. This short but impressive track characterize smooth effects from modular syntheziser generated sounds creating a great space. The song is not overly complex, but the up-tempo beat of the steady bass-line have drum & bass character what creates an exciting atmosphere. The brilliant accentuated sounds are an extra factor as a mixture of hip-hop and pop music. The lyrics are impressive and making the meaning about Tranquil as singer and songwriter in hip-hop genre engaging for me. He has a dynamic voice and a distinctive vocal projection. I like the monotony of the track and the song is definitely professional although of sparse instrumentation. Ambitious arrangement from Zyco Path very cool mixed and overall perfect mastered in sensation of music with heart and soul. I´m sure, that this song will be played in a few club-scenes, soon. I can´t stop listen this track and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


I love the lyrics. Love the track and like your tone. The flow of the lyrics could be a little smoother. I think I heard another one of your songs on here, it was really nice as well. Your structures are very nice. Awesome work!


Una canción muy corta, está bien, pero como principio de una canción. Creo que debería continuar y empezar de nuevo con más fuerza, cuando sube la intensidad de la voz, baja la de la música. Me parece una buena canción pero incompleta. A very short song, it's fine, but as the beginning of a song. I think I should continue and start again with more force, when the intensity of the voice rises, the music decreases. I think it's a good song but incomplete.

Good but we need the rest !

Good intro..I mean, there is no intro but the atmosphere is good and the vocals immediately come to the point, so it grabs the attention at once. The intewoven backing vocals also sound good. Now this being said, why have a snippet only, why can't this turn into a very tasteful number, with more of that ; plus, of course an instrumental somewhere, a catchy chorus, anything to support the work already done. You are on the verge of writing a proper song, so don't wait : back to the drawing board, to add those musical ideas everybody is waiting for : I am sure you have recorded the beginning of a compelling tune -just finish it off please, it deserves it ! Phil, France.
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