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Paradoxz here is y review!

Paradoxz here is my is my review first of all its good to hear a positive rap song keep up the great work this is really nice song and worth listening to most of all this song has a message and a good one for this on a scale 1-10 here is my 10 I hope what I have said in this review will be of some help to you from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group.


Just to start this off, I don't listen to much rap. Usually when I listen to "Underground rap" it's always about weed and women, and VERY RARELY do you get to not only hear someone sing, but sing well!!! Great melodies, GREAT VOCALS, GREAT LYRICS, and over all, GREAT SONG!! Keep on doing this thing right here! Would love to hear more like it!

professional work

My personal impression is positive, even if this kind of musical realization of thoughts and content is not my taste. Sure, not too cluttered and well tuned ... This song can absolutely compete with the big songs of the stars. Keep it up, all the best and much success !!!!


Música que aunque no sea de mi estilo, me parece interpretada con muy buen gusto, sin los abusos que suelen usar algunos en este tipo de música. Buenas melodías, voz penetrante cuando está recitando. En definitiva me parece una buena canción y muy bien interpretada y con mucha elegancia y gusto. Music that although not of my style, seems to me interpreted with very good taste, without the abuses that usually use some in this type of music. Good melodies, piercing voice when reciting. In short I think a good song and very well interpreted and with great elegance and taste.


Hey Fam, I really appreciated the depth which you took your thought patterns to. I to am a song writer and that makes me a lot more focused on the theme the writer is attempting to relay. You did a great job at this one Fella!..Keep up the goodness, and by the way,.. your vocals are type "Nice"..Good Job.


The moment I started playing your track I immediately felt connected to the music. There is a realness that simplifies it for me the listener and though may not listen plenty Hip Hop I could tell this is timeless music.


This guy shows how perseverance pays off. It is quite obvious that he is a "rhymer" turned songwriter and taking his craft seriously. It would behoove us to pay close attention to his upward progress, for it will happen absolutely.


I live this song broken halo so much. Your tapping and singing very talented.... your voice made me not want to turn it off. You spoke to me right through your words I actually feel every word you say cause I feel like this everyday. Your a true talent. Keep it up and share with the world and especially me, cause I'm a true fan. I can hear this on the radio. Your voice is like eminem mixed with Mark Anthony just voice is a angel


A song everyone can relate to. The rapping is on point i like your voice. The chorus is simple and sweet but i felt like it wouldve sounded better with a female vocalist. Great lyrics though. Hits you right in the feels. Good job.


Paradoxz nous offre ici une superbe chanson dans un genre rap lyrique, du bon flow, et des mélodies qui se retiennent. Une bonne production, bref tout me semble réuni ici pour faire ce qui s'appelle un hit. Bonne chance

pretty well done song

i like the verses, chorus, good feel for the lyrics. it all adds up pretty well. the instrumental hook isn't really there but it does stay consistent and you keep the feel going through the entire song. all in all the only thing i would say is speed it up just a bit. the verses seemed a little slow so if you raise the tempo, it might sound pretty cool. if you add a little piano melody it would really let the song shine. but like i said, i liked it. good song, good lyrics, good melody, good rap. hope this helps, keep up the good work

Broken Halo

This is a fresh, clean song that sounds strangely familiar. This is because it's production is that good and the quality of lyrics and musicianship is first class. The beautiful piano is the back bone and the off beat drums give the modern flavour. The vocal delivery and layers of harmonies are delicious and enhance the quality. There are ups and downs in life and Broken Halo is an anthem track that can help us all when we are down. Great song ! Peter Newton

Solid rhymes, smooth hook

Really nice mix of verse/chorus here, these guys do a good job of transitioning from a solid flow into what becomes a very catchy hook that stays with you. Appreciate their effort here and looking forward to the album.

Peak your ears and listen!

Sometimes it´s nice to start with a conclusion. Hip Hop isn´t natural instrumental based music, but this varied arrangemend from Zyco Path, who wrote the lyrics together with Tranquil is somthing special. The up-tempo beat of the drum-machine and the excellent played piano is an extra factor making the song rich and engaging for me. Wonderful accentuated strings and keyboard-sounds creating a great space in the backround. The two musicians performing with unique vocals making this wonderful composition complete. In addition a great chorus with an deep feeling of melody which keeps the meaning. But why do I tell this? This song has definitely a important message. This music is more creative than some others. A really impressive arrangemend from very talented musicians. When I listened to this song for the first time, I heard a sensation of music perceived in the heart and soul. I´m sure, you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Nice and sweet.

Paradoxz start with an average rap, way too formal : four chords and simple rapping on top. But after a while, you realize it's more original than that : the chorus is a a multi-voice, catchy little tune, followed by a super nice second verse, and the 'halo' is there, surrounding the vocals. The rapping comes back, but the strong points in that song are definitely the choruses, the beautiful harmonies and the soft, catchy melodies. I usually don't like rap, but this number is an exception, a nice surprise.
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