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Daily Promo Alerts

N1M automatically delivers up to 700 Daily promo alerts that are targeted to your content or audience. We make your N1M account competitive and don't let you drown within Hundreds of thousands of others. In other words, we promote and market your music on a daily basis. Since 2003 over 10,000 Artists and Bands enjoy N1M E-newsletter service as Full members.

Your Own Page/Mini-site

We offer bands their own mini-site within numberonemusic.com [N1M] which is a powerful and useful tool of promotion for their music. No matter how much talent you have, you won't get anywhere unless you promote your music. With your own exclusive mini site, you'll be joining a host of other bands already with NumberOneMusic.com and get our powerful promo services. You'll be able to list everything about yourself, from contact numbers, style of music to a history of your band to date, photos and upload your songs. These details will then be distributed to listeners groups within your genre on NumberOneMusic.com.

MP3 Storage

You can load up to 30 songs for everyone to play and listen to. Artists can upload songs in the standard mp3 format only. Each song must be less than 20mb in size and we recommend that all songs uploaded have a bitrate of 128-192 kbps and a frequency of 44100 kHz Stereo. Also You Can Sync Your Reverbnation  Music on NumberOneMusic with just one click!

Photos in profile

You are allowed to create a gallery of 30 photos in your profile and upload all pics required for profile's homepage and album. Your images should be resized to the following dimensions:

  • Artist image in Profile box: 184x185 pixels
  • Album images: 48x48 pixels
  • Save your images in either .jpg or .gif format before uploading

Free Promotions within community / Monthly E-newsletter

Targeted e-newsletter service which helps you to fuel your constant exposure by using our HUGE database of subscribers.

You may forward your monthly e-news to up to 5000 music fans of appropriate genre to help you gain an additional exposure within N1M community. You'll be able to submit the necessary content directly from your control panel which is very easy to navigate. No One is going to visit your Fan page, download or listen to your songs if your potential fans don't even know that you exist. Our goal is to make 'potential' fans into committed fans. You can gain guaranteed visits from your fanbase but in the music industry, proper exposure is the key to a successful career.

Mailing List Manager

The Mailing List Manager enables your band to stay in touch with your fanbase and know what cities they live in through special mapping software. This program allows you to easily send emails which include your music, tourdates, and any additional information you would like to provide.

Different "Profile Skins"

We have designed three themes for your profile. You can choose any “skin” which you think is the most appropriate for your genre. This option is available only for artists with full membership.

E-TEAM Support

N1M has been creating digital teams for years, communicating directly with existing audiences, and encouraging them to create a buzz. Our highly trained team leaders motivate, listen, and teach today's youth to post on boards and blogs, virally send special offers, and post music reviews across the web.

Listing on Charts

To generate even more interest, excitement and debate, we have developed the NumberOneMusic charts. Positions are based on the number of times a band's song is played from their mini-site.

MySpace Promo Agent

MySpace is not dead yet. We still provide this service. Direct requests to connect with you on myspace.

Facebook Promo Agent

Now you no longer have to spend many hours to promote your music on the internet. All YOU have to do is to focus on your music and our E-TEAM will take care of the rest! Our 'Word Of Mouth' method implies direct motivation of potential fans of your music genre by our e-team that will roll up the sleeves and encourage people to LIKE your Facebook Fan page, listen to your music and Share...Share...Share... Increase your Social media presence quickly.

Your Own Merchandise Shop

It is very important for your release to be available for fans to buy or download it. We do not sell directly from our website, but you may want to use this feature to paste a link within our website to advertise your own merchandise. There are a lot of retailers to sell your music online but if you don't have an account or don't even know how to setup one, please do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation.

Profile Management

When you register as a NumberOneMusic.com member, you'll receive a username and password, enabling you to login to your website area and edit it as often as you like. You'll be able to add news, upload or delete your songs, edit your bio, shows, and contact information. Our Control Panel is designed to be very user friendly for a newbie.

Info on Page View & Song Stats

Within your profile you can see how many times your profile has been viewed, how many times a particular song has been played or downloaded. This kind of information is very useful to control your exposure.

Mailing List Sign Up

Users can also become a member of your mailing list or street team what will give you an opportunity to interact with your fans directly. All subscribers will be automatically forwarded to your email address and stored in mailing list database within your profile.


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