O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / I've been looking for love (2018 - 1st Album - Dead or Alive)

really good song!

your vocals sound really good and I really like the transitions. you could've done something on the last hook to make it stand out from the rest. I was looking for you to really bring it home, but overall it was a really good song. good job!

Classical rock

A really nice song ???? well written and well put together great lyrics thank you for sharing your music with me and otherscontinue to make real music keep me posted on any new song you may have coming out and send me a link so I can download your music once again I really like it song I love the lyrics saying really well hope you have a wonderful day enjoy your upcoming when you can and God bless you and all that you go to create and Duke stay creative and stay on your grind you going to the next level

Very good song.

Hi, I congratulate you on your song, it's good. I like the sound of the acustic guitar and the mix of all the instruments. Good lyrics and great voice with feeling. My congratulations. Greetings.

Very Interesting

I hear so many influences coming through in this song. This is a good thing. Really love how we as artist are doing our music, and others come through in our style or sound. Very well recorded, written and performed. All instruments heard very well. Very good, strong vocals. Interesting overall sound. Keep up the great work! Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"


Looking for love is a dream of all dreams. This is very well done. Sung by an strong but smooth vocalist. You are the reason why I still look at n1m artist. Every now and then you find a gem. Thanks Magic

He estado buscando amor!

Buenas noches desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros! He estado escuchando vuestra canción y aunque no es mi estilo he de reconocer buenas maneras en ella, me gusta la percusión y las líneas vocales cuando cambian de tono, es un rasgo común al Rock Progresivo, que es el estilo musical que me gusta a mi, y aprecio esas cosas. La guitarra acústica también tiene un buen sabor de boca cuando a aba el tema y la coz es muy expresiva. Enhorabuena por el tema compañeros!!!

Another Great Song From Onyx

I really like Onyx and here is a completely different song with a lot of heart. Brilliantly produced with many subtle tweaks that really give an original edge to what is close to an acoustic song!! Keep up the great work!!


First off, the sound quality and "mix" of this song is as usual is incredible! The beginning string work (and throughout), works very well with the mood of the song- As much as I find the song very "catchy" to the ear, I had to take a few 'points' off simply because I feel lyrically you have a great song, but, the end vocals seem too repetitive, (no disrespect intended!), You have a well written verse structure, and the "chorus" works great, but vocally, I feel you could finish it a little 'stronger' or with more words added, even unstructured - then I had to add points again, because of the great string ending! All in All , a great song- which I expect from You now whenever I listen to your tunes! Another really great O-NYX song! Respectfully Dave MacDonald CHRONIC PAIN
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