O-NYX / You can't get away from me / Rock is the right way to strike (2014 - LP : You can't get away from me)

Give Me A Reason

A Great Start, (Rhythmatically)...Good Group Vocals , Seasoned Lead Vocalist ..ieRock Is The Right Way. Background Vocals Top Notch...This Song Has Great Lyrics, & The Right Band For The Job. I Would Not Hesitate to Put My Brand Alongside This Work...

A Powerful Rock

A great traditional rock song beginning with a great bass riff. Then some great guitar playing and powerful vocals. Energy of a 1970's band with a bang uop to date sound! Onyx is truly powerful rock!

Refreshing rock!

Refreshing good old rock and roll. I love new music that i can rock to. thank you O-NYX!!! Good luck in the wonderfull world of music guys. Will be listning and I know ill be rock'n to your tunes for a good time to come.

o-nyx rocks nice beat

sound and beat sweet, easy to listen to, language is to die for , way to go on writing words .. like way band released the song , kept it from 'R' rated , now you have all Gathering of ages, way to go on release of a great song

Take it to the masses

I love the tune! Maybe shorten the intro or start with that awesome chorus! Scorpions, UFO, Michael Schenker and an original sound all mixed together. I think it would make an awesome theme song for someone

Review of "Rock is the Right way to Strike"

First of all, I am a fan of this particular band already. This song is very musically tight, the recording and mixing is top-notch! So from a "musical" point of view, this song rates high! The vocals are good, and the lyrics of the song seem to be the start of a "rock anthem" ideology, but I find (other than the harmonies), the vocals could have pushed this particular song further at it's "CHORUS" points especially. This is not a let-down in any way, as said, a good song....but I feel it lacks the power to push it to the "ROCK ANTHEM" it may have been. Respectfully Dave/CHRONIC PAIN

O-NYX "Rock is the right way to strike"

Upon my very first listen to the song "Rock is the right way to strike" by French rock band O-NYX, I find myself reminded of some of the finer 80's rock/classic rock bands of the era. Not to say that O-NYK has a sound that is entirely derivative, quite the opposite actually. Their influences are apparent, but they do them justice and have a sound that is all their own. Special mention for the excellent writing, performance and production!

Rock is the right way to strike

Arrangement: Very nice. I like the way the bass guitar starts out the tune with just a steady one note tempo. Suddenly your thrust into the next segment of driving rock and roll action! Then a small break with only drums and bass before the vocals come in to play. Steady and strong, clear and concise. Well done! Lyrics: Good play on the straight and forward approach to simple but direct lyrical content. vocals: clear and easy to listen to. Lead vocals are clearly defined, with back up vocal/harmony adding just the right touch of added pursuasion. Well done! Mix: All tracks are crisp and clear. Well balanced between the others and each lending the right amout of timing and flavor. again, well done! I look forward to hearing more from this band. Cheers! Donivan.

O-Nyx Rocks

Nice intro, it grooves! Was very long one, almost thought this is instrumental. When song starts it really rocks. I have heard this band before and liked it. This is the same. Their rock style is traditional which is nice today... Sound is good intensity and power of the song lies in quality. Vocals, instruments are mixed well and song itself is the kind you like to hear again! Nice classic rock piece again from France! Well done.

I Like

Yes, this song is classic Rock, and I like it. Good sound that captures your attention immediately. Very Catchy. I can hear all the instruments well, so it has a good mix. Sounds like a great party song at a big show. I think you are on to something good. This song has a good sound, that hooks you in quickly. Keep doing good things. Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)

Rock this way is the shit

On my rock and roll shit I like what you're doing with the music keep it up it's a good motivation for people who love music and there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm put forth the pulse of the heart thrive on it

Rock & Roll is here to stay.

O-NYX gave us a fine dose of honest and good rock in their tracks. "Rock is the right way to strike" is not an excepcion to that (has an amazing intro wich catches you from the first beat) This guys know what rock is about and they use that knowledge to create fresh and arrogant music. All my respect.

Slow burner

I like the way this song takes constituent parts at the beginning to build into a wall of sound. The crunchy guitar riff in the verse is very catchy and leads to a nice melodic chorus. Production values are very good, nice separation in The headphones. Like the stand alone bass line in the verse too, when coupled with the guitar makes for a very good efffect. In all this is a very solid song and can well imagine this being an opening tune on a long player.

Good Tune

This song is pretty cool, took a little while to get going but overall a good build up. The bass line is pretty catchy over the verses. I particularly like the main chorus vocal line. I've heard a few of O-NYX's tunes now and they're an easy listenable rock outfit with some very original music which is refreshing. This tune easily meets the standards they themselves have set and if anything is a contender for a "single". The outro is great incidentally.

Keep it comin!!!

Love your Music!!...i enjoy what you and your group have been producing....You have a fresh twist to this business which is not often seen..Please keep up the great work...Thank You for being an Original!!
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