O-NYX / Acoustic 2017 / Wall of pain (acoustic 2017)

Beautifully Done

Love the intro to this song, even I couldn't follow it. The off beat to it is 'excellent' don't get me wrong. I loved it! The Bass line around it is spot on with the slides to the octaves makes it 'pop' even more. Well done on the Bass player. Lot's of things going on inside of it also with the acoustic guitar rounding it up to make it a very beautiful sounding song. I was waiting to see what the bridge was going to divert too, but I see you went back into the intro which was nice, but you know there's always a 'but', I really was expecting the acoustic to take a little ride of some kind and also at the end fading out. But, it worked out nicely, no complaints. A very well done song, my compliments to your Bass player for keeping it in the pocket. ~ gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Atmospheric acoustic rock

This tune is deeply atmospheric, harmony and melody draw and render perfect vibrations. It seems that you have some serious acoustic rock/metal skills as well and it is a great discovery ;) You clearly know how to engage your music by emotional means. Adding this odd rythmic structure to the verse greatly improve the instrumental content which is already blended with many diverse sensations and colors. Cheers from Limoges, France !

O-NYX -Wall Of Pain - Reviewed by Eja Slade.

Yes! This one does it for me. A masterfully executed, passionate offering from O-NYX, with beautiful guitar and cool, tuneful vocals. And nice percussion. The lyric says it all; "And you walk away...". Which of us has not been there, a love that's present, and then gone. There's some cool chorus pedal on the guitar, which gives a lovely 'spacious' feel to the song. And one great thing- O-NYX don't remind me of anybody else, it's a peerless performance. This reviewer would like to hear more, in particular, how the group manages 'uptempo' material. This one is flawless. Rock on!

Wall of Pain

O-NYX has done it again! A very well written song for your listening pleasure. Arrangement: I like this arrangement, with all tracks being equal in scope and musical style. An easy and laid back approach to a message of hope within the anguish of heart. Well done! Lyrics: These lyrics are nicely applied. The writer has a firm grasp upon what the emotional impact he is feeling and delivering. Vocals: Good vocals. Good harmony as well. They both blend well and neither overlaps unduly. Mix: The overall mix is crisp and clean. No hiss, no buzz, no blurring of tracks through mis applied ambienc or clever overdubbing; Each track stands alone on it's own merits, yet blends well with the other tracks in a cohesive environment of musical tapestry. Well done! Keep up the good work! cheers! Donivan

O-NYX has a hit with Wall of Pain!

First off, love the acoustic guitar intro. It sounds awesome when the bass and drums come in. The vocals are also very good. Really nice melody as well. The chorus section "Another Dance - Have a Chance" would sound more dynamic with some back up harmony vocals. The harmony in the "Believe in your Self" part is good. Maybe something like that could be in the "Another Dance" section. Over all, the song is well mixed - every part can be heard and nothing over powering. I like the two guitar parts and the bass part with the short staccato notes. Drums are outstanding. It is just a well written song. I think this song is ready for prime time.

Another good one

Good song, playing, production as usual. I would nestle the vocal down into the mix a little to let the backing have smidge more prominence, but that's me, others would disagree I'm sure. I wouldn't have minded a short melodic guitar solo mybe over a bridge with a different backing than the verse and chorus music, just to change things up a bit. As I've said before the vocal talent is what sets you apart. Nothing against the band and their fine musicianship, but quality lead vocalists are rare as hen's teeth, and this is first rate singing as always.

Pleasantly Surprised

Wow, great stuff... I love the rhythm section... vocals are great and all around excellent song writing. I would defiantly check you out live... harmonies sound tight... good message... I dig it man! great!

Wall of Pain Review

Very cool and somber vibe, This song Sounds like breaking up with your significant other on a rainy day. Strong vocalist and great Lyrics. The musicianship is fantastic, O-NYX is hitting on all cylinders and really captured the melancholy emotion with "Wall of Pain" I give it 4 stars.

Great sound

This is a well recorded and produced song. O-NYX have done a great job with "Wall of pain". The acoustic guitar sound is fantastic and almost crystal like in it's timbre. The Bass and Drums on this track ensure the rhythm section provides a solid platform for the melody and contra-melody to skip over the top effortlessly. The vocals are also well recorded, sounding great and thought inspiring too....great work.

It's a beautiful ballad.

Wall of pain is a great and smooth rock song, all the parts play right in a dream ambience and the voice warm and velvet lead the listener on the poetical words of lyrics, giving relaxed winter sensactions.

1st class

This band, O-nyx, seems to always deliver great music. The song is interesting, the vocals are strong and the arrangement is distinct with Wall Of Pain. They understand the concepts of using contrast to keep the listener engaged. The guitars are transparent and melodic. Both the bass and the drums are not burdened by special effects, but rather honest and strong contributors to the arrangement, too. Thanks for yet another fine recording!

Wall of Pain

O-Nyx ,I love your song. It never stops surprising me how many feelings that can be expressed in music and poetry that are about building the spirit, the strength you need when it's all closing down on us. Great job, a love song. I've read your Bio, I'm not surprised at you getting lots of gigs either, from this side of the planet (Australia) it's sounds so exotic working across The top end of the Globe playing with some of my favorite bands. I wish you all the best with your music and maybe I'll get to see one of your gigs as well. keep in touch. sincerely Kate Mudmen

Great job!

Great recording. Each instrument is clear and discernible. I'm not a huge fan of drums being the widest instrument...in real life they're at the drummer and whatever bounces of the other surfaces, but here they're the overhead and/or ambient are the farthest left-right instruments. That, my friends, is nit-picking and the only issue I could make with the song. Great vocals; nice grit on the lead. Everything is in tune...such a rarity. Nice song, too...melody and lyrics. Put it out there, it's good. Fix the drum panning and I give it five stars.

Not my cup of tea

The production, mixing and mastering are on point but the vocals are a bit too "American Idol" for my liking...another thing I couldn't quite grasp was the message of believing in one's self...i stopped doing that long ago

Complex...but not TOO complex!

This track by O-NYX stands out from the crowd on N1M. The interplay on the guitars is very tasty, and the bass, while somewhat down in the mix, still jumps out as a lead instrument. The drums were slightly under-powered for the mix, but as an acoustic-style piece, Wall of Pain is a winner.
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