O-NYX / If you leave me now / Turn off the lights (2016 - LP : If you leave now)

Turn on the Lights!

Reviewing the talents incorporated within the band O-NYX is a great pleasure for me. Rarely do I find an original band that has this kind of strength in their song writing abilities. Fabien Laube has the right voice for this band. Not all vocalist are able to capture the passion and emotion of their music as he does. Fabien accompanied and supported by Xavier and Sebastian singing harmony draw the listener into the song. This band has energy, passion and a sense of urgency supported by strong guitars and bass playing. The lead guitarist is cutting his own trail exploring his unique playing style with each contribution. I have noticed considerable growth in his guitar playing delivering some great licks with confidence and passion. He may not realize it yet but creating subtle nuances within each song is a skill developed and very much needed for lead guitarist. I expect only good things to come from him. Lastly I want to bring attention once again to the strength O-NYX has creating melody and lyric. Supported by great harmony vocals O-NYX continues to cultivate their natural ability, creating genuine lyrical hooks delivered with passion and melody. So turn on the lights! Bring positive attention to this hard working band!!! The latest contribution "Turn off the lights" by O-NYX is music to my ears, it will be yours as well....

Turn off the lights... and turn up the volume!

O-NYX brings us Turn off the lights... and its time to crank up the volume! This group has a very reminiscent sound to Queensryche during their heyday between Empire and Hear and the now Frontier. While the singer may not fully emulate Geoff Tate's operatic level and range, his vocal power and strength is very prevalent. This song has a great deal of qualities of classic hold up a lighter and bob your head style of old school concert and album oriented rock and roll. From a listener standpoint... its a trip down memory lane... However, from a producers standpoint... there is in my not so humble opinion.. a bit too much compression in the mixing/mastering of this song... When I listen with headphones it is much more noticeable and unfortunately the drums are overpowering the compressor and it creates that muted pump sound... dynamically I feel this takes away from the overall quality of the song. 2/10th of a point is deducted for that and we will throw out the scores from the Russian and Chinese judges for averaging... :P All in all still a quality piece of work!

Turn Out The Lights kicks.

It is very good to hear an interesting heavy rock band that doesn’t constantly bombard you with quick passages of music that lack ‘feel’. With ‘Turn Off The Lights’, O-NYX proves that rock music can be heavy, tasteful and full of progressions with feeling. From the first few bars, it is easy to see that this band has skills that are to be respected. The lyrics are very good and the vocal delivery is nothing short of perfect for the textures being laid down. Turn Out The Lights is a track that will be hard to beat, it’s definitely a winner.

the rock is still alive

Nice rock, heavy bass, crunchy guitars well compressed and with a heavy specs for metal or hard rock kind of sound . Remembering a kind of modern take on a heavy metal, a travel time to nineties on giant leap to present days. Congratulations.

Deep Purple

Hey Guy's this is hit material, I hear a lot of Deep Purple here, great groove by the rhythm section, chorus is spot on, I would like to hear a little more R&B harmonies in the chorus though, I think it would make it pop more. A little better separation with the guitars would bring the vocal out and define the melodie better, but those are just tweaks, this is great ROCK, I think I'm a fan.

Turn Off the Lights

This is a very good tune. The hook is perfect. The lyrics are well written and the singer delivers a solid performance. I listened to it about five times for this review. I want to tell you what I liked and what stood out to me. The drums and bass are tight and this sounds like it was played live not tracked. I love the bass playing all the way through. You can tell he is thinking about the space between the notes and it makes the the bassline interesting and holds my attention. The drums are solid and not overplayed. I feel like the guitar solo fits the tune well but there might be a bit much here. The vocalist is great on this. I love the melody and found myself humming it later on. So it worked on me. The over-all sound of the recording is a bit thin. This is why I wonder if it was recorded live. I would love to hear it mastered on iZotope or something similar that could widen it out and punch it up some. I think the whole mix is even, just not warm and bright. Over all these are small things easily fixed. If you do them I think it's radio ready. It was a pleasure to listen to this. Thank you.

Turn off the lights.

I love a good rock and roll song. And one that starts with a great guitar riff that's melodic and forceful at the same time makes me want to crank the song loud and play it on repeat! The vocals - not as wild about - the singer is fine, but doesn't really stand out as a vocalist compared to a dozen other bands of the same type of sound. The production values here are well and mastered.


Rock ON ! Keep Creating Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley Music can change the world because it can change people. Bono

Tastefully Done!

I am continuing to enjoy the music from O-NYX. I may be biased since these guys are somewhat retro and that's what I like. Expertly executed, great song. It seems these guys get what rock is supposed to sound like. Can't wait to hear what else they can do...

I Liked It ~

I really like what you have produced on this song. It starts out very strong and has that 'fat' drum and Bass drive. I like the double voice when "Turn Off the Lights" comes in. BUT, there is one 'small' flaw in the song which can be changed 'very' easily ~ in my opinion...if you allow me to share with you. It's the guitar solos at the bridge. The first 2 are fine, but at the 3:50 mark...I would 'not' do them again 2 more times. Instead...you should go into a separate and stronger guitar lead solo to take it to another level. Making it go around 4 times, to me just kills the song. Please take it into consideration and try it, and see how it sounds. You have a great song....it can be even 'better' with just 'that' little change at the bridge. Good Luck in your music adventure, and please send it to me if and when you do the change I recommended. ~ Gizzmow, in Bonham, Texas...

Love it!

Love the hard hitting intro and strong guitar lick repetition. The chili pepper vibe is cool. I think the vocals could come up a bit. The "turn up the lights" part is very cool. Its a nice contrast to the rest of the instrumentation. The harmonies cold come up a bit stronger too. It is almost like you're afraid of people hearing your voice. You have a great voice and it needs to dominate.

Your Song "Turn off the lights"

Nice Guitar work on the intro with the Drums and Bass kicking right in and when the Vocals emerged it sort of gave me the sound of Stone Temple Pilots as far as the music part and the Vocals remind me of Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge in a way but with a very unique sound that has a robust catchy groove and with the Lead Guitar adding in the right amount of flavor to the song. Write On~~~

O-NYX - Turn off the lights

what a cool and rock'n roll song! it seems that you pick up some ingredients of Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Scorpions and cook a good hot dish ...i like that song!

Really Tight Sound!

I like this song, the first moment it started. Very good, tight sound with instruments. Classic sound for Rock Music. I believe this song would do well on Rock Radio. Not sure if it sounds like anyone else, but that is a good thing. Keep up the good sounds guys. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Rockin' Grundge

Great tune guys! I'm gonna' be honest. I'm 64 years old, been playing music for over 50 years. I'm old school, classic rock and I'm very picky as to new artists, but this song held my ear right up to the end. Great hook, vocals and harmonies. Guitars sounded great, too. Loved the tones! The lead was emotional, something I strive for in my tunes and and something that impresses me in others music. Good luck!
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