O-NYX / You can't get away from me / You can't get away from me (2014 - LP : You can't get away from me)

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le titre est super , juste quelque petits trucs me chiffonnent dans le mix , la batterie un peut trop présente ( le charley ) dans le début du titre à l'entrée des guitares avant la voix et aussi sur le refrain.Enfin ce n'est que mon avis .peut être aussi le morceau est il trop long , le solo de gratte pas indispensable sur ce titre on perd l'effet punch du morceaux . Je kiffe le morceau entendons nous bien là dessus mais l'effet global pourrait être ( à mon avis ) optimisé.en esperant que mon avis sincère vous sera d'une quelconque utilité , bonne continuation pour votre musique et pour le reste amicalement Jérôme


Really like the sound. Reminded ME of an early90s era rock. Watching weird science and kind of farris bullers day off vibes. Reminded ME of those eary early mornings waking up to go to school and right before I'd look forward to watching save by the bell. Man i miss those times. This is really smooth. Really like the lyrics. Keep it up.

Can't get away

Groovy and funky tunes from O-NYX. It sounds fresh and interesting. The production is in general good and The musician plays well. Very nice guitar solo. Good work there. There is some room for improvements in The recording/production. The symbals sounds a bit distorted and The reason is maybe to much input on The microphones. This could probably be improved in The mix anyway. All luck to this promising band. Look out for O-NYX.

I dig it

I only review songs that grab me right away. So, we're off to a good start. A great groove off the top. Nice intensity. I think the vocals are a bit low in the mix. Wish they were a bit more "in your face". The chorus is powerful, I love that soaring note to start it off. The harmonies add a lot. The rhythm guitar has a great sound to it. The lead, clean guitar is quite the tone I'd choose. I think the bass might be my favorite part of the song. Simple, but it really suits the song. My kind of solo - a great blend of soul and technique. Overall I think it's a strong song that will really resonate with audiences.


You Can't Get Away From Me. Almost stalkerish in tone, that song title. The song starts with a nice solid heavy groove, the mix of instruments is solid, everything is clearly defined. The vocals stand out, the melody is interesting, not monotonous as seems to be the case with a lot of songs in this genre. I found myself humming along even though I just listened to the song. Solid. very solid. The song just drives along, carrying the listener with it. You can't get away from it. Good tune!

Great Rock Song!

Wow, what a cool Sound! Very powerful. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit too much reverb on the mix. The vocals are GREAT!!!! Excellent singer. This is an excellent Piece of rock Music. I love it!

Your Song "You can't get away from me"

Well I have to say to start with I like the intro and the recording with a hard rocking beat with a classic style and like the tempo change going to a half time and the Lead Guitar was right in the pocket without over doing it while the Vocals sound fabuloso along with the Drums and Bass complimenting one another. This Band is what Rock Music is all about in my opinion and should be played on a regular basic on the radio. Write On~~~

Can you get away without that?

Nice basic rock with good sound and structure! Like intro. It goes very nicely. Total sound may not need to compress as much it is done, more dynamics could make this even stronger... Background is interesting and it doesn´t repeat the same all the time. Chorus is catchy and make instantly get hooked. That is always great and it makes potentiality on radio play. Chorus rolls and make foot tapping! If something can recommend to make better is supporting vocals can be use more to get it fly even higher. All rockers check this out, maybe you can´t get away without O-NYX.

HQ rock composition

The song starts as a classic hard rock composition. A funky guitar kicking in later adds some interesting vibe to it. The middle part of the song sounds more like heavy metal than hard rock and it isn't bad at all (I mean the instrumental break in the middle of the song). The chorus sounds catchy, but it's built around a very simple harmony and repeated many times making the composition a bit boring. The vocals sound amazing though, both lead and backing. The solo part is awesome. The production quality is great, nothing to pinpoint for critique.

Whoa.... That is a cool tune.

Just came across this band. Totally be accident and glad I did. Reminds my of a few of my favorite bands back in the 80s that I listened to. And now here is a new band for me to follow. Nice job and keep it up. can;t wait for a new tune.

Onyx has many colors

I enjoyed the colors and shades in this tune as well as the groove. Angst is oosing! Their natural talent is evident. I almost get a "metal Dave Matthews thin which is weird and cool at the same time."

I Liked It...

I like the way it opens with the Bass and drums kickin' it in. The intro to 'any' song is the hook that keeps 'me' interested as to what the rest of the song will be about. You came out swinging, and kept it going nicely. I also liked the voice harmonies, it has a Grand Funk "I'm Your Captain" feel. The long "HEY" gets a little over whelming at times. I was waiting to see what the guitar solo was going to do to make it 'pop' and it was nicely done and fit in there. Good Work, O-NYX....you guys are one of my favorites on N1Music. gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Classy track

This really is a classy song with all the ingredients that make a great song. Awesome guitar work,superb drums ,great melody and wicked vocals and lyrics. The recording is very professional and although this is not a strong point of mine I can tell the levels are good. Listen to this track over and again. It is really worth it. A big bravo for the talent and hard work that went into this song

Rock ON ! Keep Creating

Rock ON ! Keep Creating Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley Music can change the world because it can change people. Bono

You cant get away from this song!

You cant get away from me... a song by O-NYX is sticky. By saying it's sticky means it gets stuck in the head. For better or worse that's what a good song does is stick with you, becoming part of you. You cant get away from me is a big sounding rock song with a lot of melodic depth. The song sounds familiar, but not too familiar.Well written and well played the song kicks off with an intro sounding like an Iron Maiden song, but quickly comes into it's own with an original heavy funky groove and vocal hooks. Very good song check it out! Scott...WFJ
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