O-NYX / If you leave me now / Give it Away (2016 - LP : If you leave me now)

It's a great song!

OK this is great, right from the start the rhythm is so catchy and sounds really good.Vocals are perfect just as the guitar solos, it has this Def Leppard mood and feeling that i like a lot about the song. Recording quality is really good and the song as well, besides the length of it that i find a little to much there is really nothing bad to say about it....it's a great song!

O-NYX lush textured rock!

O-NYX turns in a solid performance with "Give it Away". They had me with the Chorus laden guitar sound and gritty vocals. Nice vocal harmony work too. Over all I get the feeling the band listened to a lot of music in the 90's as I can hear some nods to Grunge and the Pacific North West sound of the early 90's (Not a bad thing if you ask me) But just when I thought it would be all crunching Rhythm guitar they surprised me with a spot of excellent guitar solo which folds out into a Zeppelin like mid section before the solo expands into heavy reverb! (I'm digging it big time) Hey if you've got the chops, flaunt it! O-NYX is giving away some great rock music here, so if you're missing an earthy churning stew of crunchy guitar chords, fat bass and surging drums, edgy vocals with sweet harmonies and some def hot lead guitar work, i'd recommend O-NYX any day of the week. Peace Out guys: Jayster A.O.K.

:I Know Talent When I Hear It.

First of all thanks for allowing me to review your song. I think your band is great. There's to many band that are depriving there listeners by making really short songs. When you have a good song to share sometimes you just can't let it out in 3 minutes. Good job love it you will go fare I can tell. Good luck and I hope this review was helpful, Cary and the BunnyLandBand.

Great tune & Musicianship

The intro came in rather abrupt, it seamed as though it was cut. you have a lot going on in this track. the Highs are just a little over the top in places too much shimmer. other than those two thing the song ROCKS!! ☆Great Rhythm Section DRIVIN' ☆Great Vocals, Backing Vocals, & Harmonies! ☆Good Lyrics very catchy hook. ☆Guitars are Smokin' Hot! Great tones. ♧Production is lacking the final cut ♧7.40 minutes bring the smoke and fire guitars at 4.3 end at 5.3 Cut out some of the repetition and it would be a lot more ear friendly. You guys are really good. ☆☆☆☆ ~Ą ₩Ź~


Why did you put that song for a review? There's nothing debatable here. It's perfect. When I saw "classic rock", I thought, classic rock... what these guys are thinking? But when i heard it it was very nice surprise! I gave a 5.00 rate just once out of 20. You song will be second to receive 5.00 from me. And I'm not generous. I want to buy this song. Keep rockin' and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov

Excellent band

O-NYX is a well rounded rock band "Give it Away" has a solid rock groove well recorded all the instruments have there place and engaging vocal hooks. They draw you in with a hypnotic progression and keep it interesting with slight variations throughout the song. I am glad I found them Great job guys


Give it Away (2016 - LP : If you leave me now) review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rockl piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Give it away

Recording quality isn’t the best. I’m guessing done at home. The song overall is pretty good. Good voice and good beat. Nice flowing guitar riffs. Needs a little more excitement in the song. Overall not bad. Just not quite radio quality


I like the song but not sure what happen.. Quality of recording are no so good any how is just a suggestion ( make a 2 version of tat tune one for Radio Play max and other Instrumental only ) as it is now ..way to long ( Radio use less than 3,5 min long) so it has a small chance to be use and Music publishers ( trust me..if They do listen app. 30 sec if The Song will not catch Theirs Ears They will not take almost 8 min of Theirs Time..is good to play it like that on Life Concerts and I'm sure that People will like it .. I wish You good luck with pitching.. good job..I like The Guitar parts... Good Job..

Give it away

Rock n Roll music has a winner! Arrangement: I like the arrangement in this song....very will focused on the elemental processes of song clarity; each instrument is carefully balanced between each other, not too much, not too little. Well done! Lyrics: The lyrics have a way of drawing you in and lifting you up to a different plane of thought. Vocals: Strong and clear. Good harmonies. No mic popping, no hiss, nothing to distract from the delivery. Mix: Nice. Each track is crisp and clear, simple and direct. Studio quality with a live feel. Well done! I look forward to hearing more from O-nyx.... Donivan.

Very cool

I would listen to this if it was on the radio as far as I’m concerned this is radio ready. Something fresh and new as well as old school resonates from o-nyx.. very cool, very refreshing..keep up the great work.

a very good "mix"

A little bit of metal, of pop, and much talent for this Band. This is a new interesting rock for who wants to listen some new and modern rock. Interesting voice and interesting rithm session !!!!

Review of Give it Away

Singer has a nice, deep, confident voice. The mix is a little crowded. Nice clean bass sound but the rhythm section is lacking a bit. The drums are well-done but nothing special going on there. The guitar has a nice smooth sound but not much going on there either. I would shorten the song down to 4 minutes to make it radio friendly because there is radio potential in my opinion.

Cavalier Review

Cavalier Review  We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Awesome guitars and vocals of the past!!

I love the background vocals and the guitar work on this song. It's all very retro to such classic rock songs as Bad Company, Bowie, Cars, Who, etc. Really like the dedication to making it easy to listen to without getting bogged down to any kind of hard to follow storline. Really like the song.
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