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Soldiers of love

The lay out of the song in the word is the prefect layout but the Riddim in some part are missing some beat but if u do some voice control then it will be prefect in every way n plz take ure time it not a fight for number one spot just listen to it n lower the time u use auto tune


Love the sounds of the Reggae beat. Something about the drum and the bass that makes me feel my heart very happy. Keep sharing your music because it brightens people's days. Love love love.

sun rockers one root

As sunrockers won a competition, being best reggae band of benelux,couple years ago, the band consists of master musicians who all studied music at music high school/music university,seen them live at reggaefer some years ago, quality reggae that sounds fresh , transparent, reggae with quality, the voices compliment the soothing jazzy riddims they play,mr farmer is a song for all potheads , weedsmokers and growers,makes you think about harvest time, i recommend this cd from sunrockers to be in every reggaeheads collections........thanks and my sincere greetings house of dread-butoyi

Mr Famer Review

First thing first on the song, i actually love the beat, the production sounds really good, the song lyrics and attitude was good, i like what you was going for when it comes to your flow of delivery, i would spice it up with the flow in the beginning, you just need more rhythm in your delivery other than that your good, just the flow delivery reason i give it a three stars, Ps i can hear like another artist in the remix, it will get others, you have a voice, a good voice, more rhythm, cause its good


Mr Farmer is a good roots reggae song with vocals reminding you of Junior Marvin vocals. The brass section is uplifting and inspiring. The message is pure and promotes healing as well as farming and cultivation.


You'll probably look at the album artwork and know it's reggae, that's true... but this isn't fast... it's really smooth and mellow. Something where you'd picture yourself just "chillin", relaxed either at home or in a lounge somewhere and just relaxed. It's a very nice song, better than I expected! I see now the artist is from Belgium, I never knew such reggae existed there, lol. Seriously it's very good and well produced both musically and lyrically.

Buena música

Buen reggae , bien elaborado, haciendo la canción muy bonita, las voces y la voz muy personales, es agradable escuchar este tema, ya que esta canción es como que va poniéndote en un buen clima

Jah Bless Yuh Anyweh

Hi Here !!! Wah gwaan !! Thank you for ask me to quote your Music. In any case, amazing Music on your page ;) I put a "5 Stars" Straight ;) BTW, A New Riddim Instrumental is Avaible on N1M and Soundcloud ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 Ak Jah's Soldier Production Presenting - Move Your Ass Riddim Instrumental Please, Listen, Share and Leave your comments if yuh love it or not ;) Jah bless yuh and yur familly anyweh my friends... Hold on the faith and stay strong ;) Respect From France ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 - Jah's Soldier Production Aka Fouad Youssef PS : You're an artist and seek for a beatmaker ? Please link me on Facebook ;) JAH BLESS YUH AND YUR FAMILLY ANYWEH !!!

Soldier of Love

Soldier of love is a very beautiful song that spreads a message of love and positivity. I love the slow tempoand how the vocal sits tight on the instruments. The fusion of sounds create a positive vibe all round.


wow this Wonderfull music and this is awesome it gives me roots feeling and it is from Belgium but I really can't wait for more music from one root this is heaven of reggae and it whispers in my ears essi tassa

Time to mow the grass.

I listened to this last night and shared it for free. The message, man...the damn message. Lol. It is appropriate and reminds me if a conversation that I just had with my producer. Its dope music. Its raggae. Add it to your playlist.

Mr former

Blessings. I must start by saying that i love this song. The way how u put the song togetber the voice that you sing with is a unique one. I could listen this song over and over agaain just because of the unique sound that it has.

Mr. Farmer - Soilders of Love - 2019

Mr. Farmer - Soilders of Love -'s great reggae meets the Cure..the falsetto is great...dont change anything ....the true passion and raw realness flows through this song. It has the mid to late 70's ragga vibe down to a tee. I would think you are one of very few Reggae bands in Belgium...this song deffinetly gets stronger and stronger as it plays out...great job.

Love it

The song is beautiful,takes me back to the yesteryears when good reggae music was common,we need more songs such as this with a positive message,love the lead vocalist voice,so smooth and soothing


A great example of old school reggae and dub, cool and relaxed with clarity and quality. Their sound puts me in mind of steel pulse and Israel Vibration who are great bands in their own right. One root is sounding like the greats.
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