Good mood anthem

An invigorating music Hyme. The message always keeps to the good hold and continue to make. The swinging rocking number takes you with you and the rhythm of the guitars is very good. A very good song.

I like this

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quite simple song giving a lot of energy, I like the rock sound of the guitars, I would have liked that the voice would be more rough, and that the harmony/melody would give surprises some times

Good song not sure about the lyrics

Think it's a good song but I'm not sure the lyrics fit the song. It really, I do me of native Americans. ... you might want to try some new lyrics and see how it goes. You could have two goods songs there !

Solid Performance

A hard driven song that pulses with the emotion of the title, Hold On. The drums play a key in this mix pushing along the feel and using toms to an emphasis that works well. I would like to hear the lead guitar a little hotter in the mix as perhaps it could bring the song to another level. My only "problem" here is the vocal melody line is too repetitive which is reflective of the few chord progression that is repeated. A bridge would have created more interest for me as a listener as would perhaps a key change for the lead. I liked the ideas expressed and the performance is good and solid instrumentally. Keep on rockin!

Good job !

I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

Great song!

This song has all the sounds or a professionally put together and recorded piece! It's definitely worth the time to listen too! My impression after having a listen is that this is a songwriter that I will want to keep a watch and listen for as I think that we will definitely be hearing good things about them! Success, health and happiness in your career and with everything you do OJ The Song Writer! ... ... DG

Hold your dreams

"Hold On" is a driving number, that is catchy enough, but at just over 4 minutes, left this listener wanting for a little more dynamic diversity - although the verse and chorus are both strong individually, their similarities simply exaggerated the point, making the song seem longer than it actually is. That said, OJ is on to something which I believe could easily lead to brighter things. So, Hold On, OJ - the slide guitar parts and tone were extremely enjoyable...give me a more interesting foundation - and I'm buying your songs!

Great musicianship

As I listened to this cut the music was very catchy and well performed. My only negative was the non movement of the vocals. Personally I would have made melody changes at least on the last chorus for example I would have maybe changed the octave to bring a building of the song towards the end. The vocals were mono-toned. Other than that I liked the song. It just needs some movement of the vocals to break the monotony. If repeat is the goal then the goal was made. Overall good tune.

Hold On (OJ The Song Writer)

Hold On is a beautiful song by The OJ Song Writer, written in perfect rock "old style". The song is well-inspired to the classics of the rock&roll with rhythms and distorted guitars very energetic. The production would be improved in the dynamics (after the intro to acoustic guitars will never stop), the vocal track might improve in lyrical appearance, and therefore the final mix would be more "solid". I listened this song for more times, it have a deep energy and it contains a strong message, it would be realized with more accuracy through a more efficient work in studio during recording sessions and instrumentals tracks development. Good job, congratulations!
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