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Beatiful ballad

Delicious flavor of the best country ballad, guitar, bass and violin are interwoven harmoniously with a warm and gentle voice. The result is pleasant and agreeable listening. I really like the way it makes this piece! Bravo and thank you to have shared.


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James Taylor meets Bob Dylan

Canadian music at its finest. Really chilling tunes and great lyrics. I love how storytelling is developing throughout the whole song. It's always good to listen. Makes me wanna drive through the great north, into the unknown.

OJ Review

I really like the song. Not what I usually listen to, but do love your folky sound with nice lyrics. The song is well constructed and the instruments are played and recorded professionally. The vocals sound great and sit well in the mix. The mastering is excellent. I think the song could suit possible TV or movie placement. I also think this song would have broad appeal in your targeted audience. Great job!!


Nice simple folk production. The melody reminds me of something that The Band would write. Lyrics are nice - not revoltionary, but quaint and relatable. I like the violin part. Well played and nice tone. Overall, a nice little folk song. I could see a big group of people in a pub singing along swinging their pints of beer!

Great Song

Cool to hear a Song in 3/4 Waltz-Rhythm. Real lovely sound - simple, with nice chords and cool arrangement. The Refrain is a catchy tune - i like it. The Violin solo also. Great Work and greetings from Vienna!

Nice one !

I really like this song a lot. Beautiful guitar sound, vocals and lyrics. Only suggestions i'd have is to bring in more of the strings, try not stretching out the vocals at the end of that one line and I'd change the name to 'Without your love' as the title automatically makes you think of other songs and this one's good enough to have its own name ! Hope that helps. Dave

Excellent folk tune from Canada!

Without You by OJ The Song Writer (who hails from British Columbia) is a well-written/performed/produced song from the 'folk' genre - whatever that means. It's just a good tune performed very well with nice added percussion about halfway through the tune. Well done!

Nice tune for any time of the day

This is rather folk Music than rock.... Very nice, although not really too "innovative". For my personal taste the vocals could be a bit more "in the front" and the Keyboard could be a bit further "in the back". But anyway, it´s a nice tune for any time of the day.

Nice Job

I love the human element. the guitar is a nice platform. some seems piped, not sure what it is but I'm a live performer so. All in all very nice! keep up the good work and Kudos. see on on stage somewhere I hope!


The composition sounds like a classical folk rock ballad. The audio production is good, each instrument is in it's place with no undesired distortion. The violin gives the song additional tenderness and smoothness. The vocals sound great and fit this genre. The chorus part is catchy, and it can be sung by the listeners when it is performed live. I think the song is radio-ready. Yet, a good song to be played as background music when a man is dancing with his girl.

A great listen!

This is another Canadian artist that I recommend anyone who enjoys listening to folk music to sit back, relax and enjoy! I was very impressed by the finger picking on guitar that was included in this musical ensemble! A lot of people do not realize what Canadian talent is out there, that they should take the time to listen and enjoy the music that they release! Whether it be an indie artist or professional.. I recommend OJ The Song Writer,, great work!

Without You

Well I like the music and the way it flows, has a good hook, some of the words in the lyrics might be drawn out a tad too much..it is the type of song that gets stuck in your head, which to me is a good thing

just be honest

The request said Just Be Honest. OK, this song is BRILLIANT! It has what every hit song should have, a singable melody, a unique guitar structure that sounds simple, but its not, a bass line that flows and glues it together, and lyrics that are meaningful to everyone who listens. It has a sadness that is not oppressive, but instead, very human. I love the way iconic symbols like, the moon, the sea, and dreams, are brought to their knees when exposed in the same light with the power of true love that has been lost. This is a powerful song. Great Work!

Without You Exhudes calm

Pleasant tune. Non abrasive and gentle to the soul. Nice ear candy I experienced a little trouble interpreting the lyrics but it may be the accent. ha hah ...The song was well arranged with clean transitions to bridges, chorus's and the likes. Very decent downmix. After a number of plays I was left with a improved tone in my step and a whistle on my breath. Good work OJ. I think overall the song is palatable, fresh and interesting. all and all.............job well done sir.
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