Cool rocker.

Great beat - and starting the tune with a scream is damn sweet. The blend of guitars and drums is cool. The vibe is kind of a bit punk but also seems to have some Led Zeppelin influence in the rhythm. The one thing that seems to be a bit out of place to me is the effect on the vocal. The effect of the reverb/doubling seems to be from a different era than the rest of the production of the song. I'd have preferred maybe a grittier raw take on the vocals and less studio production on them. I would bet this song totally kicks ass played live. I'd be curious to hear a live take of this tune... and see how that compares to the studio version. Keep on rocking!

IamBDailey review

Great organic sound with the recording. Reminds me of an amped up garage recording with the wet sounding reverb to the sound overall. I like the vocals however, some of the lyrics don’t punch on tempo. However, it’s not enough to mess up the listening experience. I’d like to learn more about this band and what all they have done and are actively doing for themselves to become more. When I say more, I can tell there is limited funding but the love is all here. Great job you guys! I hope to hear more. Follow us on Facebook at International Musician Exposure. We would love to share your music on our platform.

Hate Crimes...Out!

A song well written about hate crimes. By someone who has experienced it and was victimized. By this emoral and unspeakable behavior toward another human being. We are all different in our way!????✌

Ambitioned Alternative Rock Song

Great rock-guitar sound accompanes the song perfectly well and brings authenticity into the music. The drummer is playing very engaged and straight. A steady backing bass-line brings more interest into the arrangement. The singer has a rather high vocal projection. The songtext comes from the heart and the impressive lyrics are thrilling for any destination of life. The tenacity of the song is forced from the rough e-guitar sound and stand out. All instruments are exactly where they should be on a track of this quality. Overall a really impressive composition from a very talented musicians. I´m sure, you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommendation.

R&B 70s blues Rock

I like this song because it shows heart soul.and it shows the hardship that he has experienced in his life. And to be in that situation then sing about it to tell the world about it.means alot to me .good music a must listen to. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Good vibes

Very nice enjoyed it ! Sounds almost like something from the 60's/70's it's nice to hear something unique compared to the same over played stuff that is going around these days keep up the good work!

Hate Crimes

Arrangement: Good concept of instrumentation; simple and basic, bass, drums, guitar, lead vocals. Vocals: Good and strong, clear and understandable. A little bit off in timing due to lyrical complications. Lyrics: The message is good. The lyrics used do get the point across are adequate, however, the mechanics of song writing lyrics to convey a message of hope, fear, love, etc. Have to follow certain criteria in order to be sung more easily, due to the construction of each word(s) syllables. It is easier to sing a phrase such as: Excelent Example: "I saw the news today, oh, no.......the english army has just won the war.." There is a rhythm and cadence to this phrase, that makes it easy to sing, and easy to understand by the listener. Bad Example: "I saw a large newspaper this morning, the headline says we have finally finished the damn war" This is horrible! Too many words used to say the same thing, and it doesn't work within the timing, rhythm, and cadence of the songs structure. In this song, the chorus is awkward and too wordy. Instead of "Can you hear hate crimes, running away through life, can you see hate crimes running away with my life" Try this: "Hate Crimes......running through life, Hate Crimes.....destroying your life". Just a thought. Mix: The mix is pretty good. Might need more bass guitar levels up a bit. keep up the good work, and practice, practice, practice.......... Peace, Donivan.

Catchy :)

I like that it starts with the screams! Pretty hard to stop listening after you hear that! You have to keep playing the song to find out what it is about. When the vocals started, the first thing I noticed was that I had to work to make out what the lyrics are saying. I don't know if it's a delay effect or a stereo effect or whatever that you're using...but, although the effect is kind of cool, I would probably recommend using less of it or cutting it out entirely. This song in particular seems like one where the lyrics are crucial to understanding the track as a whole.

Not flowing

The song was not unified. it was not flowing. The singing was off a little. It didn't make any sense. The EQ was OK. More needs to be done with the spacial of the instruments to match the voice. The song needs to have something done with the volume too. Be creative with it.

Needs work

Very old school. Made me think of Led Zeppelin, but don’t tale that as a compliment les zeppelin was amazing. The vocal melody in this was very random and rushed. There were times where you tried to squeeze in lyrics just to finish the sentence. And the snare break to go into the chorus seemed off. I’m sorry to say it but this song sounds like it wasn’t that well put together. It sounds like it was just recorded on the spot. Not too much I can take away from it. I would say keep trying and practice and make something you can stand behind. Don’t give up son easy. I know this sounds like it trying to be a dick, but I’m not. I’m just saying give it another shot. This is an honest opinion, I’m not trying to be nice. Just realistic

Too long, too bland.

Hmmm.. an intro 'postcard from Alabama' style, two verses that sound too similar.. will there be originality in this, one may ask. Well there is : sudden stops, a short chorus.. Unfortunately, that's all there is : the whole thing goes on and on, with the same arrangements, same chords, and -ouch- the same monotonic melody line. It really needs some uplifting moments, changes of instruments (you only hear a distorted guitar, mainly). And the track is way too long with this unattractive sound. Sorry lads, you really have to get out of your comfort zone and try silly, daring, outrageous things to make it really catchy.

Hate crimes is pure rock and roll

Wow !! A real rock and roll !! In all senses!! Letter, sound and attitude !! I really enjoyed the guitar pick and the breaks in the music !! Firm, steady bass and vocal that matches the sound of the band! Congratulations on the production !! Keep working to keep rock and roll alive !! I will recommend your music to all my contacts !! Thank you! Please check my songs!!


Creo haber comentado ya sobre esta banda. La anterior vez vi la canción un tanto monótona, esta vez igual, aunque han puesto un pequeño cambio, la base de la melodía siempre es la misma. Es una buena canción, pero podría ser mejor. También recuerdo hablar del batería en la anterior canción que comenté que usa demasiado los platos, en esta canción parece que se le ha quitado esta manía, pero se nota que lleva poco tiempo tocando, estoy seguro que con el tiempo mejorará. Seguir trabajando, lo estáis haciendo bien.

Sounds a little bluesy due to the guitar work...

Nice work. Sounds a little bluesy due to the guitar work. By the way really nice guitar work, I like the chords used in the middle part of this song and the sound of the guitars is very good. The rest of the instruments fit well and full fill their task. The singing might be a little improved due to the slightly intonation differences mainly obvious, when at least two voice tracks been recorded, but it's a nice voice although. Keep it up!

It Aint Hate , But It's Not Love Either

Drums and guitar come out strong and sound good. Vocals start out middle of the road and get worse from there . lyrically is where i have the the biggest problem with this song, to much rhyming , not enough mystery or change . Brevity could also be used here . there is some good musical talent here, work on the singing , lyrics and arrangement .
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