Muito bom¡

Música gostosa de ouvir, com muita musicalidade, sonoridade e ritmo. Gostaria de conhecer melhor trabalho desse grupo, e se possível, trocar mais idéias.parabens pelo trabalho, pessoal! Abração, Gemal

Hate Crimes

Hi! I felt something good throughout as a whole I felt that cry? of the woman at the beginning is unnecessary As a disappointing place just because the overall skill is high there are vocal somewhat off the circumference ...a bit of ingenuity ...I think that a more elaborate work can be made a band I will also listen to other songs thank you


I like this song A lot. Nice storyline, chord changes, Melody and some instrumental hooks Within. I think the lead break is maybe a bit too long but more importantly the intro is certainly too long before the vocals start. As you are most likely aware of in the music industry A&R makes their decisions to pass or accept within 20 seconds I don't think the vocals start within that time frame. And they don't accept the song based on the intro unless it's something like Satisfaction or Honky Tonk Women by the Stones. For a life performance no problem. I think it's worth repeating that in the music industry music industry players never really listened to the entire song they base their past or accept within 20 seconds. I hope you find this helpful and wishing you the very best


La banda tiene potencial, pero la melodía es demasiado monótona, es siempre lo mismo y se hace aburrida, le falta un estribillo que no sea esa pequeña variación que hace con un par de palabras. A seguir mejorando, vais por buen camino. The band has potential, but the melody is too monotonous, it is always the same and it becomes boring, it lacks a chorus that is not that small variation that it does with a couple of words. To keep improving, you are on the right track.


esome You did a phenomenal, fantastic, extravagant job on this piece of music. Your song is a piece of art and I am confident that if you continue this type of work with the right amount of passion then you will go far in this business. If you don't mind my saying, I think you should reach out to some graphic designers, photographers, producers, editors, collaborators, labels and anything and everything else that has to do with the business because you have the talent to go far. You just need to get in touch with the right people.

Helô muito friend

Hey your Song os Very good Man !!! your son is really good I liked the feeling that you implied in the words and the style is perfect !!! Congratulations continue this wonderful work and bring more work as good as this hate crimes! big hug from your brother aaui do Brasil David Silva.

Important song with deep sense

I just can say, this sounds like good alternative-rock. Again a great song of the band Nothingpure. I love the really fat lead-guitar parts in this recording. The drummer is playing a straight good pointed beat and the bassmann also convinces me. The lyrics tells a dramatical story of hatecrimes and the consequences for anyone else. The chorus is impressive and touches the heart. The singer performs with unique vocal making the song complete. But why do I tell this? This song has definitely a important message. This songtext is more creative than some others. Overall a really impressive song of very talented musicians. Everybody can feel the meaning of this remarkable track regardless of the language and I´m sure, you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Back to 80's

I like the intention in this song. It takes me to the 80's. Some David Bowie air.. It has a good cadence. I would suggest to work a little bit more on the sound of the voices, in order to be more accorde to the general sound, which is good. Keep on!

Gas straight flame..

Keep on giving the game what its been missing man.keep hitting them with the bangers bro and they aint gonna know what to do...I like the guitar solo and i am really into the drums so keep it up


I like this song, old school rock ready for a live audience, It's not a crime reccomended it. Good drums breaks, intresting vocals and a guitar riff very catchy, a continuos sound with no change going straight like a train. I like this song so much

Hate crimes

Well let me start by saying, anyone who writes, records, preforms or all 3 should be commended. However, this said this song “ Hatecrimes” by Nothingpure is exactly that a crime of hate to music! The band (if not one musician) is out of time and are missing a spark of rawness about them. The lyrics are boring and predictable. There isn’t much structure to the song and unfortunately it all sounds the same. I know this may sound harsh, but the truth is always hard to take. Keep trying, think about the sound, also what you’re trying to say, simplify, be on point, create your sound, find your style Be yourself. Peace

So good

Lovely song. This is hot!! Well put together it very much. Great instrumental , wonderful work....getting doing good songs.push this song as much as you can. Great job! Keep up the good work!


This is a very intensive and powerful song...I like the rock-feeling in the instrumental performances and the very expressive vocal...the production is also very well done...I really enjoyed it *o* !

Good and fat sound

Not really classifiable ... but with enormous potential, I think. Reminds me a bit of Bowie, paired with absolutely classic riffs and episodes. In any case, you have encouraged me to - mentally sing with you. Especially the chorus, a bit more enthusiastic and crashing ... :-) I think if the whole song grooved a bit more, would have a little more drive ... it would be a hit !! Best regards and keep it up !!!!!

Gifted Composer Needing A Lyric Assist

Nothingpure demonstrates skill in composing music. I enjoyed the choice of breaks. The melody has a classic rock sound. However, the lyrics are lacking. The story needs to be more personal to draw the audience's empathy.
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