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I'm Rockin all the way from Houston! Nice Rock track! I would add little effects in voice and add unexpected effect to spice song plus it will surprise listeners cause its surprising. Overall track is Great and will get listeners on their feet. The added addition is even the one stat dont want to get on their feet they will!


Awesomely mastered love the complication, keep up your good work shout out Australia Best wishes and luck with your career Say hello @N0V3LLI link up and collab Stay you and love yourself!! Shine Much love H

Sabor a música...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad. Los arreglos sutiles de guitarras, con esos punteos muy característicos del blues, las bases rítmicas muy elegantes y con cierto sabor a los setenta pero con un hermoso tono de modernidad. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, la voz de su protagonista que le aporta sentido y natural a la canción.

Effective and good Rock'n'Roll

Basic but effective rock'n'roll! It's well built and it's all that is expected for this kind of music! No pretense but directly straight to the point ! it turn's out like a well honed machine. Everything is square.

review of 'You Don't Do That' by Nothingpure

not sure if this is meant to be lo-fi or it's just genuinely bad. The singer seems to be singing a different song to the band, badly. Ok, the music isn't that bad, kid of rockabilly. Some of the lyrics don't seem to rhyme that well and could do with a re-shuffle to make more sense. The vocal is mono-tonal throughout the whole piece, which doesn't help, maybe a key change might work. I'm guessing it's probably recorded live judging by the quality of the recording. Not a bad riff on the guitar though but the lead-work is basic.

Honest opinio

To be honest bruh I like your work as a whole little things can be better like arrangements of instruments it took me to a place of originality.. keep grinding my man overall I give you four stars for this it... I feel it’s movie material hands dwn

You Don't Do That Nothingpure

This request has been sitting around in my request for review box for a long time. I like to advise bands to sell no Wine or Music before it's Time. Going on a public forum and asking for a review of less than your best efforts or performance is going to give many reviewers the tendency to trash your efforts. Destroy your confidence and desire to actually get better at what you have set out to accomplish. I have one suggestion, go back to the garage and rehearse the hell out of this song and then go to a real studio and record it if you think it is actually that good. Then and only then ask for professional people to review your work. The music business is not like high school where everybody with an instrument has an overnight fan club telling them how good they are when they really are not. Not trying to discourage you guys, but please go get better at what you do and it may pay off well in the end game. If you are lucky enough to survive it at all. Believe it or not we all started that way. Good Luck, Tom Wiggins Saint Gabriel's Brass Band

I Love It

This is beautiful. Straight from the heart. The imperfection is the perfection. This is how music should be made: get in there and make it happen. I remember when stuff like this would get played on big-time radio. The lyrics are rock 'n' roll poetry - too bad they're not available here to read. Push the vocals up so we can hear those lyrics and sneak in a couple of rolls and accents on the drums. Take this stuff on the road.

You totally did that.

You did a phenomenal, fantastic, extravagant job on this piece of music. Your song is a piece of art and I am confident that if you continue this type of work with the right amount of passion then you will go far in this business. If you don't mind my saying, I think you should reach out to some graphic designers, photographers, producers, editors, collaborators, labels and anything and everything else that has to do with the business because you have the talent to go far. You just need to get in touch with the right people.

Boogie Dancing

I love this song. It makes you wanna get up and boogie dance. If you want to boogie all night long, you gotta listen to this song. I am jamming as we speak. Fun, happy, and relaxing. Get your copy of the this song because I know its booming!

This song will rock any bar

Sounds like audio sample from a rehearsal. It isn´t perfect, but the band obviously enjoyed making music together and that gives the song special moments. I really like the brilliant played Rock´n Roll guitar, which is also playing the main role in this composition. This extra factor brings increasing beat into the song. The unique vocals of the singer sounds spontainious and lively. Catchy lyrics about how do party and having fun in a bar without going to jail. Overall a funny track and a good example contemporary Rock´n Roll music. This song could be played in any bar and rocks the house. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Don't do that review

Good up beat song bass and Drums humming , screaming guitar adds a hot lick at end of first run and comes back for more all the while driving bass and upbeat druums blend this song together for attention from all, vocals could be a little stronger but hey its a pretty good sound so go take a listen and get out there and dance a round o two the band will not mind. have a beer on the house

Yes I do

Nice rockin riff,old school,beatles like,sounds like you’re having fun,good idea,rockin guitars,almost some southern rock,I think singer needs a little help though but it fits the song.good band,you guys are rockin,if the vocal was a little sweeter would push this,maybe you could talk McCartney into it,I liked it ,good stuff and you’re real close to sounding killer keep working on it,get a lead singer though.thought I’d drive that home here lol


This is rock a billy heaven, it reminds me of The Stray Cats, I can really feel that double bass rocking man , I wonder if they’ve got flat tops and loafers . The track sometimes gets lost and that’s a shame coz I quite enjoyed this song, though not my favorite one by this artist, it does still rock so that’s a good thing The vocals are a little out of time and tune but that doesn’t detract from it. All in all it’s a ok tune. JC

nice bar sound

Thats the sound which i expect in a bar. I think the vocals are to loud and little bit next to the tone, more live practice brings the result. Drinking beer all the time Spend some time together
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