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Nice Band name and good groove for Sands of time.

I really like the groove.. The mix is great. I can hear everything individually and separately Nice texture in the section before I he last verse. Tight performance and nice ending chord.

Nice rock song

This song has a nice rock feel. The vocals are good, but I think more presence in the mix and singing with more weight/confidence would help make the lyrics more powerful. The "sinking in the sands of time" metaphor is good, and the lyrics do an excellent job of extending that metaphor and elaborating on it. The melody does start to get a little bit repetitive, though. I would like to hear more of a difference between the different sections of the song.

Sands Of Time

I like the guitars and effects as well as the overall sound of the drums and bass. Vocal quality is good, could use a little less reverb. The message of sinking sand " On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand" is a good message and with the tragedy and horror of 911 it is appropriate for the times we are living in. The timing and rhythm tracks were a little shaky at the beginning but tightened up towards the end. Lyrics and melody could use some development as they are very repetitive. I like the song and heartfelt message.

Rock On

Good tune, nice lyrics, vocals and steady drumming. Keep up the good work. They say you have to write 10,0000 hours of writing to prefect a good song. That's what they've told me. Best of luck to you!

Sands of time

Your overall sound should be all these: Clear. No distortion, no buzz, no 60hz hum, no hiss........just pure clean sound. All instruments going through the mixing board should peak at 0. not in the red half the time. Set your gain, (sensitivity) to only allow the instrument or vocal to be coming out the mains. Then raise the slider/fader up to where the peak level is at 0. Dont turn up the gain to get more volumn! That is what your Amp's are for, turn them up to 90% or whatever amount you need for the venue your in. Small dives dont need to have your amp set on Eleven! 60% volumn is plenty. Large venues you may need to turn up to 80% of total capacity from the main amps of the sound system. Most guitarists prefer to use only their own guitar amps, like the bass does. You don't need to mic the drums, if theyre tuned correctly, they should sound just fine if they are. Your vocals should be the only thing you need to run through the sound system, so the singer don't have to scream to be heard above the rest of the band. it's up to you to get busy and re write some great lyrics, put some chords together, (3 or more) and start having fun.... I look forward to hearing your best efforts put together in future projects........! Blessings to ya! Donivan


Was there a chorus in there somewhere? If there was it wasn't evident. The song was halfway over before anything 'different' happened. The original intention was good - it just didn't go anywhere and so became quite monotonous.


Not particularity original but so what, the tune is nice, the vocals very good and the drumming seems bang on. Not something I would necessarily put on my record player but it is not really my genre of music to listen to. Keep it up though as nice and creative and that is the something we should never take for granted. Just out of interest, is the cute dog the bass player?

Catchy but...

Liked the melody and idea behind the song regarding the 911 disaster but I wanted more. The melody needed to progress more than the 3 notes and needed to go somewhere both melodically and lyrically. Don’t get me wrong, it was very hooky but just needed a little more to it. The music and vocals were good and catchy and could possibly really go somewhere with a little help. I wish you all the best of luck and please just take this advice as just some tools to use for future songs.

Personnes nous nous sauvera des nous même !

Eh bien, très jolie compo avec un bon son de rock bien gros. Pour l'histoire, c'est triste mais c'est que les Annunakis venet sur terre qui pourrons nous sauver ! ! ! Très bien les gars, bonne continuation, moi je ne peux que vous encourager pour la suite avec des chansons plus romantiques ! :) Marche avant, tout droit, les valeurs sont en nous même :) !!! Bien amicalement

What did I feel? What I heard?

Because I do not have English language proficiency, I will focus on music. Hi everyone, Nothingpure, have a lot of fun with your song Sand of time, I understood the modal character if I'm not mistaken Eolio, I had to see on my guitar, I also made a song on September 11 the perspective should be different from yours, someone from the N1M told me that I make music having fun seems that this is the case for you too, big hug

buena pero...

Es una buena canción, pero me ha dejado a medias. Me explico. Buena voz, buen comienzo, los instrumentos correctos, aunque a la batería le sobran cortes de platos, los arreglos de la instrumentación está bien y el espíritu de la canción, la letra no la entiendo bien. Donde veo el fallo, en que es siempre lo mismo, se hace muy monótona la canción, siempre lo mismo, quizá con un estribillo hubiera ganado mucho y saldría de la monotonía. Siempre hay tiempo de mejorar la canción. Por lo demás bien trabajado. It's a good song, but it has left me half-hearted. I explain. Good voice, good start, the right instruments, although there are plenty of cuts on the drums, the arrangements of the instrumentation is fine and the spirit of the song, the lyrics do not understand it well. Where I see the failure, in which it is always the same, the song becomes very monotonous, always the same, perhaps with a chorus I would have won a lot and it would come out of the monotony. There is always time to improve the song. Otherwise well worked.

Sands Of Time

Hello, Let me start by saying that I review from the aspect of how viable the material is in terms of placement / pitching to an established artist or publishing company. The other concept would be from the point of view with you as an Artist.... in which case the song is either liked or not. The production is nicely balanced and you have a strong hook... "The Sands Of Time" Nice work! If it were me I might take a look at the harmony and melodic framework of the tune... It's a two chord tune ( which is fine ) but special care should be taken when utilizing this concept.... I might start by listening to a successful two chord song and see how yours differs from a established successful endeavor.... Feeling Alright By Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs and Englishmen version) is a strong example of this style of writing. As I said earlier your hook is good... That being said the support for the hook could use some more development.. Listing different times and tragedies that transpired over time is effective but also feels a little disjointed and disconnected to your hook. If it were me I would review the lyric and see if there might be some better word choices that would be more supportive of the hook as well as developing your own personal input on The Sands Of Time. You have nice start on a tune and now comes the hard part... The dreaded re-write stage.... Good Luck and Keep Writing! RW

Good song

This sounds just like something that would of came out back in the big hair rock band days ... Hadn't heard anything like this in a really long time so cool stuff man you guys rock on forever

ok, but try harder.

The song begins with a strong but too short intro which tries to sound rock and roll, but does not convince the average listener that I am. Then the voice kicks in, and I like the singer's tone, but, hang on, what about the tune ? Well it is exactly the same melodic line for the whole song (four minutes) ! No specific bridge, chorus, nothing : everything seems so repetitive ! The mini melody is nice, but why stick to this and share it for four minutes ??? Fortunately the guitar add ons , half way, give a little edge and interest to the rest of the song, but there's still 1'30 to go ! And after the instrumental part you hear the same things as before ! No lads, when you have got a good line, you have to find more to go with it. Too bad, because the general feel is good, but please add diversity to the whole thing, or we are going to sleep ! thanks.

Rocco - Sands Of Time is a modern lullaby for a nation.

the sound created by Nothingpure is harmonically smooth and behind an untiring search for justice. The vocal with a cadence in the middle tone helps in the idea of ​​passing the tragedy and everything that must be redone.Sands of Time is a modern lullaby for people of the United States of America.
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