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It's not a sacrafice

This song has tons of energy, especially when the song is breaking into its prime. The vocalist has a total focus of this energy, he sets up the stage and really takes control of the changes. There are too many lyrical repetitions, and too much lead advantage, but the overall song is very convincing. Great song! Very listen-able, and original orientation driven.

Review of "It"s Not A Sacrifice"

Really great production you guys have . very powerful tight playing and arrangement . I also liked the video . your just a step away from hitting it big . well done . all the best for the future .

nice song

you have a good clear voice the guitar is good i'd like to take lessons from a l ive person, i'll have to look into it. I also liked will you bet some constructive songs are in the high midrange....i don't think maybe the voice calls for that. your guitarist is excellent .....he deserves some thunder under him try it once for me....emphasis the low midrange and see how the voice can fit in your band is really together lower midrange would make the pow that the guitarist can compliment. thanks for liking my music...i'll try to stay in touch...joel tuttle

your review...

okay....i like that song alot!!!!honestly, it is catchy, and its repetition is actually what gives it that stuck in your head while you're on the city bus feel... really, that is a single if i ever heard one, you can get somewhere with that, shoot, i'd support you guys, really, you guys should consider doing a collab. with a rapper or something, and see what it'll sound like...because you have talent, now, im not deep into rock, so i don't know if you can make a song without saying the title(well, i heard you say it once), but i've seen it happen....and the way you say what you're saying, it shows that either you've been in something like this personally or you have good empathetical skills or the ability to feel for others in a sense, and the way you say that shows how you have so much regret, and thats why you keep saying some things over, to show that you want her to understand that its driving you crazy to the point you'll go whereever she goes, its deep, keep it up...keep me up with your works, becuase thats a nice song. keep up the good work... [[DonDaDutch]]

it's not a sacrifice

this is how i start every review. just being honest. the mix is great and everything sounds good except the guitar solo shoulda been a little louder. the words were sincere, reminded me of a relationship that just took a serious turn for the better. the vocalist was pitchy on some parts and before this song gets intro'd to the radio the vocals need to be polished. i'm feelin this track but still needs that last bit of work. overall this band has it's own sound and it's almost ready to make it big...

it's not a sacrifice

all in all pretty tight,abit to typical for me,certainly worthy of radio play but i can't see it getting stuck in people's head's,step outside the norm and be original.

123, ABC...

Is it ready for a single? Sure, the mix is good, exept for the sound of the guitar, a little to edgy for the song for my taste. But for a pop song, its done by the numbers and has everything needed for the radio, the built up predictable and a bit overused but it seems to me that thats what your aiming for. Sounds solid enough to me to able to put on a single but I have to agree with the one who said that another song would be needed for a comparison...


I thought it was a decent song, personally i didnt like the tones of the instruments, specifically the distorted rhythm guitar. solo definately got things moving for me. I think the structure is great, but i might try working on a catchier hook and add some more power or variation to the vocals. so to answer your question, no i dont think it's single worthy, yet!

Johnny Guitar Review Of "It's Not A Sacrifice" By Maine

The song Is Sonically Ok, Mixed Well, Guitar solo performed well, Lyrics and Vocals, Great for the song, The energy of the song is variable, but, I do beieve if the song was a little more up-temo it would be more radio friendly. Its a great song I beieve it should me in the Alternative Radio market. Thanks, Johnny Guitar from

nice job

Yo this is a nice song im more of a hip hop guy myself and i actually like this one the vocals are good the music is great and to me has a hip hop like drum pattern good job as far as a single goes cant really comment i would need another song to compare it to but this is definitely a good track

I like it

This is a very solid track. Excellent use of the sound field and the instrumentation is on point. I may be a hip hop dude but I appreciate all music and the work it takes to make it sound good and I will say this is a single right here. The bridge was nice and I love the melody too. This is A plus work.


Your song is very good!! I like it! Greetings Roby

"It's not a sacrifice" review by Tony 2Ts

This song is great. Good mix, great quality recording. The solo: Too long and rambles, doesn't compliment the song. This type of song is "pop" and a guitar solo should play off the main melody and keep it short. Best of luck!

Its Not A Sacrifice, reviewed by Marco of Spaz Chariot

great rockin tune! love the solos!


The song is cool guys! keep on good work! cheers!
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