Unbridled energy and passion from the very first note. Sure hit material!

I love the syncopation in this piece and the way the music arrangement has a very direct connection with the vocals answering the emotional intention intensely and precisely. The whole song is one bundle of focused energy. The vocals are crisp, clear and perfect for this genre of music, and the short chorus lines really do add to the dynamics of this song. The lyrics like the vocals are also clear and pointed and genre perfect. The arrangement is full of excellent and very dynamic drum and guitar work. This is a great rock song with super hit potential. The “NEXXT” great chart buster!

hey man

"will you bet?" is really blood pumping,storm moshing man.radical melody and perfect arrangement man.You potencially can hold 1 million dollars in hand by own concert and cd's ? i would buy this cd.

Well executed

A truly impressive sounding recording! To me personally it does not add anything that I hadn't heard before, but I do recognize a well executed rock song when I hear one. And this is one without a doubt! It has a certain radio character to it, due to its catchy chorus and even dynamics. The success will probably be mostly dependent on luck, since it does not cover new ground, for fans of the genre though, I would really recommend the song!

Song Review

First of all, great song. I could see this song radio ready for a rock station. I really like the different changes throughout the song. The groove is steady, clean and sounds professional. The vocals match up with the type of song you are playing, well done. Whoever is doing the writing, be it the whole band or just part of the band, keep on with your style. I've listened to many bands out there and only find a few that sound and feel professional. Keep up the good work and just maybe I will be hearing your song soon on the radio.

NEXXT train

Listen to what is being made on the other side of the planet!! Nice production and sound!! We are not alone in this world and you need to check out these guys!! Indeed a band to follow and share!!


when i started the song I was not very interested. it was kind of like old school alternative music but I kept listening. When those guitars came rolling in I was becoming hooked. then the vocals amazed me very good English very understandable. I could not turn the song off after that. Very very good song very well written and put together. You guys have a new fan.

Your Song "Will You Bet"

This song has the groove and the hooks and catches you attention from the start to finish even the bridge Break-Down and it builds up to a roar back to catchy chorus along with a well balanced recording from drums to guitar, bass, and vocals. I'm betting on this song doing well on the charts. Write On~~~ NEXXT!!! Reviewed By Dean with Odometer

The Rock

nice work guys coming from one trini to the next trini. keep up the good work looking forward for more metal and rock grooves. hell yeah metal on guys

Very Good

There are lots of artists these days but I must say i love the music. I can tell that there is heart and soul put into the craft. Alot of us don't take the time to put the real emotions we are feeling into our works, but this spng does not lack emotion at all. Thanks for the tunez.


This thrashing contemporary rocker jumps off with a cool instrumental intro, complete with rich, reverb-filled bass, staccato guitar rhythm and killer lead reminiscent of Evanescence. Vocal lead is clear and on-pitch, complementing the musical composition. Deep angry vocal accompaniment lends a healthy dose of rage to this track. Instruments and vocals are well balanced with slick and biting arrangement and are expertly leveled: percussion as a foundation, but not so dominant as to overshadow this cool track, even at the end when the double bass rumbles at full speed. NEXXT really shows they can hang with the big boys with this piece. Looking forward to more.

Great stuff

This song is a great package! Intro is catchy. Vocalist has power in his voice. This song carries it´s balls till the end! Rock will never be out of date. We have a Rock Show at Radio Finlandia in Spain. This one is a must to play to our audience!

Great sounding hard rock track that's sure to appeal to all generations of Rockers!!

The vocals and music are both of the highest production quality. Will You Bet is done in the modern rock style but it's hard enough to have appeal across multiple generations. Great lyrics, great composition, and an overall fantastic feel this song gets an A+ in all categories! It was truly a joy to listen to!

Sounds Fresh

Sounds fresh, dynamic and energic. Can feel the emotions trougth the music, good job!

will you bet

I love it Keep it up great sound!

it's gonna be a hit guys!

it's gonna be a hit guys!
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