NEXXT / EMPTY HORIZON / Do You Really Care

really cool song

my n1 song for a moment! keep it up

Do You Really Care

Like the Industrial Intro and then you transform into an Alternative Rock song, good.

digging it

How you doind bru...thank you for the review man...I was listening to your tracks and their awesome man....really dig it

Do You Really Care

This is a good song - in tune vocals, nice solid instrumental work, and good clean production. Aside from all that, though, I think the best feature of "Do You Really Care" is this: It's not too long! At just over 3 minutes, it sets the mood, goes through a couple of verses, lets you hear the chorus a few times, and makes a graceful exit. In the 1950s and 60s, many of the popular songs were around this length. It's long enough to say something, but not so long that the listener gets bored. OK - I'll stop ranting now. This is a good tune!

Not my style but.......

Hey, I can hear that many people will like that song but its not my style. Think its like Linking Park. Rock on!! Lasse Jensen (Questor)

Good job

Very good lead vocal. Great guitar tones and performances. The piano patch is pretty bad and does not compliment the tune. I'd toss it or get a better recording of the piano. The guitars in the choruses could come down a db or 2 The strings arrangement and sound it great. Very good effort.

Pretty damn decent

I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Normally this isn't quite the type of music that I listen to, but as far as the genre goes it's quite good. Very catchy melodies and very good production value. One of the few complaints I have is that the song starts very strong but goes downhill a bit from there. It's still quite good, but it doesn't maintain the same intensity as the opening.

"Do You Really Care" by NEXXT

Normally I don't compare bands to other bands in their reviews, and I never compare in terms of "how good" they are. However, I cannot resist stating that NEXXT invokes a comparison to Disturbed when one considers the electronics and effects throughout the song. It is in no way a bad thing, either. The cool electronic intro sets the listener up for the barrage of strong power chords and good singing that follows. NEXXT needs to make sure they don't fall into the trap of sounding like everyone else on the market, and so far they have done that by effectively combining everything on the radio into their own hybrid of popular music. This track slips dangerously close to the line, though...the line of sameness and unoriginality. That being said, I like what I hear so far from NEXXT!

Not Bad!

This song starts out with a lot of dramatic flair. Lots of effects and a strong "power Pop" guitar feel. As it continued to flow I took note of the vocals and the use of gutteral inflections at strategic spots in the song. In reality, this song sounds radio ready as it has all of the typical elements for todays Pop/Rock sounds. The production here is very good also. Not bad at all!

Ministry vs. Euro-Song-Contest

It's quite a good productions - sometimes the guitars are a little to loud (or the vocals not loud enough). But the song itselfs sounds to me like a mix of early MINISTRY-stuff mixed with the new "trend" in the Euro-Song-Contest. Cheers ....

Popular Rock

This song is typical. I like the foreshadowing of the bridge and the ending of the song in the intro. This song is really infulenced by popular demand. By that I mean there isn't very much unique about it. The first second or so has some really cool effects, but it became just rock music with a typical structure and typical chord progression with a typical bridge. Vocally there it seems like there could be a lot of potential, but once again it sounds to me like the singer is trying to fit into the popular trend of rock instead of being unique. Lyrically this song isn't amazing, but it's not bad. The lyrics with the voice seem really whiny. All in all this song isn't bad, its just very average.

do you really care

sounds to emo for me i would change up the vocals, but good

Do You Really Care

Solid tune. The sound production reminds me a little bit of Stabbing Westward from the mid to late 90s, maybe just a little bit less techno feel behind it. I can't really say anything negative other than there may be a lack of anything that really stands out to make it unique and make you say 'whoa, who's that??'. That just may be because of the extensive production - there's really a lot going on there, and sometimes it's difficult to really force the emotion through when a piece is really busy. I would love to hear these guys do something stripped down. All in all, the tunes rocks, great professional effort!


Hard to put words on this melting of sounds of all worlds and influences.First an electronica-like intro,nice idea, then yells(metal,horns up!) and big guitar power chords, then a clean voice.Up to there it is almost unique sounding.It is enjoyable,the sound is tight and agressive, very interesting to listen to...but maybe is it a bit repetitive after a while.It may be better with the climax-anticlimax(or tense-release process)I think the simple overall structure is not enough to make it a really kickass song,BUT it can be.I'd prefer real drums also, but if you are in the trip,you can dig it.I miss a guitar solo though it may sound cliché...Sum it up:at first you can think it's an indus sonic delirium made on purpose until you pass the first minutes.There is something really embarassing about this song,especially for people that want to grasp its essence at first listen though I said before the structure is too simple.In fact, the LINEAR structure is simple, but the layering of sounds and effects gives punch and interest to it.I just wonder what it will sound like without all those extra FX...Not bad at all, but maybe should it be focused on better songwriting rather than on effects used?Let me listen to it once again...I got to get accustomed.So do I really care?Yes! Quick disclaimer:this review is not based on comparison with my own music.

Yea, it sound like hit rock to me

I think it reflects the current radio rock trend. It needs a real drummer, (drum machines sound good, but they are to sterile) and I think this would be a hit in many markets. I however prefer music with bigger teeth.
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