A beautiful song with the most beautiful message

Mike Bryant through his musical gifts has a way of making things so simple, so eloquent, and so inspiring. That is exactly what this song is all about. It starts out so smooth and easy like an old time Country Song with acoustic guitars, a trap kit with rim shots keeping time, and vocal harmonies singing the chorus line. This song speaks the pinnacle of the message of Christian Country Music, the message of peace and love for ones brothers and sisters here in this world. The melody is so peaceful and tranquil in the background while he ministers to us. Singing of the hope and power locked deep inside of every man, woman, and child upon this earth, if only we knew it...if only we would believe it. Mike is here to remind us all that the hope and faith all locked up inside of us can only be released by love. Thank you for reminding us of this in such a beautiful song.

My review on if I could only write a song

This is a very good Song. I like the concept and the lyrics do tell the story. The music, The production, The mix down, And the mastering Is just about perfect. When the vocals started and throughout most of the song I thought I was listening to Willie Nelson. And Willie would sing a song like this. I don't know if you ever pitched it out to him I know it's something that he would listen to and consider. I like the song a lot and wish you the very best with it.

Great Classic Country song!

Hi Mike! I love your song. The intro grabbed me and pulled me in to listen to the lyrics. What a lovely track you have here. I love the crying steel licks. The vocals are pure country, there's no denying this is the style of music we can only WISH Nashville would bring us back to, rather than the hip hop rap snowflake music on the radio they try to pass off as country music!! What a joke! Please keep singing and releasing great songs like this! God bless!

Good o`l Country

This song gives me Wille vibes. Well played and great vocals. If your`e in to pure country this is it. The lyrics fits the song perfect. And sure you can write a song and a hole LOT more of them. Keep it Country.

If I Could Only Write A Song

Great message Mike. Liked the accompanying tracks. It might add to the song to vary the melody verses and chorus or build dynamics in the song. A dynamic bridge at the end or a key change may do it.

Hello from Jerzy..

Hahaha... You make My Day Today... I'm hearing a MELODY of Great Master L.van Beethoven.. any way I Love when Country Music is crossing in to Classical Masters...I My opinion this is Your Best Song ...I tell You I'm already honking it...Please send it to Some Radios AM or FM...
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