A beautiful song with the most beautiful message

Mike Bryant through his musical gifts has a way of making things so simple, so eloquent, and so inspiring. That is exactly what this song is all about. It starts out so smooth and easy like an old time Country Song with acoustic guitars, a trap kit with rim shots keeping time, and vocal harmonies singing the chorus line. This song speaks the pinnacle of the message of Christian Country Music, the message of peace and love for ones brothers and sisters here in this world. The melody is so peaceful and tranquil in the background while he ministers to us. Singing of the hope and power locked deep inside of every man, woman, and child upon this earth, if only we knew it...if only we would believe it. Mike is here to remind us all that the hope and faith all locked up inside of us can only be released by love. Thank you for reminding us of this in such a beautiful song.

Sounds awesome

The sound is sweet and smooth. I love the backup singers and the guitar and violin are too die for. I love the mastering of the track and the piano is so bright added so much class and pure light!

If I could only write a song

Love a song where an artist is in tune enough to actually verbalize the name and have it be what some are thinking and saying. If I could only write a song is the perfect name for a song, it feels like its what you're actually thinking while listening to the lyrics.

Write a Song

I feel the same way as the words of your song. I love writing songs. Almost everyday I write some words on paper. I want the whole world to hear about Jesus and His love. Great song and melody. Inspires me to be a better person and to touch more lives. I love the guitar solo....So cool. Continue your great work in ministering to the world. That's our job just to change the world for the better. DE

review If I could only Write a Song

A good smooth tune with a great message, the fiddle takes the song right to the heart, Vocals are right on beat and the drumer is perfect with the beat and piano, and guitar holds it all together I thinik all writers think the same thing about writing a song, we aall want to touch the world and few ever get that done, Mike has got a nice tune in this song along with a great message . Every thing in the instrument line blends in with out a flaw. I would recommend this tune without doubt, take a minute and enjoy.


Fantastic song. I hear little bit of a Willie Nelson influence in this song. It’s a great contemporary country song. Well written and recorded. Very good musically. The melody is very strong and I can hear there are some very talented musicians who have worked on this track. Keep up the great work.

You got to love this song

The title is "If I Could Only Write a Song". How appropriate and also somewhat sad. This dude can certainly write a song and it definitely worth a listen. The music fits like a glove and the voice is natural and unforced. It just flows along with the music. There should be a lot more music like this played on the radio and I would once again listen to the radio again. You have written a song that mad us listen, and then listen again. Well done sir and keep on writing.

If I Could Only Write a Song

Hi Mike. You have some awesome bones on which to build a tremendous song. Do you remember the Coca-Cola song back in the 60's? The song was encouraging others to join together for mutual benefit of others. Might I encourage you to change the words in the one line "If only I could only write a song that would make the whole world listen to me" to something else that did not make you the center of attraction. Please don't get me wrong, but if you could put something in that line such as . . . that would make the whole world HAPPY AND FREE . . . something that they could see as a collective goal to aim for together for everyone's benefit. At least that is the theme that I seem to detect from your song as a whole. ;) The music is a nice carrier for your message, and you have an easy-to-listen-to voice. Nice choice and blend of instruments, and a nice mix. You might want to up the key on your last verse, so as to elevate the sense of importance of what you are presenting for their consideration. Keep up the great work Mike. Blessings, Trev :)

Traditional, Good lyric and performance. Laid back vibe.

Great intro and the harmonies are right on. This one is engaging and hits the traditional listeners right in the bullseye. Reminds me of He stopped loving her today and Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys with a touch of John Denver. A little long but wouldn't change a thing this will do well on traditional stations and in Europe. Good message and all the instruments and voices are right on. Keep on writing my friends as this is a good one and worth your time for a listen. Great job!

If I Could Only Write a Song

Beautiful well produced song. I love the traditional value to the song. Excellent music arrangement and strong lyrics. The song is very meaningful and captures my attention. Vocals are very nice and heartfelt. Congrats! on a great tune.

reviewed by mike

the artist resembles Willie Nelson in his style and voice. Very mellow and tranquil and suitable on a rainy afternoon. Lyrics were symbolic to the concerns around the world and the point was well taken. nicely done.

Song Review

Very nice instrumentation -l Ioved the fiddle and steel guitar especially. Loved the lyrics of second verse, but I’d try to see if there were a better way to rhyme verse one. Great melody- very catchy -still humming it!

Great message

Hi Mike, I like your Willie Nelson style singing and the nice guitar and steel fills. The song is old fashioned, but that doesn't bother me. Most of all I like the really positive message of the song. The only thing I have to criticize is that the song may be a bit too long. There are not many melodic changes and it tends to get a bit boring.

Mike Bryant's If I Could Write A Song

Powerful song ! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The message is so timely & relevant. As a Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, & some Bluegrass Gospel writer I really listen for the message. This could so easily be used as a Gospel song with very minor lyric changes, like write it as if God's is saying If I could find someone to sing my song & so on. The only negative I heard is I would really enjoy your back-up singers on all of the chorus. That harmony is impeccable! My wife & I could harmonise with you easily. Grfeat job!

If I Could Only Write A Song

Amazing Beautiful Song, The Words Are Heart Touching. My Rating Is a Five Star Due To Great Words, Musicianship And Vocals. We Absolutely Love It!!! Those Who See This Review Should Love And Appreciate The Beauty Of This Song. So Musicians Listen To It, Share It, And Don't Forget To Complement Mike Bryant On This Beautiful Song!!!
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