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She Got Me

This is a new spin on the Soul Ballad.Many elements converge here,and it works. The absence of the ubiquitous bass- heavy groove is refreshing (do i hear a bit of Marvin Gay here??).The Barry White-style spoken intro sets the intimate tone,and the Reggae Lope with a conga backbeat puts just enough swing.The vocals take a New Jack Swing approach,alternating a call-and response dueling of verses with a Reggae chant/rap section,keeping time and adding syncopation .Having the vocals carrying the beat is more musical and fun.Good Sunday-drive song

She got me weak

Beautiful song, sweet voice, whould love to listen to more of your music, this tune is so cool, it touches you inside, big up and keep up the good work, will keeping loop for more of your compositions

Great sounds

Like the sounds of this track... The Melody is sweet... And the story of the song is nice too. Makes me feel week for a girl listening this track... Keep doing what you doing.. You will be like a shaggy one day..


The music flows very nicely from the beginning, the chorus slowly appearing from the background is appealing, lovely singing vocals, a well blended music and percussion with a rather slower tempo support the vocals very well, a very entertaining and enjoyable song, loved listening to it!!


Nice song good combination sound like it can take the road good concept ruff voice man deal with it smooth almost sound like a big artist love the last voice good song keep up the good work.

My thoughts

It's a nice song,the artist is working a bit slow behind the best. But other than that I would keep it in My play list. If it's gets to put together right it will be s nice r&b single.. Playlist for sure.

Good Listen

This a very cool, steady and relaxed flow. This is very easy on the ears , good music to place you on the beach. Great choice of beat and words, it puts you in relaxation mode. Good job I can only see you getting better.

She got mi weak

Yes man great tune. This song have mi rocking right now good vide follow mi on Facebook Instagram Twitter leave a comment share like also download on iTunes as Hataflex #Link up on fire!

She Got Me Weak.

Good skeleton. This song is nice giving you sweet melodies nicely arranged and you can't help but notice the Shaggy influence on the track. She really got you weak MV.P because I know you can do an even better track with her making you strong instead of weak.. :) Nevertheless, I find the song nice to listen to and would recommend that you work a bit more on the DJ aspect of the song. I would like to hear more of you. Just apply your genuine genius and skills to your production and forge a persona that is uniquely you. Big up to the T Dot massive, keep up the good work!

Positive feedback

I really like the mix of R&B and Reggae, this song has and island throw back feel to it. Reminds me of and old shaggy song. I definitely feel in the rite producer hands they'll do wonders.. good vibes!

03:25She Got Me Weak--M V P ft Paul Burke & Lia Scott REVIEW

This song has an R/B reggae feel. It is smooth like Sade, and features a wonderful flute which meanders throughout the track. The vocals are smooth and everything fits the vibration of the song. The lyric and visual of "butterflies" matches the track vibration nicely. This is a 'sexy' romantic track that is not overly drawn out; it's a perfect length to want to get played again.



She Got Me Weak Review

Sounds like a throwback to me! lol. I like it. It's got a throwback sound but something different in the execution. I like the sax playing in the background. That was a risk because saxophones are usually associated with the 90's. The touches of flute are VERY cool. Love how you used the female background vocals to offset the male vocal. Excellent production and most importantly I love the fact that you're talking about love and keeping it positive.

Lovers Reggae for Sure

"Many were called, few were chosen" is the opening lyric, with a nice biblical reference to describe how the singer feels about the girl. A nice slow R&B groove with some catchy hooks, nice harmonic support from vocalist Lia, and some sweet organic touches of flute - to convey that island feeling. The lovers reggae feeling is mixed with some dancehall vocals.

finally a reggae song thats soft.

very nice tune and and good vocals. I like the backing vocals reminds me of old school reggae love songs. I look forward to hearing more from you. Was this a studio recording or a home spun one, whatever it is cool.
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