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Awesome ???? Melody

thank you so much for sharing your song with me either really nice tune to it it's a really smooth trying I love the blues and blues tip the guitar in the song. Thank you for sharing your music with me your gifts and talents are needed continue to share with the world all over the globe no matter what that would be okay to go to the next level. once again thank you so much for sending me this song to review it I really like the song well put together I love everything about the song. have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season and may God bless you in the coming new year keep in touch and may God bless you and I'll let you go overdue.


The Pretty Song review. this song is a strictly Acoustic piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Acoustic style as I said everything recalls the Acoustic genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Acoustic piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

la cancion mas bonita

acordes de guitarras como en los días de cálida adolescencia acoplados los tersos punteo y a ritmo sinusal acompasa la emoción pilosa. Armónica e incluso de alma constante se presenta tu música con gran personalidad. De esas que se pueden compartir y armonizar en cualquier velada entre amigos. Sincopados rítmicos se cuelan para cambiar el animo de la melódica guitarra. Felicitaciones

The pretty song

Beautiful melody! Calming and relaxing , has some length to it without lyrics however still very beautiful!!!!! The title is very fitting to the song. Continue to tap into your inspiration

Wandering Trails

Hi Muonbluze! Your song is very soothing and peaceful! It would sound very nice on a fishing show or nature trail show! Other than that, the guitar is clean and very pretty! Like the title! Thank you for sharing your song!! Rachel :-)

Ragged around the edges

Muonbluze's recording of "The Pretty Song" starts with a very nice guitar playing peacefully by itself for 4 bars, and I'm thinking "This is nice. I could totally imagine hearing this on the Spa channel on Sirius XM." Then a second guitar comes in -- I'll call it the lead guitar -- and it feels like an intrusion. The tone of the lead guitar isn't as nice and organic as the intro guitar, and while both instruments are being played well, the two guitars are slightly out of timing with each other at several points in the song. This is particularly noticeable when the rhythm changes to syncopation. If the guitarist is not using a click track, perhaps this would help. When the song is nothing but guitar, the guitars have to be played impeccably, and I'm afraid this cut is just a little too ragged around the edges. The underlying composition is very nice, but could be cut down to 3 minutes without losing anything vital. The talent is there, so just tighten up the execution! Very much worth listening to.

The Pretty Song

Hello! Ah! Someone who do the same thing, like me. I compose some tunes with the guitare and record it but I am more folk. For this tune, I like the concept of the song. The sound is very dry but it makes a mood. You probably recorded it pluged straight from your pickup. I like the technic it's realy well articulated.I suspect that you have a loop of the second guitar when you return to your first movement the second time. And you loose the fluidity of the tune, the rythme is impacted some times. But this is a cool tune! Keep it up!

belle musique

bonjour, j'ai écouté votre musique, et j'ai aime bien votre pretty song, jolie , simple et acoustique, c'est aussi avec une belle sonorité que vous avez qui séduit et me plait, en espèrant vous encourager avec ces quelques mots.. bien à vous A.Z.
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