muonbluze / Quintessence / D-Termination In F

Acordes para el silencio...

Desde los primeros acordes, la guitarra acústica desliza sus notas por los recovecos del tiempo haciendo del silencio una ventana abierta a unos hermosos sonidos. Con la dificultad que lleva componer e interpretar un tema en este formato instrumental y que transmita lo mismo que una canción con más arreglos y voces, esta lo consigue. Destacar también su hermosa melodía y la elegancia a la hora de tocar la guitarra.

Good notes

I like the sound that you have created. There are really exciting notes in the master piece that you have created. Especially the 1st 50 seconds on the song. The note sound like it brings you up to the clouds then gradually lower you back to earth, in a moderate calm form. Great sound.

Amaizing guitars

The guitars sound is one of my preferred sound. It transport me at other site an other place where the time flow between the guitar´a string. In this case the electrical clean sound and acoustic. Thanks a lot!

Just Guitar

Well recorded and sensitively played guitar. There are some juicy bent notes to accent this pretty mood music for acoustic guitar. For a quiet sit back with a glass of wine and some thoughtful sounds this is just the ticket.


Good Tune...Good Acuste Guitar....Too Much High Frequancy E.Q......The Song Cuts Out @ 1.29 ....Every Time.....Unsaleable.......Sorry....... Needs A Total, Redo.....Not A Good Repersentation For The Talent That Is Involved.

D minor?lol

Nice quite fingerpicker,I like second guitar,sound of both very smooth,and pleasing,,compositionally not moving much,stats the same without dynamics,but soft and pleasing. A melody rather than jammage wouldvtake a piece like this to better levels. That’s the problem with most instruments,they’re built around a chord rather than having melody dictate the chords. It’s good back ground,not in your face,which is another technique used by some,that is just always too much.but this is pleasantly,nice

Soft and Mellow

I love this music. Its soft and mellow like sitting on the porch and listen at the breeze outside or cleaning your home washing dishes and its just you and no one else. Keep up the good work!

Right on muonbluze

It is always refreshing to hear some great sounding instrumental acoustic music. Upon immediately listening to this music I was impressed with the musicianship, and style of this recording. It was an example of music that reaches out and touches in a way that music should. I say right on muonbluze!

Review of muonbluze

Listen up and take in the great guitar licks in this nice sound, it’s peaceful and relaxing the notes will touch your heart and soul and it is played to perfection ! It needs nothing else but for you to sat back and let the cords and hot lick take you on a great journey down a path of classical music as the musical strings guide you along and takes you down winging pathways to satisfaction! Enjoy this nice tune , it rather long but still a great pice of music!


The piece is pleasant. Only a pair of observations: I think the piece would be much better using a classical guitar. The sound would indeed be much warmer. I also think it's a bit too long. The duration seems excessive to me. The instrument is just one, there are no thematic or rhythmic, or dynamic developments, no variations. Personally, I think that the piece could say everything it says with a shorter duration.

Same old cobblers

If there is one thing that can be counted on with Moonbluze is that every tune will sound almost the same as all his others. When I say tune, I am of course being kind. Try humming or whistling it afterwards. The sad thing is that he or she can actually play the guitar after a fashion - despite being all over the place. In a word or two, it is not my cup of tea. Non musical types who prefer lots of jingly-jangly guitar stuff might think otherwise. May he / she should take a listen to The Tobacco Road Boys (Spotify, CD Baby etc) and try to discover the satisfaction of playing a tune.
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