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A soft and delicately articulated song, a light accompaniment that exalts the melody just as virtuous but catchy to any type of audience. A very relaxing guitar duo with avant-garde breakouts. Possible song for a couple as a candlelight dinner as it does not disturb at all but it also accompanies pleasant moments of love and good company. My compliments because it is not easy to find melodies and accompaniments that without jerking are listened to and then still listen. An excellent rating for simplicity and taste. Good work and good music ...

Christo's Review

Very nice Song! It sounds melancholic, a little bit sad - maybe because of the tittle and the back story... The guitars sound is very clean, the interpretation is also nice! Interesting composition - I like! :) Well done and take care!

lovely and quiet

it is a quiet song that gives a peaceful sensation , something that is needed nowadays in a world running so fast .I like this electric guitar playing this way softly, is not necessary to play this kind of guitar always in a strongly and nervous way . I think is a good work.

Bird In The Box

Lovely guitar progression in an inspired composition.The notes paint a picture for the listener of a beautiful walk in the woods with Mother holding your hand. Then the music is leading you to the place of rest in a peaceful sunlit glade, surrounded by every kind of tree in the forest. Your music speaks joy...peace...contentment...then a few "Only ifs...and "I Wonder Why is life like this now, in this way?" Totally "Swtiched On" and "Fully Present in The Moments." It brings tranquility and understanding somehow, and is a truth heard as if revealing a part of heaven's wisdom on earth. This music Restores the Souls listening, like the song about "Crystal Blue Persuasion",only in music not words.

Bird In The Box

Hi muonbluze, thank you for inviting me to review your song, "Bird in the Box". It's a very poignant piece and a beautiful personal tribute to your mother, who I imagine as very gentle, caring and kind. It's great that you tell us the backstory, because it means a lot more in that context as opposed to listening to it without knowing your reason behind writing it. Well done!!

Good stuff

The guitar for what the guitar is....thats all...very relaxing and peaceful.....92 characters for a review is to just going to eat up some space here...two of my favorite genres of music....ok good bye...

Bird in the box

simple , a little bluesy , beautiful . I love the way this plays around the chords . The two guitars always complement each other perfectly . Reminds me of the way the two lead guitars of Lynard Skynard react to each other . Great performance piece as usual , Cliff


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch and God bless you in all your endeavors.


I listened for ages in the vain hope of hearing a voice but the description calling it a song was misleading. I feel great pity for this Canadian whose vile mother thinks it ok to capture a bird and put it in a box. One cannot help but wonder how the mother would like being put in a box for the amusement of other sick human beings.

Nice mood!

from one bird lover to another -- captures a feeling of freedom. Intro could be shortened, perhaps less open string chords. Otherwise -- nice. I love cacoustic guitar anyway. Keep up the good work!
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