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A nice jazzy piece. The guitar lines are super-catchy. Melodic, hints of Wes, Roy Buchanon, George Benson, just a soothing smooth piece. Really really loving everything off this project so far. I am impressed with how well multiple guitar tracks are blended together to create a full sound, without percussion and other instrumentation. Solid production, solid performance, solid music. I find myself running out of words to use to express how impressed I am with your work. The fluidity of your guitar playing is top-notch.

The song One Leg Up On The Chair

Nice jazzy rhythms of the guitar starting from the beginning, pleasant blues harmonies and their turns, expressive solo of the guitar itself, very nice repetitive parts in the development of the guitar solo, which accelerate in the process of their development as well and create by this a pleasant listening atmosphere, and then equally slow down to the end of the song, making a pretty fine song ending, and the song is fine as well in its short form... - Congratulations!


more jazz than Blues but I love it ...Easy listening in the style of Les Paul . Easy segways from one part to another . Well put together and executed . Brilliant piece . I could listen to this anytime . I wish the artist much luck and good reviews on this piece


I think it's dope! I think it has a good sound and production. The track has presence but I think it needs to be recorded a little bit better as far as the mixing & mastering of the track itself. The production is very interesting and creative. I like the musical transitions. I can hear this beat on a soundtrack, an album, or certain radio stations. Drought Hustla

One Leg up on the chair muonbluze

Before I listened to this song I saw the title not very long after I saw a cartoon of a guy with one leg up on a chair and bending over to tie the shoelace of the foot on the ground, I started to chuckle a bit as I clicked on this song, not really knowing what I was about to listen to. I found a pleasant surprise of hearing a fine mellow guitarists leaning back and playing what he feels to an intimate room of friends or even just to himself. This artists definitely knows his way around a guitar and makes it speak as if he is singing the lyrics with no words . A very nice tune indeed , which prompted me to go back and listen to others song by this artist and he has enough similar styled songs to make it a literal Guitar Suite suitable for sitting around enjoying Wine Thirty somewhere. I enjoyed your music very much and will listen often and recommend it to others as well. Wishing you great success with your endeavors and hope it is beneficial to not only your soul but your bank account. Go on and make it mellow it sounds good. Cheers, Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band


un bel essai qui mérite encore quelques ajustements, mais le feeling est là ! le son est agréable, mais le backtrack marierait d'être éclairci... ce travail mérite d'être continué ! attention à ne pas vouloir faire trop de notes, c'est souvent le défaut des guitaristes


I really liked... it's my kind of music. Just two guitars, kinf of jamming and having fun. A bluesy feeling, but with jazzy harmony, a lots of blues bends on guitar. I'm looking forward to hear more songs played by you. I'll follow your profile to see more songs posted by you. Thank you for the music. Cheers!

Hello from Jerzy...

Yes I will be easy on You...but Please record something better next be honest I will not pay 5 cent for that...I know many People who do something like that on keep the fingers rolling..I'm not sure why You post it for review...Let Me tell Someone Important from The Music Bizz will hear that,,You will Loose Your My advise is .be carefull what You are posting.. You never know Who Will Listen...

One Leg Up On The Chair

I like the melody and it is something I could write the words for. You are write in saying it is a fun kind of song and it would be an uplifting kind of song. Even makes me want to dance in a slow type of way but yet relaxed. If I come up with words, would you like them? I think I would title it different though. LOL!!

Nice music

Well, I chose this because you said it was light and happy, which I can always use. Nice, pleasant guitar. First thing I noticed is that on my system, the bass is a little "whompy", FYI. The melodious content was a nice mix of predictable yet not boring. Very tasteful little guitar fills that were not overdone. Definitely easy listening.

One Leg Up On A Chair

. A song that speaks intimacies and secrets about another soul. Melody is like the sound of a slow flowing brook. Nice and easy on the mind. An inventive piece that leads the listener to quiet reflection and peaceful attitudes of tranquil days. I loved the two together, was it a banjo in the mix as well. I hope to hear some lyrics coupled with this soon! Good vibrations!


Ever drove through the Rocky Mountains? I have and this would be awesome on the speakers. Nice tune indeed. I thought that might be good but the site requires 150 characters so.. lol. again very nice tune. I do love this sort of thing okay? Much success to you

Enjoyable Listen

This is an Enjoyable Listen !!! The sweet Melody and chord structures are very nice... I would like to have heard it go a bit further into a more developed full scale song... Really nice... Thx for sharing... KEEP ON MAKING Beautiful MUSIC :-)

Fully Present

Kinda Bluesy . the harmonies are classical played on a steel string. The track gives a feeling of urgency... no drums... no need to arrive anywhere but just to be the title suggests Fully Present

My point of view

Interesting harmony and sound. It could be more varied in term of timber and texture. There is room for improvement and it is worth to work at it, since it has interesting ideas. Occasionally the soloist performer plays not perfectly in time.
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