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very melodic guitar work. I have enjoyed every track from this CD. Muonbluze has a very solid grasp on how to mix multiple guitars together, the mood of the songs is very soothing and peaceful. I wish there was more music like this out there, this is splendid/ While my roots are more electric blues ,this music just brings peace to me, and I enjoy listening to it over and over. If your CD is available to order anywhere, I want a copy.

Uplifting Acoustic Guitar

This well recorded and well performed acoustic guitar has a very tranquil vibe. The guitarist is very skilled at separating out the melodic from the harmonic content, which is usually formed out of an ostinato pattern, but sometimes with parallel thirds or short counter-melodies. The harmonies provide appropriate tension at time to keep the beautiful melody supported and evolving, while the flavor of the mood is a blend of folksy and classical in my estimation. Would be quite appropriate for a bucolic scene in a film.

Pleasant Soundscape

This is not my type of music, but this particular piece is quite good. The performance is well executed and the production showcases the musicianship nicely. It reminds me of the stuff you would hear on a Windham Hill recording, but with more texture and depth. The blues aspect of the song is a little lost, but hints of it can be heard in the syncopation. Maybe a few more flatted sevenths in the appegios would bring the blues side out more. Very, very good stuff!!

Sweet Acoustic Guitar

An instrumental song performed on acoustic guitar with nice technique. There is a melody that is distinct enough to keep the listener drawn in. The lead instrument (and perhaps both guitars ) is a nylon stringed guitar which adds a softness to the texture of the entire piece. I enjoyed this piece a lot. Perhaps there were a few places where the guitars "collided" slightly that could have been cleaned up but overall very nice and hope you create many more songs of equal or better quality.

Castell Gwydir MuonBluze

What a nice easy flowing instrumental song composed and played well with each heartfelt note by and artist completely at ease with themselves and able to paint a nice picture musically for the listener. I would say it cries out for more orchestration and accompaniment to make it even a stronger selection and garner a wider audience. I sincerely hope it gets many listens and share on this site and becomes a source for inspiration for many other aspiring artists. CHeer, Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band


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The guitars were brilliant.They paint a picture of were you want to go or be.Tranquility is hard to find these days and here these guitars paint it for the listener.Great mix of both pieces.Thank You for this


I really like and enjoy your music it is very smooth and unique growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on making great music and never stop creating be blessed and enjoy your week.

Dirty Old Man?

On second thoughts, although tuneless, this piece is quite innocuous and an improvement on another of his offerings where some perceived pervert is telling young girl to go to sleep in his arms. He also sings about wiping her tears (I can guess why she is crying) and brushing her hair. In the song called Now You Are Here, or similar, he claims to be her father but this seems very unlikely as no child's mother would condone such behaviour. I may be completely wrong but I suspect a daydreaming paedophile is fantasising and would recommend he is reported to Social Services if not the police. I hope this helps.


light , smooth easy listening . Simple , to the point music with a little country flair . loved the easy chord deflections and finger picking style . Beautiful music in simple easy to grasp style ... kudos , Cliff


Nice song, quiet and it gives peace, it seemes a peaceful person who is playing the guitar. I would use this song to study, to concentrate in my subject..This song shows regular waves that don't disturb of concentration in what you are doing.I also would use ii while I am painting, maybe it would inspire me in my painting. The ending maybe is a bit dry after having hearing regular waves of music, at least another end would have been better, it depends on what the author wants to trasmit, I feel it as a non finished song, As if he would like to leave it like that to continue in a future with more and better works.

Pleasant guitar duo

You've paired very well with the accompanying melody, nolto romantic as song and deadlifts are very nice as well as using interval scales. The chorus is very cute and pleasant as various each time to its final. The skill in a composition is also finding vituosismo without resorting to the technique but in this case expressing it with harmony of sounds respecting the parameters that music teaches us, that phrasing, deadlifts and choruses ... the end, to my pleasure, I would have added two bars in more instead ends descending ... but everyone has their own preferences ... congratulations, Joe


The great spanish classical guitar player Andres Segovia named the guitar as a "little orchestra". The fabulous jazz and bues guitar player Joe Pass, great fan from Andres Segovia and influenced by his work, translate the Segovia's achievements in the academic music to jazz and blues gender. In the same path, following his predecesors, but in a duo perfomance, Muonbluze delights us with a nice melody with a great work backwards like a "little orchestra". Congratulations!!!

Beautiful Sound

This kind of Music, I can here all day! Very nice and clear interpretation; your touch makes beautiful colors - this creates a nice musical atmosphere. Well done and take care! Greetings from Vienna! Christo.


Like the relaxing feel of the compositions, Eleagant lady with Hat is a jewel! Great balanced job on the two guitar which they don't get in each other way. Like the singing as well, very good voice a la "John Meyer" kind of style. Overall very good but maybe an entire album would look very professional. Good luck Roberto
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