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435/5000 the moscato name in Italy is associated with a very good wine and I did not know that the name Moscato also meant good music. the piece is very simple from a musical point of view nevertheless has its own charm due to the title, the text but also the wonderful voice of the singer. I think the only thing that should be done is to improve the recording and add some effect to the voice giving it more depth and fullness.

Moscao - Dear God

From the opening bars of Moscato's track Dear God I was reminded of the plaintive beauty of the recently departed Cranberries singer Dolores O' Riordan. The track opens with piano and builds throughout. It has an ethereal haunting Celtic beauty well suited to the theme of the track. There is some very well produced vocal double tracking and sympathetic guitar work. Moscato are based in Mackay Australia 600 some miles north of Brisbane. I have never been further north than Brisbane on my Oz travels which is a shame as I would have loved to hear Moscato live. It would be worth your while checking out this alternative music.

"Dear God" review by Dorsal Phinn :::

A vocal ballad that grips you from the very beginning and keeps you. A child's prayer put to music in a world spinning out of control, chaotic and on the brink. Moscato 's vocal makes my skin crawl in a good way, her plea to both fellow man and divinity brings a tear to "me eye" and presents you with a pure, beautiful, child's portrait of hope in God for both brothers and world. I look forward to hearing more from this one. Thank you Moscato, you are a flower in war torn world. Dorsal Phinn :::

Title alone makes you wanna hear it

Good production overall! Haunting vocals, mellow backing. I must admit that when I listen to music, the lyrics slip by me because I'm listening to everything else. Like: is the vocals double tracked, was this done in a studio, is that guitar a Strat? etc. This is a pretty laid back song with very emotional vocals. the drums are pretty solid and the guitar flurries over the chorus are nice. It kinda wants to make you close your eyes and listen and let you mind wander. Kudos to these Aussies, I'm going to check out the rest of their stuff.

Cry from the heart of darkness

A beautiful slow rock number. Refreshing to hear a genuine prayer expressed in great music. The song builds from just piano and vocal to full band with rolling drums and wailing guitar. Great lines: "Oh dear God / do you see them falling / heartache and anger / rivers deep with grief..."


Hi Guys Well what a great song you guys rock. Are you signed by any record companies. We loved the song was it recorded live or in a studio. Anyway ita great to hook up with you guys take care. Regards Rogue Records ' Rock Music

Moscato's "Dear God"

Upon the first listen to "Dear God" by Moscato, I am immediately reminded of a number of artists and bands from the classic era of rock, the 1960's and 70's. However, Moscato definitely has a unique and very compelling sound. The writing, production, arrangement and performance are all exceptional - I will very much be looking forward to hearing more music by Moscato in the future


I think You make a Prayer Song so It has to be something Special in every category but to me only vocal part is ok..You have a GOOD Voice so if You make a better arrangement it will be a Great Song and if You do that try to make it a little shorter so will be easier to pitch it to some Radio Stations and Music Publishers e as it is now it will be hard to do ..I do not know what They are looking for but I KNOW They like to hear a Great Songs Superb Recording Quality... I wish You good Luck.. Good Job..

Could be good! Could be great!!

Nice voice, nice band. A little more precision in the pitching and this would be great! a little less sliding to the note... Practise your arpeggios. I'd love to play with a singer like this!! You're great... a little work!

dulce melodia

hermosa melodia - calida - es el tipo de musica que me gusta principalmente para escuchar de noche - esta canciòn me transporta - aunque no entiendo la letra - la voz es muy triste y melancolica - felicitaciones!!! me encantò!!!

Cavalier Review

Cavalier Review  We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Moscato Writes Great Songs

Moscato is committed to writing great songs. The piano is beautifully played and the vocal emotive and expressive on all the right words. A strong chorus delivers a beautiful message. The lyrics are so personal and I feel the connection to the singer. The guitars are elegant. I like the power of the drums later in the song.
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