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Dear God....Deep

This sounds amazing! Your voice is stunning from the first notes I awakened and sat up! I love the percussion and the electric guitar. I had ot look at the lyrics again and listen twice. It is a deep message, like maybe prophetic too. I saw it as I heard and felt it. I am praying for mercy. Excellent electric guitar and keyboard/piano. I liked the touch fo a male backup singer. Very true message for this time in history. I hope your music reaches a lot of people and causes them to react by praying like I do. I hope you tour all over Australia and the World with this message. Thank you for sharing your talents. I love the green hair too!

Dear GOD

I Have Herd This Story, & I'll Start @ The Song....Good Intro.(Paino & Drums) Vocals, show the emotion of the Times. A Great Trubiet To Both , Mates. Well Recorded, & Played By The Band. R.I.P. , Youngsters, & May Heaven, Take You In......

Review of one of my favorite voices

This is pretty cool, it has an Atlantis Morisette vibe to it. I like how the second verse goes to head voice I was waiting for the hook of song and and I didn’t find one this time. It’s starting to sound a little Christian contemporary to me, which is a little different from your usual rock vibe. I’m a big fan of yours and I’ve reviewed several songs of yours and I always love your voice.

Really Beautiful Song

This is a beautiful deep heartfelt song. A great lyric, unique voice wuth lots of expression. I truly hope that it does really well. It is good to hear so much real music on this site. Not a manufactured track anywhere. This is a really good example of what music shouold be, heartfelt and real!

Querido Dios!!!

Muy buenas noches desde Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (España). Estoy escuchando vuestra canción y aunque no es mi estilo he de reconocer que me gusta la intención del tema, las líneas melódicas y la maravillosa voz, muy sugerente y con esos arreglos de guitarra,que están muy conseguidos, tanto en sonido como en expresividad, siguiendo a los coros,...muy bonito. La batería suena muy bien y el piano cumple su cometido de acompañar a la voz. En general una buena canción con un mensaje positivo y con un tempo penetrante. Felicidades y que salgan muchas más como esta!!!!

Dear Moscato

A nice ballad song. Open is great and it takes attention. I Like a lot sound of this song and how this is done. Sound is good and clear, production is good as always with this band. Story is powerful and I guess it may have more things in it as someone may think. If you listen this "just" as a song it is not easy one or anything like commercial radio stations will play a lot, but I do hope it finds it ways to reach people who want to hear more than same lame songs day after day. Check it out if you want to hear more demanding piece of music. Well done down under!


435/5000 the moscato name in Italy is associated with a very good wine and I did not know that the name Moscato also meant good music. the piece is very simple from a musical point of view nevertheless has its own charm due to the title, the text but also the wonderful voice of the singer. I think the only thing that should be done is to improve the recording and add some effect to the voice giving it more depth and fullness.

Moscao - Dear God

From the opening bars of Moscato's track Dear God I was reminded of the plaintive beauty of the recently departed Cranberries singer Dolores O' Riordan. The track opens with piano and builds throughout. It has an ethereal haunting Celtic beauty well suited to the theme of the track. There is some very well produced vocal double tracking and sympathetic guitar work. Moscato are based in Mackay Australia 600 some miles north of Brisbane. I have never been further north than Brisbane on my Oz travels which is a shame as I would have loved to hear Moscato live. It would be worth your while checking out this alternative music.

"Dear God" review by Dorsal Phinn :::

A vocal ballad that grips you from the very beginning and keeps you. A child's prayer put to music in a world spinning out of control, chaotic and on the brink. Moscato 's vocal makes my skin crawl in a good way, her plea to both fellow man and divinity brings a tear to "me eye" and presents you with a pure, beautiful, child's portrait of hope in God for both brothers and world. I look forward to hearing more from this one. Thank you Moscato, you are a flower in war torn world. Dorsal Phinn :::

Title alone makes you wanna hear it

Good production overall! Haunting vocals, mellow backing. I must admit that when I listen to music, the lyrics slip by me because I'm listening to everything else. Like: is the vocals double tracked, was this done in a studio, is that guitar a Strat? etc. This is a pretty laid back song with very emotional vocals. the drums are pretty solid and the guitar flurries over the chorus are nice. It kinda wants to make you close your eyes and listen and let you mind wander. Kudos to these Aussies, I'm going to check out the rest of their stuff.

Cry from the heart of darkness

A beautiful slow rock number. Refreshing to hear a genuine prayer expressed in great music. The song builds from just piano and vocal to full band with rolling drums and wailing guitar. Great lines: "Oh dear God / do you see them falling / heartache and anger / rivers deep with grief..."

Keep your voice quieter

Sing with passion on a lower key sing less and phrase more and take your time You@re trying to do to much let your singinging be a hisper Strip tour song down to a vocal down to a piano or acoustic guitar Pretend you are singing softly to a baby great singing happens when it sounds effortless less is more dont try so hard make it simple You have a good tone but you are trying to do too to much slow down and let the magic happen Love spencer-guuyus-crosse Love rules have fun youll be fine

Yes, my child...

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song with a beautiful piano creating a dreamy, prayer like message to accompany the vocals. Production wise, I think the singer could have been helped a bit more, but overall nice effort.

A Song With A Message

I like the title and the subject matter of this song. I don't wanna sound like a religious fanatic but God is there for all of us. All you have to do is reach out to Him and the older I get the more obvious it becomes the only way to be happy is to do God's will. Anyway, enough preaching and back to the song review: if I was performing this song I would play it a little faster so it doesn't sound so sad and exercise a little judicious editing to make the song shorter because at 4 minutes 48 seconds it is too long. If the song was shorter and a little upbeat it would be more radio friendly so more people would hear the message. Keep rockin'.


It's nice to know in these modern trouble times, than an artist with your talents take time to consider the load. Your lyrics are needed to be heard. Is you offer a few examples of godless acts. Thanks Magic
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